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Do Your Transfer Now!

After a memorable 6 years, the Dragon Nest SEA game publishing contract between Cherry Credits and Eyedentity Games will end in late August. Moving forward, Eyedentity Games will be taking over the Dragon Nest SEA game service and operations, while Cherry Credits will continue providing Customer Service support.

To facilitate in the technical transfer, the Dragon Nest SEA game service will undergo a temporary service closure. Players can take this time to transfer their Dragon Nest SEA account to Eyedentity Games. During the transfer process, players will be required to create an Eyedentity Games account, which they would be using to log into the game upon the reopening of the Dragon Nest SEA game service.

How To Apply For Your Eyedentity Account Transfer

A) Setting Up Your Eyedentity Games Account

  1. Step 1: Visit here to create your Eyedentity account.

    Enter your details to create your Eyedentity Games account.

  2. Step 2: A confirmation email will be sent to the email address which you have registered.

  3. Step 3: Verify your email account via the “Click Here” button.

  4. Step 4: Click on “Go to Dragon Nest Home” and log in to your Eyedentity account.

B) Setting Up Your Transfer

  1. Cherry Exchange Login Screenshot

    Step 1: Log in to your Cherry Credits account

  2. Step 2: Go to Cherry Game account and click on Apply Transfer

  3. Step 3: Please read the Transfer Notice and verify your transfer via your 6-digit PIN or registered email address.

  4. Step 4: A verification email to verify your transfer application will be sent to your email address.

  5. Step 5: After clicking the link in the verification email, the transfer confirmation page will appear. Click on “Ok” and you’re all set.

    You have now successfully transferred your game account!

*Important note:

Please log into the game with your Eyedentity Games Account (email) and not your original username.

From 7 September onwards, you will need to use your Eyedentity Game Account to login to the game.

Apply To Transfer Now!


Q: What is this temporary closure all about?
A: To provide a smooth transition and handover, the technical teams of Cherry Credits and Eyedentity Games will need to temporary close the game in order to work their magic. During this interim, the Dragon Nest SEA game service will not be accessible. Do note that Dragon Nest VN and Dragon Nest EU are unaffected by this temporary closure.
Q: Is there anything that we have to do during this period?
A: Yes, please apply for a transfer to your Eyedentity Games account using the steps as given above.
Q: How does this affect my characters and items?
A: Your game data is completely safe. The game service transfer just means that Eyedentity Games team will be the one who will publish and handle the operations of the game, instead of the current Cherry Credits team.
Q: Can I still use my Cherry account to login to the game after service reopens?
A: Nope, you can’t. That is why a User Transfer Process is currently in place. You’ll need to use an Eyedentity Games’ account to login to Dragon Nest SEA after service reopens. This is a simple process where your current Dragon Nest SEA account will be binded to an Eyedentity Games account.
Q: What about my unused CC?
A: All unused CC is safe in your account. You can still use CC to purchase the new Cash Shop currency which Eyedentity Games will be introducing when the game service reopens.
Q: Do I still go to the same website and Facebook page when game service reopens under Eyedentity Games?
A: Eyedentity Games will launch their own official website for Dragon Nest SEA and the new URL will be announced when it’s ready. You can still visit the same Facebook page though, as it will still be managed by the Cherry Credits team.
Q: So, do I still go through Cherry Messenger for Customer Support after game service reopens?
A: For anything related to Cherry account, CC top-up or purchase, Dragon Nest VN and Dragon Nest EU, you will still go through Cherry Messenger for Customer Support. For anything relating to Dragon Nest SEA, you will need to visit the new official website for Dragon Nest SEA that Eyedentity Games will be launching, to access the Customer Support forms.
Q: But I want to continue playing Dragon Nest during the temporary closure!
A: We’re afraid the Dragon Nest SEA game services are unavailable during the closure period. Players can still continue to check out Dragon Nest VN and Dragon Nest EU should the withdrawal symptoms kick in. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Q: I still don’t quite understand what’s going on…
A: Due to the end of the Dragon Nest SEA game publishing contract between Cherry Credits and Eyedentity Games, the latter will be taking over all operational and game servicing aspects of Dragon Nest SEA. However, Dragon Nest VN and Dragon Nest EU will still remain in the care of the Cherry Credits team.

Additional FAQ

  1. Just create new account (with new email address) in eyedentity then after that, please verify your eyedentity account.
  2. Stay log in to your new account in eyedentity.
  3. And then log in to your cherry credits account and go to cherry game account and click the apply transfer.
  4. Then you have to verify your old account to confirm your data user transfer and that's it all done.