VR Techplay

    Dragon Nest PVP Tournament


    The VR-TechPlay 2012 PVP Tournament is open to Dragon Nest SEA players in all South East Asian regions.
    Participants can register for ONLY ONE of the category.

    Amateur Series Pro Series
    Fee: 4,000 CC
    Teams: 32
    Fee: 20,000 CC
    Teams: 32

    * Prizes for each of the category differ.
    What are the prizes?

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    How to Register

    Team Registration is required. Registration is to be done by the Team Leaders on behalf for their team. Individual registration is not accepted.

    Participants are only allowed to participate in ONE of the categories - either Amateur Series or Pro Series.

    In the event of duplicated registrations, only the first registration will qualify for the tournament while the duplicated registrations will be disqualified.

    *Please note that NO REFUNDS will be given for duplicated registrations.

    1. 1) Login to Cherry Account at https://exchange.cherrycredits.com/
    2. 2) Select the category which you would like to participate. You can participant in ONE category ONLY. Please be reminded that there will be no refunds for duplicated registrations.
    3. 3) Re-enter your password for verification.
    4. 4) Fill up the information as required and click "Submit"
    5. 5) An overview of the details that you had provided will be displayed for your confirmation. To confirm, key in your 6-digit Security PIN. Please be reminded that there will be no refunds upon your confirmation.
    6. 6) Receipt of successful payment transaction will be displayed. Team Leaders are required to submit a compilation of COMPLETE Team Members’ National ID to pvp@cherrycredits.com within 48 hours from transaction or registration will be deemed void. No refunds would be given.

    Supported By:

    • Vr-Zone
    • sgcafe.com