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The monstrous being that is now known as the Sea Dragon was actually once a vile sea monster known as Serpentra, created in ages past by the powerful Ancients from their experiments to forge the ultimate war machine – their very own Dragon. However, the Ancients soon realized that it would never become a Dragon without a special jewel. Left with a ‘failure’ that was deemed too dangerous to be just let loose, the Ancients decided to seal Serpentra away to a forsaken island for all eternity so that they may continue on with their other arcane pursuits in peace.

Fifty years ago, some pirates had unwittingly broke that very seal and the enraged Serpentra was broken free, wrecking havoc upon the denizens of Lagendia in the wake of it’s return. The legendary Geraint led a team of mighty heroes to quell it’s atrocious uprising, and managed to slay the powerful beast in a grueling arduous battle. Now, fifty years later, this nightmare of the sea has somehow risen once again, and in a twist of cruel fate, gained enough power to transform into an evil Sea Dragon – it’s fearsome power and bloodlust ever-growing…



The Sea Dragon Nest is situated in Hermalte Port, which is accessible from either Saint Haven or Foothills of Black Mountain.

New Features

Introducing the new Farm system

Show off your green thumbs and love for botany with the all new Farm system! Harvest crops, go fishing, and cook up some delicious food for you and your friends!

Grow your own crops

Planting and harvesting crops is one of the methods used to gain materials for use in cooking. Plants require special care though – so don’t forget to water them!

Fishing Frenzy

Fishing is the other method to gain ingredients for cooking. Catch anything from eels to bass, squid to mudskippers with your improvised fishing rod, some bait, and a little patience and luck!

Become a top rated chef

Once you have gotten your ingredients from farming and fishing, it’s time to cook them up with the help of some recipe books. The food you can make is not only delicious but provides buffs as well!