Sweet Revenge

There is no better time to strike. After the loss of his Black Dragon’s jewel, King Feder is now quietly recuperating at Rubinart’s old nest. Don’t let this window of opportunity slip by! Rise to arms and write the end story of King Feder… in his own blood no less. After all, someone must make him pay for all the pain, death and grief he brought upon Lagendia in his twisted lust for power…

Entry Level
Above Lv80
Entry Gate
Saint Haven - Garden of Time and Space (Lv80) Entry gate > Red Dragon Nest Gate
Entry Ticket
Red Curved Jade (can be obtained at Volcano Ordeal Nest)
Number of Players
5~8 players
No. of Clears
Twice a Week
Entry Quest
Remote Quest [Lv. 80] [Nest] Final Battle with the Red King
  • When you enter Saint Haven after reaching Lv80, remote quest “[Nest] Final Battle with the Red King” will be shown automatically.
  • From the Remote Quest tab in Quest window (U), accept the quest under Garden of Time and Space (Lv80).
  • *You need to accept the quest before entering the Garden of Time and Space (Lv80).
  • After accepting the quest, enter the Garden of Time and Space (Lv80) and talk to Priestess of Darkness Madeleine.

Face off with Flame Lord Varbatos and Pain Lord Krudelis respectively during the first 2 stages of the Red Dragon Nest. If you think they look rather familiar, that’s because you have fought them before in the illusion of Memoria. Fighting them in the flesh will prove to be a more painful experience though so you have been warned!

Flame Guardian Nuvel is an ancient creature that used to lay asleep in the volcano deep under the sea. Rubinart awoken this ancient creature to guard his Nest. Now under Feder’s command, Flame Guardian Nuvel remains committed to keep out intruders by roasting anyone who comes near with his powerful flames!

An unexpected familiar face is waiting for battle. Harnessing the energy from sinking volcanoes and from the countless deaths in the area, Jasmine has created a brand new deadly experiment. This movable core can pump infinite amounts of electricity which makes Jasmine even stronger than before!

Tacitus was a loyal knight who had dedicated his life and service to Feder. In return, Feder clawed the knight’s heart out and replaced it with a stone full of flame energy. Tacitus’ missing heart and his immortal life slowly degraded his memory and feelings, making him a strong flame-wielding swordsman puppet.

Come face to face with King Feder and lay no mercy to this man who had taken the lives of so many innocents in Lagendia, no thanks to his warped ambition! Help the deceased seek justice and cleanse the land of this evil being!

Snag the following rewards when you defeat the Red Dragon:

  • Unique Accessory
  • Unique Weapon/Armour
  • Unique Weapon/Armour Crafting Material
  • Unique/Legend Food Recipe

Reddragonnest Rewards

How To Obtain

Defeat the Red Dragon and receive blessings of thanks from the Goddess herself in the form of a Red Dragon Buff! You will receive the remote quest item Red Dragon's Fragmented Scale upon successful completion of the Red Dragon Nest.

How To Activate

  1. Right click on the Red Dragon's Fragmented Scale to do the quest.
  2. Talk to the Red Dragon Monument to complete the quest.
  3. All users in Saint Haven will get the Dragon Buff which lasts for 1 hour when you complete the quest.

Buff Details

Effect 1

  • Physical ATK +7%
  • Magical ATK +7%
  • STR +70
  • AGI +70
  • INT +70
  • VIT +70
  • Duration : 1 hour
  • Has a chance to activate [Effect 2]

Effect 2

For 15 sec, Physical/Magical ATK +20%


  • Dragon Buff is not effective in Dragon Nests and PVP (Colosseum).
  • Users who complete the quest will get the cover title [Soul Collector].
  • After the Red Dragon Buff has been added, [Purified Nightmare Fragment] will not be dropped anymore.
  • You cannot get the quest with [Purified Nightmare Fragment].
  • [Purified Nightmare Fragment] in your inventory or storage will turn into collection items. (Can be sold at the store for 5 Gold)

Long ago, there lived a boy named DJ Duck who loved music.
DJ Duck was small built and often bullied by others. This made DJ Duck find solace in music even more.

One day, the strong and mighty Super Muscle King Duck broke DJ Duck’s precious limited edition record disk. Super Muscle King Duck was unapologetic and simply disappeared into his nest.

If I lend you my power, will you transform into DJ Duck and seek out Super Muscle King Duck to teach him a lesson?

Entry Period
22 September 2015 – Next Content Patch
Entry Level
Above Lv80
Number of Players
1 player (cannot enter in a party)
How to Enter
Saint Haven Storyteller Kathy [Event] Crazy Duck Nest
No. of Clears
Once per day
No. of Resurrections
Cannot resurrect (the stage ends when you die)

Play as DJ Duck in this wacky Crazy Duck Nest and punish your enemies with your DJ Duck skills!

Passive Skill

Enter the same direction key twice or enter Shift + direction key
Evades attacks

Active Skill

Take That Bullies
Enter the same direction key twice or enter Shift + direction key
Evades attacks
Mecha Bomb!
Summons 4 Mecha Bomb Ducks.
Mecha Bomb Ducks provoke nearby enemies to give you some time to escape their attacks.
DJ Beam!
Gathers the electricity of the record player and shoots a strong DJ beam to the front.
Physical ATK 300%, Magical ATK 300%
One! Two! Bang!
A shockwave that is strong enough to break any Super Armour is created.
When Muscle Duck raises both his hands, use it immediately.
Physical ATK 100%, Magical ATK 100%
Quickly shoots 8 powerful homing missiles in a fan shape to the front.
Each homing missile is built in with tracking system and hits enemies accurately by 100% chance.
Per missile, Physical ATK 50%, Magical ATK 50%
DJ Turn It Up!
Increases movement and action speed by 30%.
Duration : 10 sec
DJ Turn it up!!!
Can also be activated with right click.
Turn Up The Volume
Fills HP by 5% every 2 seconds.
Duration : 11 sec
Turn up the volume and be healed by music.

Zone: Nest Entrance

Hunt the special ducks within the time limit to proceed to the next zone.

  • Special ducks don’t deal damage but will give debuffs like slower movement speed.
  • When the time is up, you will return to Mega Crazy Duck’s nest.

Zone: Normal Boss

This is where you will end up when you don’t clear the Nest Entrance zone within the time limit. All ducks will attack you at once and the gigantic Mega Crazy Duck will appear as the boss.

Zone: Hidden Boss

When you clear the Nest Entrance zone within the time limit, you will reach the nest of Super Muscle King Duck, the arch enemy of DJ Duck.

All ducks will attack you at once and Super Muscle Duck and Super Muscle King Duck will appear as bosses.You can get twice as many rewards than the normal boss zone.

Snag the following rewards when you successfully complete the Crazy Duck Nest:

  • Festival Weapon (Unique)
  • 80 Magic Enhancement Talisman
  • Festival Enhancement Stone
  • Festival Gemstone
  • Premium Jewel (Alteum, Diamond)
  • Goddess’s Lament
  • Crazy Duck Swing Medallion

Crazy Duck Swing

Event Store

New Items Added:

Item Price Other Restrictions
Epic Enhancement Plate PouchCrazy Duck Nest Exchange Coupon x3Can only be purchased once a week
4th Anniversary Event Hat (Blue)Crazy Duck Nest Exchange Coupon x1

Note: Crazy Duck Nest Exchange Coupon can be sold at the store for 1 Gold.

Celebrate Dragon Nest’s 4th Anniversary with this awesome Festival event! Saint Haven’s Pania has stocked up the Festival Shop with new goodies for everyone!

Log in to claim cool rewards!

Accumulative Day(s) Reward
115 Festival Gemstones
215 Festival Gemstones
315 Festival Gemstones
415 Festival Gemstones, 3 Festival Enhancement Stones
515 Festival Gemstones, 3 Festival Enhancement Stones
615 Festival Gemstones
715 Festival Gemstones
815 Festival Gemstones
915 Festival Gemstones
1015 Festival Gemstones
1115 Festival Gemstones, 3 Festival Enhancement Stones
1215 Festival Gemstones, 3 Festival Enhancement Stones
1315 Festival Gemstones
1415 Festival Gemstones
1515 Festival Gemstones
1615 Festival Gemstones
1715 Festival Gemstones
1815 Festival Gemstones, 3 Festival Enhancement Stones
1915 Festival Gemstones, 3 Festival Enhancement Stones
2015 Festival Gemstones
2115 Festival Gemstones
2215 Festival Gemstones
2315 Festival Gemstones
2415 Festival Gemstones
2515 Festival Gemstones, 3 Festival Enhancement Stones
2615 Festival Gemstones, 3 Festival Enhancement Stones
2715 Festival Gemstones
2815 Festival Gemstones

Where To Obtain Festival Stones & Festival Enhancement Stones

How to participate in Fishing:

  1. Accept [Fishing] Learn Fishing quest from Farm Manager Mori at the western gate of Saint Haven.
  2. Go to Farm and Hot Spring Portal.
  3. Complete the quest at Farm Manager Mori in the Farm and Hot Spring area.
  4. Go to the fishing area and open the Skill window (K)
  5. Using the fishing skill in the secondary skill of skill window, start fishing.
Type Item Festival Gemstone
Common GoodFragment of Brilliant Skillsx5
Common GoodSurprize Gift Pouchx10
Common GoodBattlefield Fighter's Pouchx20
Common GoodDragon's Teardropx20
Unique EquipmentFestival WeaponMain Weapon x70
Secondary Weapon x50
Unique EquipmentFestival Armourx20~50 per part
Unique EquipmentFestival Enhancement Stonex5
Unique Equipment70 Unique Plate Pouchx15
Skill Dragon JadeSkill Dragon Jadex10

You can buy Unique grade weapon and armor from the Festival Store.
They can be enhanced with Festival Enhancement Stone up to enhancement Lv10.
Festival equipment will not be destroyed even when enhancement fails, and has higher enhancement success rate than other equipment.

You can disassemble Festival Weapon to get Festival Gemstone.
You will receive 5 gemstones for each weapon and 1 additional gemstone will be added for each enhancement level.