• Live Your Magical Fantasies In The Cash Shop!

    Write your own fairytale story with these new magical Cash Shop finds! Fairytale Monthly CostumeNo fairytale should begin with tattered clothes so look the part with our gorgeous costume! Concentrated Magic Package (for Black Mara)What better way to indulge your new Black Mara than dressing her up in new and exclusive threads? Rubinart Treasure Box UpdateDeck out in the charming grace of Rubinart’s style with items from his treasure box! Altea’s Gacha Box UpdateEarn major style points with the grandeur of the dragons! ht
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  • Black Mara Delivers Dark Justice!

    The spinoff class for the Sorceress has finally arrived in Lagendia! Welcome the Black Mara into the fray and test her powers against the awakened wrath of the Sea Dragon, before working up an appetite of bloodlust in the new Dark Banquet (Hardcore)! While you’re at it, take a peek into the nightmares ravaging the Goddess in the Lv93 Nightmare Dungeon –  Deep Abyss (Nightmare Ⅲ)! Stay tune for the microsite!
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  • Face The New Year With A Brand New Look!

    If you’re thinking of kicking off the New Year in the Battlefield without new threads, think again! The Cash Shop has everything that you need to start 2017 louder than any firecracker, so come check out these awesome loot! Rubinart’s Monthly Costume To add ferocity to your wardrobe, the chance to bag the Red Dragon’s style is one Costume Set that you won’t want to miss!  Rubinart’s Treasure BoxDon’t stop there, Adventurers! If the ferocity of the Dragon is in your soul, then picking up his Necklace and Spirit with this Box is a must-have!  Engineer & Racing Girl Epic Costume Series ...
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  • The Star of Darkness Awakens and Her Name Is Kali

    From the depths of Hell, Kali Awakens to enlist the aid from beyond to exterminate all that stands in her way. Blaze through the battlefield in a dazzling comet trail of death and destruction as the Star of Darkness and take down Dragon Nest’s latest baddie, the Child Granom! Stop at nothing to put an end to him and his lackeys’ miserable existence by following the trail of terrifying screams that come from his laboratory lead you there. If after all that and your thirst for combat still remains wanting, quench your bloodlust by lunging head first into the return of Rumble Mode – ...
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  • Goodies Galore In The Cash Shop!

    We’re wrapping up 2016 and moving on to a brand new year so there’s no better time to give your wardrobe a good overhaul! Gardener’s Package Monthly Costume Don on this simple and sweet casual style and sow the seeds of vengeance in the Nests! Arch Heretic Special - Mystic Dark Priest Package Bring your cool factor through the roof with this awesome costume. Specially for Arch Heretics only!Latest Hairstyles What better way to welcome the new year, than with a new hairdo? Altea's Gacha Box Update Posted on: December 27, 2016 See more
  • Lagendia’s latest mount is yours when you Refer a Friend!

    Nothing says, “HERE COMES THE CAVALRY” like charging in on Lagendia’s never-before-released mount! This December 2016, simply refer a comrade to play with you in Dragon Nest SEA and get yourself the exclusive White Giraffe(30 Days) as a reward for bolstering Lagendia’s forces!   Everything that you need to know is can be found at:
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  • Christmas Indulgence In The Cash Shop

    Santa has dropped by with new loots for you in the Cash Shop! No matter if you are naughty or nice this year, there’s something for you! Winter Package Monthly CostumeAll dressed up for Christmas! New Pet Accessories Don’t leave Sasha and Eddie out in the cold! Christmas Gacha BoxHead out in style this festive season with these cool limited edition items! Get into the spirit of Christmas with the beautiful Angel Snowball Spirit!  There's nothing more jolly than going around in a Rudolph Sleigh Mount! Pop by
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  • Arise and Awaken!

    Behold the newly awakened powers of the Cleric and Academic! Barge through the battlegrounds and show your enemies what it’s like to mess around with you! Showcase your full powers in the new Professor K Remedial Class (Hardcore) and hang out with your guildies in the new Guild Base! Get the lowdown of the patch right here:
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  • Exclusively packaged for your needs! [Cash Shop Update]

    Update: News updated on 15 Nov 2016 1950HRS GMT +8, to include more information for more clarity.The Gacha Boxes exclusively made to meet all your needs for Gold and Enhancement Materials are coming your way from 15 November to 29 November 1000HRS (GMT+8)! Forget your worries, Adventurers – the Cash Shop has got you covered!Gold obtainable from Golden Treasure Chest:1) 502) 1003) 2004) 3005) 4006) 4007) 6008) 8009) 1,00010) 2,50011) 10,00012) 50,00013) 100,000Gold obtainable from High Grade Golden Treasure Chest:1) 1,5002) 3,0003) 4,0004) 5,0005) 6,0006) 8,0007) 15,0008) 30,0009) ...
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  • Band Together With These Sleek Cash Shop Goods!

    Bring out the fashionista in you with our latest sleek fashionable goods from the Cash Shop! Uniform Monthly CostumeCelebrate the joys of youth with the uniform set!Brass Band Costume You can’t look any smarter than this! Get this sleek threads from the Costume Synthesis! Altea’s Gacha Box UpdateDon’t miss out on these cool items! Gold Dragon's Flame EarringsBlue Eyed Cat SpiritIona Treasure Box updateExpect nothing less than gorgeous from Iona! Pop by the Cash Shop today!
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