• Welcome Lancea!

    Evil beware, for the righteous spear master has arrived! All hail Lancea, the relentless punisher of Darkness. With her trusty spear and remarkable battle prowess, her enemies will have nowhere to run or hide! This update also brings you a brand new Sea Fishing Event where you can chill and try your luck at catching mega sized fishes for a limited time! Stand to win exclusive event rewards and even snag awesome loot from the Ranking Board rewards. The Heroes Assemble system will also debut in this patch where you can summon different grades of Heroes to aid you in the dungeons. If ...
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  • Goodies Galore In The Cash Shop!

    With the arrival of everyone’s beloved Lancea, the Cash Shop is brimming with new items! Lancea Fashion!Dress up your Lancea in these amazing costumes, available in different grades!Super Value PackagesGoing on an adventure in Lagendia? Don’t forget to grab these Super Value Packages at unbelievably low prices! Note: Each character can only purchase each of the packages once only. Please note that gifting of any packages will count as a purchase for the buyer. All New Velskud Treasure BoxWhat will the great Velskud bless you with? Check out this month’s featured loot from the ...
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  • Limited Edition Ziyo Costume Set Now Available!

    Update on 17th Feb: Due to popular demand, sales of Ziyo Costume will be extended till end of 24 March 2015!With Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year just around the corner, there’s no better time to deck out in your finest threads. From 10 Feb – 24 Feb 2015, the much loved Ziyo Costume Sets will be up for grabs in the Cash Shop! That’s right, everyone’s favourite designer Ziyo has drawn up yet another series of costumes, this time in Rare Grade, so don’t miss your chance to own an awesome set or two! Pop by the Cash Shop today!
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  • Updated RAF Rewards – Rare Grade Red Spirit Wings!

    Have you heard? The ongoing Refer-A-Friend program rewards you for introducing Dragon Nest SEA to your pals! From February 2015, all successful referrals will receive a pair of Red Spirit Wings. It’s the first ever Rare grade item to be given in the RAF rewards program so don’t miss out! Visit for more details now!
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  • Get Ready For 1.2K Mark

    As we journey into our 1200th day of service, we take this chance to thank the people who have made this possible – YOU. Because of your warm support and dedication, we are able to come this far. This Mark patch is thus dedicated to you. It is filled with new content like the Volcano Nest, as well as a new Dragon Hunting Event and overall game enhancements, specially with you in mind. Check out what’s in store for you right here!
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  • Meet Sasha, the first Rare Grade minion pet and more!

    The 1.2k Mark patch is unveiling something cute and sweet in the Cash Shop! For the first time ever, pets are more than just creatures, they are minions! Meet Sasha, the adorable first Rare Grade minion who will faithfully tag along with you on any adventure! Oh and how about packing a change of clothes for Sasha too? After all, every little girl should have a decent wardrobe!Speaking of a change of clothes, don’t forget to indulge your Hero with new threads too! With the K-fever raging on strongly, we’re bringing back the nostalgic Korean Costume sets, now in Rare Grade. Pssst, ...
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  • Bonus Magnifyque Chest Reward: Shine Bright Into The New Year!

    The new year brings about a bright future so twinkle just as brightly with the updated Bonus Magnifyque Chest rewards! From 29 December 2014, don’t miss your chance to snag a Light Weapon Coupon from the Bonus Magnifyque Chests. Bring out those Magnifying Glasses today!Watch out for these cool rewards on 29 December 2014, 0000hrs (GMT +8)! Please note the following changes in this update:Added Light Weapon Exchange CouponRemoved Black Dragon Fury (Legend Grade) [Removed from 27 Dec 0000HRS]Don’t forget to check out all the other goodies over at the Bonus Magnifyque Chest page by ...
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  • Get Your Black Dragon Fury Crafting Materials – For A Limited Time Only!

    End the year with a bang, with the new Bonus Magnifyque Chest rewards! From 24 – 26 December 2014, you just might snag a Black Dragon Fury crafting material when you use a Magnifying Glass in your adventures! There are other goodies lined up for you as well like the Bright Talisman Essence and Goddess Lament. There’s no better time to start using those Magnifying Glasses! Watch out for these cool rewards from 23 December 2014, 0000hrs (GMT +8)! Please note the following changes in this update:Added Black Dragon Fury (Legend Grade)Added Goddess LamentAdded Bright ...
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  • Level 80 Cap is out! The blistering path to the Monolith!

    Level Cap Increased to 80It’s finally here! Get even stronger, with even cooler weapons and armor, and new EX Skills… because you’ll need them for the trials that you’ll go up against! The path to the Monolith has opened, but it’s a fiery hell that could make even dragons sweat, and the monsters that dwell there are no pushovers… can you overcome them and ease the Goddess’ suffering?New Anu Arendel StagesThe level 80 cap brings with it EIGHT new stages, with heat radiating from the lava that flows out from the corrupted lands! The bosses that guard those lands are terrifying and ...
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  • Jingle Your Bells with our Christmas Cash Shop Goodies!

    Christmas is here upon us again! We have some awesome holiday treats for you, but they’re only around for a short while so snap them up before they’re gone! New Christmas Costumes and weapons will appear in the Cash Shop, and they’re looking all regal and posh!Limited Edition Christmas Costumes and PetIt’s always a happy mood during the Christmas period, and you get to deck your heroes out in fancy holiday threads to double-up on the holiday joy! Enjoy the warmth of these costumes and a cute pet by your side as you kick the asses of monsters who want to put Christmas down! So come ...
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