• Let's Rumble!

    Experience the first ever PVPVE battlefield in Rumble Mode where you will take on BOTH monsters and players to emerge victorious in the exciting race against time. Plus, we’re also having a login event where you can snag goodies like an Alpaca mount (perm) and a Squirrel Head (perm)!Visit here for more details:
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  • Wedding Bells Are Ringing In The Cash Shop!

    Love is in the air… especially in the Cash Shop with these cool new stocks!Monthly Costume Sound the wedding bells and strut down the aisle and into the dungeons with these beautiful wedding themed outfits! These wedding themed threads even come complete with a wedding cake skill too!Check out the wedding cake skill:New Accessories For SashaOur adorable minion, Sasha, deserves some doting indulgence with these cute Harori Accessories!Altea’s Gacha Box Updates Deck out in additional wedding accessories, earrings and a brand new spirit right here in the Altea’s Gacha Box! Pop by the ...
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  • Bonus Magnifyque Chest Update: Terror Of Darkness or Light Of Justice?

    Are you the bringer of light in this forsaken land, the last beacon of justice and hope for Lagendia? Or are you the terrifying nightmare of the dark, one of which even the monsters fear? Regardless of which side you are on, there is something for you from the biggest Bonus Magnifyque Chest update of the year!The magic will begin on 1 May 2015 and 0000HRS (GMT+8).Please note that the following items will be removed in this update:Cash Rewards•    Courteous Gentleman Sheep•    Soft Angel Sheep•    Golden Cupid Wing (Perm)•    Darkness Dragon’s Wing (Perm)•    Shining Star Decal ...
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  • The 1.3K Mark Is Here!

    Yay! A new Mark patch is here where new content and game enhancement await. Behold the new Ordeal paths in Volcano Nest, fight as a monster in the Fortress of Erosion, check out the revamped Cooking System which has undergone a major overhaul and lots more! Visit for more details! 
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  • Indulge In The Finest Goods From The Cash Shop!

    Indulge yourself with these top-of-the-range products right here in the Cash Shop!Monthly CostumeHoly moly! Dress up like a saint in these smart looking costumes!Skill Up HeraldryBring your powers to a whole new level with the Skill Up Heraldry Plate!Gacha Box UpdateDon this Dragon Tears Necklace and enjoy a boost if you have the whole Dragon Tears set! Velskud Treasure Box - New Wings, Tail & DecalThree new items have been added into the Velskud Treasure Box. Complete the full set (Wing + Necklace + Costume + Decal + Weapon) and you will be able to transform into Velskud himself! ...
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  • Soak Up The Goodness!

    A magical Hot Spring has been found in the Farm! Now you can rest and relax with your pals to claim buffs from the Hot Springs before facing Lagendia’s challenges… like the level 80 Chaos dungeon! Find out what improvements have been made to the Item Crafting and weekly content rewards too. Pop by now!
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  • Overstocked With Awesomeness!

    The delivery truck has dropped off an awesome load of cool items in the Cash Shop! Monthly Costume – Velskud CostumeForget #whiteandgold or #blueandblack. We say, bring on the #blackbluepurple because this Velskud Costume beats any dress hands down! Lancea MakeoverLet your Lancea stand out from the sea of spear-wielders with these new hair and faces!Sasha AccessoriesDress up your cheeky Sasha with this chicky costume!Altea’s Gacha Box UpdateThese new goodies are dipped in awesomesauce! Check out these items in the Altea’s Gacha Box today!•    Demolition S70 (Blood Red) – Car Mount•   ...
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  • Bonus Magnifyque Chest Update: The Sheeps Come Marching In!

    In this Year of the Sheep, there’s no better time to strut around on your sweet woolly friend! From 20 March 2015, two adorable sheep mounts will be added to the Bonus Magnifyque Chest. But wait, there’s more good news – from 20 March 2015, 0000HRS (Friday) to 22 March 2015, 2359HRS (Sunday) (GMT+8) only, there will be a 3X drop rate for the sheep mounts from the Bonus Magnifyque Chests!Watch out for these cool rewards on 20 March 2015, 0000hrs (GMT +8)! Please note the following changes in this update:•    Added Courteous Gentleman Sheep•    Added Soft Angel Sheep•    Removed Light ...
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  • Welcome Lancea!

    Evil beware, for the righteous spear master has arrived! All hail Lancea, the relentless punisher of Darkness. With her trusty spear and remarkable battle prowess, her enemies will have nowhere to run or hide! This update also brings you a brand new Sea Fishing Event where you can chill and try your luck at catching mega sized fishes for a limited time! Stand to win exclusive event rewards and even snag awesome loot from the Ranking Board rewards. The Heroes Assemble system will also debut in this patch where you can summon different grades of Heroes to aid you in the dungeons. If ...
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  • Goodies Galore In The Cash Shop!

    With the arrival of everyone’s beloved Lancea, the Cash Shop is brimming with new items! Lancea Fashion!Dress up your Lancea in these amazing costumes, available in different grades!Super Value PackagesGoing on an adventure in Lagendia? Don’t forget to grab these Super Value Packages at unbelievably low prices! Note: Each character can only purchase each of the packages once only. Please note that gifting of any packages will count as a purchase for the buyer. All New Velskud Treasure BoxWhat will the great Velskud bless you with? Check out this month’s featured loot from the ...
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