• Be At The Forefront Of Fashion!

    A new year calls for a whole new style! Make a bold statement this 2016 with these futuristic and snazzy designs in the Cash Shop! Monthly Costume – Future CostumeNew HairstylesNew tresses for the new year!New FacesTime for a whole new look!Altea’s Gacha Box Update Be the fashion symbol of Lagendia with these new additions! Brilliant Light Weapon:Lord of Green Dragon Mount:Dazzling Space Constellation Tail, Wing, Decal:Cloud Sheep Spirit:
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  • Enter The Maze of Horrors!

    A brand new year brings a brand new Nest into Lagendia! Meet Mad Daidalos and his minions in this maze of horrors where no one had ever exited alive! Feeling cocky and up for a bigger challenge? Go ahead and take them on in Hardcore mode too! In this update, we will also be introducing an all new Hero Level Update where you can continue to increase your character stats even after reaching the maximum character level cap. Plus, remember to pop by the new Dragon Scale Store and check out what’s new at the Goddess’s Sparkle Store. Last but not least, tweaks have been made to the game ...
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  • Machina Is Coming To Town!

    Lagendia welcomes Machina! This sassy combo dealer is out on a mission – to find a cure for her arm, and nothing is gonna get in her way! Embark on the exciting adventure as Machina and explore the new Nightmare Dungeon for rewards. Send out your Heroes on the brand new Hero Exploration too, where you can send your Heroes to complete task and grab some loot. Show your Machina some lovin’ with exclusive Machina events. Oh and don’t forget to bring ALL your characters to indulge in the festive cheer as Lagendia gets all decked out for Christmas. Take part in the Christmas events to ...
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  • Holiday Goodies In The Cash Shop!

    Get into the festive mood with these merry ‘lil goodies from the Cash Shop! Christmas CostumeLooking all stylish for the holiday season!Jazz Up Your Machina!One fashionable Machina coming right up, with these cool costumes! Christmas Double Surprize Gacha BoxStand to earn a double winning chance when you purchase and open the Christmas Double Surprize Box*!*Note:•    The Christmas Double Surprize Box will be in the Cash Shop for a limited time only.•    You may receive 2 winning chances, instead of just 1, when you open a Christmas Double Surprize Box.•    Players who still have ...
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  • Begin Your Journey To The Mistland!

    Dragon Nest R unveils the biggest patch of the year with the much anticipated level 90 cap, along with various new updates and improvements to Dragon Nest SEA, which will change the way you play! Visit the Mistland, a world controlled by the evil Goddess Vestinel and come face to face with new monsters. Snag new Lv90 equipment too, and explore the new updates from this patch! Visit now!
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  • Look Great With November Updates In The Cash Shop!

    Fashionistas can rejoice in the Cash Shop this November because we have a truckload of trendy threads and more to suit your great taste! Krasus Theme Monthly CostumeSteampunk lovers unite with the Krasus themed outfit! Epic Costume Synthesis – Butler/Maid ThemeWhoever knew our Heroes would look so adorable in Butler and Maid themed outfits? Get yours now from the Costume Synthesis! Altea’s Gacha Box Update Make everyone in Lagendia envious of your loot from the Altea’s Gacha Box! Argenta Gacha Update – Lucid Hero’s Cold Wings & Cold TailGrab these exclusive items from the Argenta ...
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  • Say Hello To Halloween In The Cash Shop!

    Leave the scary looks to the monsters (and boy, we do have many in Lagendia) and dress to impress this Halloween, thanks to new costumes and more in the Cash Shop! We even bring you the Movie themed costume that DN community has polled for as part of our 4th Anniversary Sale!Halloween Monthly Costume4th Anniversary Sale - Movie Themed Costumes Note: The above costume set was selected by forum poll, before the launch of Lancea. Thus, we regret that this costume set is not available for Lanceas. 2015 Halloween Double Surprize BoxAltea’s Gacha Box Update – Black Dragon’s Shiny Emerald ...
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  • Prepare To Challenge Yourself!

    Show your true mettle against the wrath of the Red Dragon in the Red Dragon Nest Memoria and the Red Dragon Nest Hardcore mode! Plus, Hero’s Battlefield now comes in the all new Hardcore mode too, so don’t hold back because your heroes won’t be joining you in battle this time as they will be buffing you from the sidelines instead. To celebrate Halloween, we have also decked out the towns to celebrate the occasion so be sure to bask in that treat-or-trick spirit with us in the special Halloween events and snag exclusive gifts.With all these insane hardcore modes going on for this ...
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  • Get A Pair Of Never-Before-Released Wings When You Refer A Friend!

    No hero should be alone, especially in the face of constant danger in Lagendia. This October 2015, simply refer a pal to play with you in Dragon Nest SEA and earn yourself a pair of never-before-released Gorgeous Ancestor Dragon Wings (30 days) as a reward for your effort! Pop by to to find out more!
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  • Bonus Magnifyque Chest Updates: Putting The Awesome Into In-Game Rewards!

    We’re injecting a dose of awesome into the Bonus Magnifyque Chests this September! Starting from 29th September 2015, 0000HRS (GMT+8), you may now snag snazzy level 80 in-game items from the Chests! Check out the new in-game rewards:High Grade Dragon Jade Pouch (Lv. 80)Premium Ultimate Plate (Lv. 80)Premium Destruction Plate (Lv. 80)Premium Magician Plate (Lv. 80)Premium Life Vitality Plate (Lv. 80)Epic Lv80 Intellect Plate Epic Lv80 Bear's PlateEpic Lv80 Wind PlateEpic Lv80 Health PlatePlease note that the following items have been removed:High Grade Dragon Jade Pouch (Lv. 70) ...
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