• Noble Set Costumes and a Black Dragon Mount!

    One of the things that the Noble creatures of the night got right – Style. They’re powerful and arrogant beings, but they also have a keen eye for the sleekness of a bespoke three-piece suit or the elegance and seductiveness of an evening gown. We’ve gotten their express permission to make replicas of their garments, but they left us these words, “Quality fabric worn without confidence and poise is no better than wearing a potato sack”. I did say that they are arrogant!Read on to find out more about new hairstyles and our Gacha updates this month! Cheers and have a good September!
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  • Revisit the Nightmare – Black Dragon Memoria

    Black Dragon Memoria I + IIReturn to the Black Dragon Nest via its Memoria I and II. Even though the Black Dragon will no longer be able to break free of the nightmare and manifest into reality, the threat of the Nest still looms over us in the way it poisons the sleep of our Goddess. Dive back in and conquer the first and second parts of Memoria… the third part of the Nightmare is still blocked by unknown forces and cannot be entered as of now… Black Dragon Nest Practice ModeGet some training in with your team mates in the Black Dragon Nest Practice Mode. With unlimited ...
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  • The Eternal Battlefield

    Hero’s BattlefieldAltea’s dreams have come up with an ideal training ground for you heroes, allowing you to face old foes that have powered up and gotten more dangerous! But you’ll be able to team up with one of 3 famous Heroes – the Golden Geraint, the Sullen Argenta or the Dark Knight Velskund! They'll fight alongside you as you traverse this solo dungeon, defeating enemies and coming face to face with the bosses of this dungeon – youthful versions of Karacule, Barnak, Nerwin or Terramai! Dragon Fellowship Season 2As a dark reflection of the Hero’s Battlefield, the nightmares of ...
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  • Limited Ed Summer Costumes and our 3rd Anniversary Sale!

    We’ve got a load of good deals to get off this month! Summer costumes, three Altea Gacha Box updates, and the amazing 3rd Anniversary Sale! Prices are slashed at up to 70%! Scroll down to find out what we’ve got for you this month! Costume Set of the Month Summer Costumes are here! Right out of a fashion magazine, you’ll look chill and retro-stylish in your new threads, with colorful polo-tees and crosshatched designs. Get the preppy style going for you as you save the world and trash your enemies! Who says you can’t look good while kicking ass anyway? Altea’s Gacha Box ...
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  • Bonus Magnifyque Chest Update: Removal of lower level Plates and Codes!

    Here is a bit of good news for all you Magnifyque Chest hunters! We know that the level cap is now at 70, so we’ll be removing some of the level 50 and 60 Plates and unique Codes, and replacing them with brand spanking new level 70 Plates, High Grade Dragon Jade Pouches and more!Here’s an overview of the changes:Added High Grade Dragon Jade Pouch.Added Level 70 Plates: Destruction, Magician, Ultimate, Life Vit, Intellect, Bear, Wind, and Health.Please note that the following items will be removed in this update:Removed all Level 50 Plates.Removed all unique Codes.Removed the ...
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  • The Nightmare Descends!

    It is difficult to let go of the past sometimes… and having to relieve the nightmare of Saint Haven being attacked over and over just makes it worse! Dark magic is being used to invade the dreams of the citizens and bring the Black Dragon in their Nightmares to life, and it is up to you Heroes to go into their dreams and chase away the darkness inside!Black Dragon NestHe’s back again, destroying Saint Haven in the hearts and minds of its people night after night. If you do not put an end to this soon, he will grow strong enough to break free from the nightmares and into reality! ...
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  • Fairytale Costumes, Limited Edition Mount, and much more!

    A new month, a new costume set (plus updates to Altea’s Gacha Box of course)! Check out what we have got for you here, and do a little window shopping before you make your purchases!Costume Set Of The MonthStories make the world go ‘round, and we’re paying homage to from several of them for this month’s costume update! Revel in your childhood fairytales as you dress your characters up, and get ready for some magic to happen! It’s alright to see how far down the rabbit hole goes... just make sure you know your way back home!Altea’s Gacha Box Update!There’s a special mount for grabs, ...
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    Heroes of Lagendia, we’re coming to a close on the World Cup 2014 and it’s down to 3 teams – Germany, Netherlands and Argentina! Who are you supporting? And which country’s flags do you have the most of?  After the exciting finals, the Top 10 players from each world with the most flags of the winning country (in the inventory) will win a pair of Dark Weapon Coupons! Don’t forget that you can trade in the first and second place flags for 1 x Altea’s Gacha Box (non-tradeable) as well! The tallying of the flags will be calculated during the next server downtime and exchanging of ...
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  • Rage of the Basilisk!

    A giant lizard is going to attack Saint Haven! And only by working together can you hope to protect the city and defeat the lizard!Saint Haven Defence (1st Season)Beat the Basilisk in our first season of the Saint Haven Defence and get a ton of rewards! A Basilisk mount, a tiny basilisk pet, heraldry, enhancement dragon jades… and much more! You’ll also get Elemental Dragon Jades which imbue your non-elemental attack skills with a specific element damage!Anu Arendel’s Ordeal NestIt’s gotten more difficult, but the rewards are greater as well! The bosses of the Guardian and Mist ...
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  • Exotic Persian Costumes, and a CRAZY DUCK pet!

    June’s here! We’re introducing several new items to our Cash Shop, so drop in and get them! Meanwhile, you can see what we’ve got right here! Costume Set Of The Month Get a bit more exotic in your dressing with our Persian Costume Sets! It’s pretty hot out there, so I guess that’s why there’s a bit more skin showing… except for the Cleric! He’s probably sweating buckets under that garb, but hey, at least he’s looking good while doing it!CRAZY DUCK PET!It’s a duck! And it’s clearly crazy. Look deeply into its blank eyes, and you will see a burning world reflected through them… he ...
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