• Enter The Brave New World Of Blitzwood!

    Hail Blitzwood, the brand new world who will be joining in the fight against evil. If you are new to Dragon Nest SEA, do pop into these world so you can level up together with fellow Adventurers! There are also exclusive events for everyone in Blitzwood so do join in the fun! Check out the brave new world right here:
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  • All Onboard The Fashion Train

    If clothes make the man, then these fine threads, accessories and mount surely make the Hero! Check out this month’s Space Pirate themed costumes which comes with a special discount coupon for the Summer Costume Package and the awesome goodies in the Altea’s Gacha Box! Monthly Costume – Space Pirate ThemeSpecial Summer Costume – 9450CC only (65% off!)Note: The Summer Costume can only be purchased via the Discount Coupon bundle inside the Space Pirate Costume Package.Altea’s Gacha BoxGet yours now!
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  • New Patch Content: Rumble Mode (New Season)

    Missing the thrills of Rumble Mode? The new season is back once more! For those who do not know, you can experience the first ever PVPVE battlefield in Rumble Mode where you will take on BOTH monsters and players to emerge victorious in the exciting race against time! The team that earns 30,000 points first by killing monsters or other characters will win the Rumble Mode. If the time limit (10 minutes) is up, then the team with the higher points will win.A notification message will be shown in all worlds 10 minutes before Rumble Mode and when Rumble Mode begins.Find out more about ...
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  • New Patch Content: Extra Chapter 4. The Red King and the Red Dragon

    Find out more about Rubinart the Red Dragon and King Feder in the updated list of 11 main quests and 12 side quests. To kickstart your journey, visit Geraint at Anu Arendel now.
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  • New Patch Content: Celebrate Summer With Zoffy!

    No need to get all hot and bothered this summer because Zoffy the space pirate is here to cool you down with awesome goodies. From now until the next patch date, simply complete Zoffy’s (rather weird) mission and earn yourself a cool mount and more!Zoffy is located at Saint Haven. Summer Event StoreYou can use the event store when you have completed all the quests from Zoffy the Space Pirate. RewardsCheck out these exclusive rewards from Zoffy! Find Zoffy at Saint Haven today!
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  • New Patch Content: Lagendia Continent Exploration (New Season)

    Sail away on new adventure with the Lagendia Continent Exploration (New Season). Sniff out Loffy’s treasure stash as you embark on this fun board game and earn yourself some exclusive rewards!  InformationDuration: 29 August 2015 to 26 September 2015 (until Saturday, 7.30am)Entry Restriction Time: Every Saturday 7.30am to 9.30amWeekly ranking will be reflected at 9am every Saturday.Entry Level: Above Lv24Lagendia Continent Exploration is adjusted content.Entry Condition: Single player / Unlimited resurrectionNumber Of Clears: Once per day (5 tickets are given, 3 are needed to enter) ...
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  • New Patch Content: Abyss Expansion Lv80

    The new expansion of the Abyss unveils King Feder’s former castle. Once a glorious building, it now lays in complete shambles, a derelict shadow of its former self.  Rumours have it that treasure hunters who enter, never return, seemingly captured by Dragon Followers and various monsters and spirits who lurk in this ghostly place. Passageways are turned into labyrinths to trap trespassers and relics of the past now corrupt the sanity of those who enter. The lines of reality and illusion are blurred, and this could very well be the place of your death. Do you dare step foot within? ...
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  • Bonus Magnifyque Chest Update: Goodies Not To Be Missed!

    Voila! We sprinkled a handful of pixie dust onto the Bonus Magnifyque Chests and boy oh boy, are the new rewards simply magical! We’re talking about new mounts like the Sheer Gust Dragon and Noble Ninetails, gorgeous Wings and to-die-for new weapons! These new rewards will kick in on 14 August 2015, 0000HRS (GMT+8) so watch out for them! Please note that the following rewards will be removed in this update: Unicorn MountBlack Dire WolfSea Dragon Hatchling’s Black WingSea Dragon Hatchling’s White Wing1x Dark Weapon 1x Light WeaponDon’t forget to check out all the other goodies over ...
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  • Check Out The New Altea’s Gacha Box System

    Do you know that the Altea’s Gacha Box system has gone through a little change?The Altea’s Gacha Box system has been revamped to include a progress bar which charges up every time you open an Altea’s Gacha Box. When the progress bar is full, the next Altea’s Gacha Box you open will contain a Rare item which you can get at a 100% chance. The progress bar will be reset when the gauge is full.Note: The progress bar will not be reset if you have obtained a Rare item at any percentile other than 100%.Have fun with the new Altea’s Gacha Box system today!
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  • A New Saviour!

    All hail the Dark Avenger, our brand new hero who will be joining in the fight against the evil that is tainting our lands! He won’t be staying around for long though, for those deadly powers zap a lot of energy out from him, so it’s a race against the clock to create your Dark Avenger while you still can! In this update, check out the Dragon Fellowship Renewal too which has been raised to level 80 as well as the various game improvements in store. Visit for more details!
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