• Look Your Best For Battle!

    Fighting evil can be tiresome at times, but that does not give you an excuse not to look your best! Celebrate your victories in your battle best with these awesome Cash Shop loot!Iona Set Monthly CostumeKeep warm and cosy with the gorgeous Iona set! New PetWho says fighting justice and looking trendy cannot go hand-in-hand?Get Your Awakening Costume! Completing all the related Awakening quests will reward you with an Awakened Costume Coupon. With this item, you can then purchase the Awakened Costumes. Note: Awakening costume is permanent and the Awakened Costume Coupon will be ...
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  • Awaken To 93!

    Unleash your full power in the brand new level cap! Explore and grind away in the all new Radames World Zone, and dazzle new monsters with your newly-found Awakening skills. Pay a visit to an old friend, Typhoon Kim because he’s back once more, and this time, he’s not alone!Lots of game enhancements are also in store in this patch to improve your overall gaming experience. There’s no better time to pop by Lagendia so see you there!Get the low down of the patch right here:
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  • Kick 5 Into Overdrive!

    Dragon Nest SEA celebrates its 5th year of service and we’re elated to share this happiness with the ones who made it possible – YOU! Join us for 3 whole months of fun and games and grab special prizes to commemorate this joyous occasion. Get up close and personal with us at our Dragon Nest SEA 5th Anniversary Fiesta too, and get to meet the Developers of Dragon Nest in this debut feedback session where you can share your thoughts and get exclusive sneak peeks into upcoming content! Plus, show off your girl power in our Armaggeddon’s Heroines of Lagendia event where YOU can stand to ...
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  • These Awesome Cash Shop Goodies Deserve A Hero’s Salute!

    Stay on top of your game with the Cash Shop’s latest offerings! Marine Monthly CostumeThe Marine Monthly Costume ensures that you look sleek and stylish in whatever you do!  New Pet CostumesSasha and Eddie are ready to get into the nautical spirit too!  Altea’s Gacha Box UpdatesYour adventure just got more EPIC with these cool items! Pop by the Cash Shop today!
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  • Mark of Bravery

    Great news to all PvP-inclined Adventurers – DWC is now updated with level 90 heroes and new rewards! Not a PvP player? No worries, check out the all new Creator Nest where the game’s developers have disguised themselves as Boss Monsters. Can you defeat them? Find out soon enough! While you’re out there honing your l33t skillz, don’t forget to defend Saint Haven from invasion too and snag exclusive rewards while you’re at it. And if you’re still looking for more excitement, the epic PvPvE hustle of Rumble Mode is perfect for you! Oh, and did we mention Dragon Hunting Day event has ...
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  • Go Back To School In The Cash Shop!

    Look cool for school in the Cash Shop with the School Club Package! Or, raise the fashion stakes with the drool-worthy Police Series outfits. Whatever your style, you’re sure to find something suitable in the Cash Shop! Monthly Costume - School Club Package       Celebrate the glory of youth with these cute school sets! Epic Costume (Synthesis) – Police SeriesIf you have spare costumes, why not try your hand at grabbing this cool outfit?Daily BundlesYou’d be craaaazy to miss these awesome bundles! Limit to one purchase per day only!  Trade WarrantyIncrease the number of trade counts ...
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  • Do You Dare Enter The Ice Dragon’s Lair?

    The air in Lagendia grows chilly as the Ice Dragon awakens in his lair. Heroes, this is the time to prove your might and bring down this legendary servant of darkness! In this patch, you’ll also find some changes to the Wonderful Theme Park where a new daily quest has been added, and remakes of existing dungeons are put into place. Various game improvements are available in this patch as well like the raising of Dragon Jade enhancement level, the addition of Lv90 Unique grade Skill Accessory crafting and more. While you’re at it, don’t forget to join some fun and games with our ...
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  • Love Is In The Cash Shop!

    The sweet scent of summer love is in the air! Pop by the Cash Shop for some lovin’!2016 Wedding Monthly Costume2015 Wedding Costume (Re-release)Altea’s Gacha Box UpdatePop by the Cash Shop today!
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  • Face Jakard’s Wrath

    Lo and behold, Jakard has awakened once more, and boy, she ain’t too pleased about it. Face her wrath in the Hot Sands Desert Dragon Nest and reap the rewards worthy of your bravery!  Check out the various game improvements in store too, like Guild Improvements and a brand new Attendance System which rewards you whenever you log in to Lagendia.  Last but not least, your favourite Dragon Nest SEA Heroes have also undergone some skill revamps so be sure to read all about it! Pop by today! 
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  • Get In Style At The Cash Shop!

    Glam up your heroes with the latest fashion right here at the Cash Shop! Because who says you can’t look good while killing a dragon or two?Aviator Themed Monthly CostumeDeck out in your finest before heading into battle, so if they can’t remember your punch, at least they’ll remember your style!  Machina MakeoverSport a new look and turn some heads! Altea’s Gacha Box All new Spring Collection in the Altea’s Gacha Box!  Geraint Gacha BoxYou can be the Golden poster hero of Lagendia with these cool Geraint items! Back To School SashaSasha’s fashion style deserves an A grade! Pop by ...
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