• Get Red-y for Cash Show Rewards!

    Fill your wardrobe with the fiery passion of red from 12 April 0000HRS to 24 April 2359HRS! For this limited time only, the Cash Shop is rewarding you simply for visiting the Cash Shop and spending CC. With 4 Tiers to hit, don’t miss out on all the goodies up for grabs!Examples: -  When GM Fosx spends 100,000 CC in the Cash Shop during this event period, he gets the Tier 1 and 2 rewards.- When GM Fosx spends 200,000 CC in the Cash Shop during this event period, he gets Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 rewards.Note:- All tier rewards are accumulative (i.e. Spending 200,000 CC or more during the ...
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  • The weekend is bringing DNP-Back!

    Getting your favourite box has never been easier than this weekend! From 25 March 0000HRS to 26 March 2359HRS (GMT+8), get your hands on a 50% Rebate when you purchase a minimum of 10 Altea’s Gacha Boxes during this event period. The savings don’t step when you drop by the Cash Shop! Note*- Rewards will be credited at the end of the event by 29 March 2359HRS.- Packages not eligible for this promotion are Lucky Lily Packages, Altea’s Gacha Box Daily Package and Altea’s Gacha Box bought using Altea’s Gacha Box Discount Coupon.ExampleGM Fosx purchased 10x Altea’s Gacha Box stack which ...
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  • Clear Skies are yours for the taking!

    How will you paint the skies? White or Blue? That’s for you to decide from 20 March 0000HRS to 31 March 2359HRS (GMT +8) when Clear Sky’s White Armour and Clear Sky’s Blue Armour Sets are yours for the taking by visiting the Cash Shop and spending CC during this event period! 3 Tiers are lined up for you to complete this set during this limited period, so make haste! Examples: -  When GM Fosx spends 150,000 CC in the Cash Shop during this event period, he gets the Tier 1 and 2 rewards.- When GM Fosx spends 200,000 CC in the Cash Shop during this event period, he gets Tier 1, 2 and 3 ...
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  • Magnify Your Savings this Weekend! [1-For-1 Deals]

    Kick off the month of March with a chance to magnify your tasty treats! From 18 March 0000HRS to 19 March 2359HRS (GMT+8), the Cash Shop has your first 5 purchases covered by giving you DOUBLE the savings on Item Protection Jellies and Magnifying Glasses. NOTE: - Rewards will be credited by 21 March before 2359HRS (GMT+8). - Purchases made by DNP are not eligible for this event. - Only the First 5 Purchases of each set are applicable for this promotion. Item Protection Magic Jelly1) Item Protection Magic Jelly x12) Item Protection Magic Jelly x253) Item Protection Magic Jelly x504) ...
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  • Black Mara users, prepare for a lucky weekend! [Exclusive Sale]

    If you bend the will of the universe using dark magic as Black Mara, then keep your eyes peeled from 11 March 0000HRS to 12 March 2359HRS (GMT+8)! This weekend ONLY, Black Maras don’t only get 3,000 DNP for every 10,000 CC spent in the Cash Shop but ALSO an [Other Side of Arrogant Witch – Costume Package] with every 20,000 CC and above spent if you are above Level 40! Black Maras, this is a magical weekend that you won’t want to miss!*NOTE: - All purchases made with CC in the Cash Shop are eligible except for Altea’s Gacha Box and Rubinart Treasure Box.- Maximum spending of CC for ...
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  • Get more from your Altea’s Gacha Box! [WEEKEND PROMOTION]

    If you were looking for great deals, then the Cash Shop has got you covered! From 28 January 0000HRS to 29 January 2359HRS (GMT+8), get 5x Altea’s Gacha Boxes for every set of 10x Altea’s Gacha Boxes that you purchase this weekend only. What are you waiting for, Adventurers? These boxes are ripe for the taking! *NOTE: Rewards given out during this promotion is limited to purchase for 5 sets of 10x Altea’s Gacha Boxes. Example:1) GM Vee bought 20 Altea’s Gacha Box from the Cash Shop. He will be Rewarded with 10 Altea’s Gacha Box.2) GM Fosx bought 60 Altea’s Gacha Box from the Cash ...
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  • Sure-Win Lucky Red Packet When You Top Up CC

    The year of the Fire Rooster is here and we want you join us in this festive giveaway from 26 Jan – 11 Feb! For every 5,000CC that you top-up in a single transaction, you are GUARANTEED to win one of many superb rewards!Over $88,000 worth of prizes, ranging from 888,888 CC to high-level rewards for Bloodline and Dragon Nest, await you. Head over to our Lucky Red Packet site to find out how to win
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  • Get Arch Heretic’s EXCLUSIVE Cash-Shop Giveaways!

    For those who embrace the darkness in the name of the Goddess, fix your gaze towards 14 January 0000HRS to 23 January 2359HRS (GMT+8)! Exclusively for Arch Heretics and Heretics, get the following rewards simply for spending CC on ANY item in the Cash Shop. Your opportunity to rude in to Lagendia and flaunt your allegiance is here!Examples: -  When GM Fosx spends 78,500 CC in the Cash Shop during this event period, he gets the Tier 1  rewards.- When GM Foxs spends 250,000 CC in the Cash Shop during this event period, he gets Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 rewards. Note:- All tier rewards are ...
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  • It’s the Gift of Jellies that keeps on Givin’!

    This Christmas, we’re not letting your Christmas generosity to go to waste! From 24 December 0000HRS to 25 December 2359HRS (GMT+8), simply gift ANY quantity of Item Protection Magic Jelly to your fellow Adventurers to have the exact same number being rewarded back to you. There’s never a better time to spread the Christmas cheer in Dragon Nest than this weekend! *NOTE: Rewards will be credited by 27 December 2359HRS.Terms and Conditions: • The Promotion will start on 24 December 0000HRS to 25 December 2359HRS.• Rewards are given per character basis.• Each character is only entitled ...
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  • Have A Cherry Christmas!

    Fancy snagging some in-game items this Christmas but hesitating to do your first CC top-up? Now’s the perfect chance! From 20th December 2016 – 15th January 2017, do your first ever top up and get a one-time off 30% bonus CC! This promotion is available for top-ups via PayPal / Credit Card / iPay88 only so hurry!Pop by for more details!Applicable for verified Cherry accounts onlyTerms and Conditions apply.
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