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News - Event

Prove Your Strength This August!

Update on 17 August 1908HRS: After much deliberation, we have decided to stick with original stated reward for the challenge for the 13th. We will be crediting 1x Ice Dragon's Wrath (Legend) to all players who completed the mission on the 13th.

Additional, we have changed the rewards for the 19th and 20th to include both 4 man and 8 man.

Update on 15 August 1116HRS: There is an error with the number of  reward for Ice Dragon Nest (8 Man Hardcore). The correct amount is 2x Ice Dragon's Wrath (Legend).

Changed Rune Dragon Nest (4 Man Normal/Hardcore) to Rune Dragon Nest (8 Man Normal/Hardcore) for 19 and 20 August.

This August, we celebrate our strengths so as to remember how far we have come! From 12 Aug to 25 Aug 0000HRS to 2359HRS daily, simply complete the stated Challenge of The Day and reap awesome rewards!

All stated tasks require at least 1 Clear to be eligible for the rewards.
Tasks cleared after the stated timing and dates will not be eligible for the rewards. 

Nest Reset Schedule
Please note that Nest Reset will also be done on the stated dates at 1300HRS (GMT+8)
• Aug 16
• Aug 23

Terms and Conditions
• The event will start on 12 August 0000HRS and will end on 25 August 2359HRS
• Rewards are given per character basis.
• Each character can only take part in the event once per day.
• Each character will only receive one reward per day.
• Rewards will be credited daily within 1 hour after the event has ended.
• Rewards that are not collected and have expired will not be reimbursed.
• All timings stated are in the GMT+8 time zone.
• Any character that has been banned due to infringement of game abuse policies during the event or reward period will not be compensated
• Any disputes will not be entertained 1 month after the date of accreditation of event rewards.