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News - Event

Gachalicious: Season 3 [BACK and BIGGER than ever!]

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Update on 22 Feb 1805HRS:
Website Counter is now working as intended. Counter update frequency is back as stated in the mircosite

Update on 02 Mar 1650HRS: At the present moment, crediting of the [Gold Dragon’s Flame Ring] is bugged and cannot be chosen as an option for Tier 2 Rewards. 

As a compensation for any trouble caused, ALL eligible participants of this event will be guaranteed the [Gold Dragon’s Flame Ring] on top of the Tier 2 Rewards of their choice (excluding the Gold Dragon’s Flame Ring) once we have successfully rectified the issue with our developers.

Update on 08 March 1245HRS: Gold Dragon's Flame Ring have been credited to all eligible characters. Please check your special storage for the rewards.

The same Gachalicious you know and love is back with more ways to win Gacha-Goodies than ever before! From 17 February 0000HRS to 27 February 2359HRS (GMT+8), simply purchase either Altea’s Gacha Boxes or Rubinart Treasure Boxes during this event period to dip into the pool of prizes. 

The number of Boxes purchased will be accumulated across all servers to determine your final reward, while the server that contributes the MOST to this total number will win an ADDITIONAL prize as well! 

Contribute to help your Server and the entire Dragon Nest Community NOW and get yourself an Early Bird Reward too for purchasing a minimum of 20 Altea Gacha Boxes and/or Rubinart Treasure Boxes by 20 February 2359HRS!

How many Boxes have you and the Community scored by now? All you need to know is HERE!
*Only characters who have bought 10x Altea’s Gacha Box and/or Rubinart Treasure Box during the event will be eligible for the rewards.

Note: Rewards will be credited at the end of the event by 2 March 2359HRS (GMT+8).