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News - Notice

A brand new site for a brand new Dragon Nest SEA Adventure!

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The start of Dragon Nest SEA’s journey with Eyedentity Games is approaching and to mark this momentous occasion, they have prepared a brand new main site at! To make sure that you always get the latest Content, news and more on all things Dragon Nest SEA, you will immediately be redirected to their latest site effectively from 28 August 1300HRS (GMT+8) should you stumble in to

Need to relive the nostalgia of your life in Lagendia with Cherry Credits? Albeit in read-only mode, Dragon Nest SEA will still be available in our forum section from 31 August 1500HRS (GMT+8), so fret not!

In the meantime, don’t forget to pop by our Facebook Page as we snag some Goodies before you hit the shores of Lagendia once more!