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News - Notice

The DNP Policy is getting a big update!

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A new DNP Policy is in the horizon on 7 September onwards upon the successful service transfer from Cherry Credits to Eyedentity Games! Keep your eyes peeled for what the DNP Policy’s Update has in store for you with the following details: 

1) Option to trade with DNP inside the [Trading House] will be removed

2) DNP Vouchers will no longer be sold in the [Cash Shop]

3) Cash Items purchasable via DNP will only be limited to the following after service transfer on 7 September:

A. Under Costume Tabs: Accessories
- All other tab section items will not be purchasable via DNP

B. Under Functional Tab: Potions, Guild, Farm
- All other tab section items will not be purchasable via DNP

C. Cash Items under the tab: Style

Players are recommended to make full use of their DNP to purchase currently DNP-purchasable cash item before Cash Shop closure on the 28th Aug 1245HRS GMT+8.

Rest assured that the DNP purchase limitation will be lifted at a later date. 

As DNP will be obtainable as Rewards through Monthly In-Game Events, fret not and continue to look out for more updates as Eyedentity Games continues their efforts in serving your needs with more exciting changes!