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News - Event

Blessings for the most Charitable Guilds!

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Update on 31 Jan 0945HRS: The quantity for Ice Dragon's Fury(Legend) and Altea's Gacha Box is of the wrong quantity. Please refer to the second post for the correct amount.

Update on 04 Feb 0800HRS: Updated the terms and conditions for the event. Updated T&C will be reflected on the microsite on 06 Feb before 2359HRS.

Update on 11 Feb 0200HRS: After much consideration with the feedback/comments and along with technical limitation DN Team decide to end the event earlier, ending it on 13 Feb 2359HRS (GMT+8) in order not to clash with the server merge schedule. We are sorry for inconvenience caused.

Updates on 11 Feb 1250HRS: Adjustment to end time from 13 Feb 2359HRS to 13 Feb 2200HRS (GM+8)

Update on 15 Feb 2026HRS: The DN team have decided to credit 1x Ice Dragon's Fury (Legend) to all characters that have donated 100,000 gold during the duration of the event as additional reward. 

There is also typo mistake for the Dragon Jade Unique Plate Pouch. It should be Level 93 Unique Plate Pouch.

The noble act of charity will no longer go unnoticed! From 01 February 0000HRS to 13 February 2200HRS (GMT+8), the most charitable Guilds of every server will be Rewarded for donating Gold to [Special Function Store Helper Trisha]. 
Every 1 Gold donated will award 1 Point to the donator’s Guild, so simply be among the Top 20 Guilds with the most points in every server for awesome Rewards! 

Check out if you made the top spots by clicking here!