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News - Event

Festival of Mayhem!

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Update on 6 Feb 2017:
Despite of losing the battle vs Bloodline, DN Team have seen the effort that all heroes in Lagendia have put in, in return everyone will be rewarded with a "Lilo.I Sasha Pet Costume", do remember to collect it from your special storage before 10 Feb!

As the Lunar New Year descends on us, a cross-dimensional rift has opened in Lagendia, bridging it to the realm of…BLOODLINE! 

From 18 Jan 0500HRS to 01 Feb 0459HRS GMT+8, it’s time to show your next-realm neighbors in Bloodline how you roll in Dragon Nest in order to win a hefty supply of Altea’s Gacha Boxes, Kokiah Dance Gesture and Lilo.I Sasha Pet Costume. 
Click the link here to find out how to participate and most importantly, how to WIN!