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News - Event

My Guild, Our Base II

Dear players,

In the upcoming maintenance on 10th January 2017, we will be assigning guild bases to the Top 10 guilds of every server.

Guild Base is an exclusive zone that is only accessible by a guild and its guild members. 

Selection criteria are as follow:

Top 10 Guild Nest Ranking Guilds

The event will be from 5th January 0000HRS ~ 10th January 2017 0000HRS

Selected guilds will each occupy a Guild Base for three weeks, from 10th January (after the maintenance) till 31st January 1000HRS.

Start gathering your allies now!

Note: All timings are in GMT+8

For more information about Guild Base, visit this link

*drum rolls*

Westwood & Greenwood Qualified Guilds
  • Eden
  • Amity
  • Plebs
  • HighElves
  • OneMsia
  • DragonVN
  • WellcomPC2
  • OceanSky
  • Kokocrunch

Springwood & Holywood Qualified Guilds
  • OuraSlayer
  • VongolaVN
  • MIT
  • MysticClaN
  • Saika
  • Salvatore
  • lVeteranl
  • AnakBawang
  • ZodiacAlliance
  • SeaOfFlame

  • FairyTail
  • FamilyVN
  • Themacs