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Service Transfer To Eyedentity

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First and foremost, Cherry Credits would like to thank our Dragon Nest SEA players for braving through the storms in Dragon Nest with us for the past 6 memorable years. There was always lots of fun when we had our offline events such as Meet the Players Sessions (where you got Kang-ed), Speed Matches, International Tournaments, GM PVPs, Mini Gatherings, Anniversary Celebrations and Carnivals - those are the best memories we will always treasure.

On top of that, the Dragon Nest team has put in lots of effort to make the Dragon Nest SEA service a special and unique one - with the introduction of a SEA-only DNP trading in Trading House, Magnifying Glass Bonus Rewards (who says no to additional rewards?), our own player-designed Saint Haven loading screen and our very own background music for Calderock and Saint Haven towns. Also not forgetting exclusive SEA events such as Guild All Star, Guild Showdown and Gachalicious (pssst, the game creators weren’t too happy about how delicious our Gachalicious rewards were…^.^), which had brought everyone much excitement and fun!

There were tough times too as we fought hard against hackers, botters, all kinds of abusers and syndicate gold sellers, while you guys fought the dragons (and maybe Berlin for breaking your weapons). The battle was tough but worthwhile because we always believe in putting our best effort to make Dragon Nest SEA a fair game for all! After a tough day or two, well-meaning thank you notes from players never fail to delight us. These came from players whom we helped in various situations, be it to restore their characters to our best effort for compromised accounts, or to restore their precious broken weapons (Berlin, Y U give us more work?!), or perhaps an exchange for a wrongly selected stats for purchased costumes.

There were times when things did not turn out the way we expected, such as the DDoS attack, technical issues with event rewards crediting (even the powers of the Goddess run into hiccups sometimes), extended maintenance or patch downtime due to unforeseen technical fault. We sincerely appreciate our players’ patience and understanding in times like this. Thank you for your trust in us!

Reading through the responses on our Facebook Page is one of our favourite things to do. From the initial Dragon Nest Alliance campaign, to the recent years’ of pre-patch Facebook activities, lore (the team really had lots of crazy ideas and special talents!), and video trailers that got more and more entertaining and bold. It made our day knowing you guys enjoyed them as much as we did! There are lots more memories to savour but we should stop now before our Assistant Producer and the entire DN Team flood the office with their tears!

Pardon us for not being able to celebrate this glorious 6th Anniversary with you, as our publishing contract with Eyedentity Games for Dragon Nest SEA has ended. Eyedentity Games’ new vision is to undertake the publisher role for Dragon Nest, so the company will be taking over the game service and operations by end August 2017.

Don’t freak out just yet; your game characters and related data will NOT be affected by this service transfer, although you might suffer from some withdrawal symptoms when the service undergoes a temporary closure to facilitate in the technical transfer. Cherry Credits and Eyedentity Games will work together to implement a User Transfer process to ensure a smooth transition of service for our players. More details will be revealed when the relevant functions are ready, so stay tuned!

Do look forward to a whole new team working behind the scenes of Dragon Nest SEA when the service reopens with more thrilling content! We’re sure it’s gonna be exciting!

Goddess Altea has foreseen a wave of questions from her brave Adventurers, so she has appointed Irine as her representative (since the Goddess is trapped in a limbo of nightmares and all) to answer your doubts.

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Q: What is this temporary closure all about?
A: To provide a smooth transition and handover, the technical teams of Cherry Credits and Eyedentity Games will need to temporary close the game in order to work their magic. During this interim, the Dragon Nest SEA game service will not be accessible. Do note that Dragon Nest VN and Dragon Nest EU are unaffected by this temporary closure.  

Q: Is there anything that we have to do during this period?
A: Yes, we will be setting up a User Transfer process where you can easily apply for the transfer via Cherry Exchange. In the process of doing so, you will be able to create an Eyedentity Game Account. More details will be revealed soon so stay tuned!

Q: How does this affect my characters and items?
A: Your game data is completely safe. The game service transfer just means that Eyedentity Games team will be the one who will publish and handle the operations of the game, instead of the current Cherry Credits team.

Q: Can I still use my Cherry account to login to the game after service reopens?
A: Nope, you can’t. This is why we are setting up a User Transfer process where you will use your Cherry Account to create an Eyedentity Games Account. Your Dragon Nest SEA account data will then be binded to your Eyedentity Game’s account. When the game service reopens, you will need to have an Eyedentity Games account in order to log into the game.

Q: What about my unused CC?
A: All unused CC is safe is your account. You can still use CC to purchase the new Cash Shop currency which Eyedentity Games will be introducing when the game service reopens.

Q: Do I still go to the same website and Facebook page when the game service reopens under Eyedentity Games?
A: Eyedentity Games will launch their own official website for Dragon Nest SEA. The URL will be announced when it’s ready. You can still visit the same Facebook page though because it will still be managed by the Cherry team.

Q: So, do I still go through Cherry Messenger for Customer Support after game service reopens?
A: For any matters relating to Cherry account, CC top-up or purchase, Dragon Nest VN or Dragon Nest EU, you will still go through Cherry Messenger for Customer Support. For any matters relating to Dragon Nest SEA, you will need to visit the new official website for Dragon Nest SEA that Eyedentity Games will be launching, to access the Customer Support forms.

Q: But I want to continue playing Dragon Nest during the temporary closure!
A: We’re afraid the Dragon Nest SEA game service is unavailable during the temporary closure period. Players can still continue to check out Dragon Nest VN and Dragon Nest EU should the withdrawal symptoms kick in. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Q: TLDR. What’s going on exactly?

A: Due to the end of the Dragon Nest SEA game publishing contract between Cherry Credits and Eyedentity Games, the latter will be taking over all operational and game servicing aspects of Dragon Nest SEA. However, Dragon Nest VN and Dragon Nest EU will still remain in the care of the Cherry Credits team.

Q: DN is dying / CC is dying / The hamster is dying…
A: Quite the opposite actually. With the original game creator now behind the operational scenes of the game itself, we believe exciting things are gonna happen! As for Cherry Credits, our team will continue to support the Customer Service portion so it’s not exactly goodbye. And we are compelled to show you a picture of our cute hamster too, to assure you that nothing is dying.    
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We will be releasing more details over the next few weeks, so stay tuned to our website and/or our Facebook page!