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Show Your Unity In Lagendia!

As the impending darkness steadily consumes the land, Goddess Altea devises a plan to save her beloved world. The evil magic of Vestinel has grown too strong for Lagendia’s brave Adventurers to stand divided. To stand a chance against the terrifying darkness, a union must take place.  

Come 11 July 2017, Goddess Altea will be removing all server boundaries to allow her brave Adventurers to train and fight together. This means that no matter what server you are from (Westwood/Springwood/Greenwood/Holywood/Biltzwood), you will now be able to see everyone else! 

How will this new plan affect you or your characters? Don’t worry, Goddess Altea has it all worked out!

1) The server merger does not ‘kill’ any characters in the affected servers. 
Fret not, your characters are very much alive and well and will remain in the world where they were first created. 

2) Make new friends!
This union will definitely open up new social horizons because you can now play with fellow Adventurers from any servers! 

3) Guild Renaming
Guilds with the same names in the united servers will be renamed with a numeric symbol (eg. Cherry and Cherry01). Affected Guilds will also be given a guild name change card should they wish to rename their guilds.

4) Catch all the Ranking bugs
The Dragon Nest team is working hard to ensure a smooth transition during the merger. Different types of character rankings that exist in the game will not be reset, but we sincerely appreciate if you could help us keep an eye out for bugs in the following: 

a. Colosseum Ranking
b. Ladder Rankings and Ladder Ratings
c. Dark Lair Rankings
d. Donation Ranking
e. Dungeon Records
f.  Lagendia Continent Exploration Weekly Ranking

Should you encounter discrepancies with your character’s rankings as above, please let us know here so we can help resolve them. 

5) Early Farm and Trading House closure 
There will be an early Farm and Trading House closure prior to the union so our tech teams can work their magic to fulfill the Goddess’s wish. 

This union will make all Adventurers stronger than before so let’s train hard together to defeat the darkness and save Goddess Altea from her nightmares!