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News - Notice

Cash Shop is up and running! [Pick up your Compensation Package NOW]

Dear Players, 

The random “Data Error” and “Unknown Error” occurrences when purchasing items from the Cash Shop have now been resolved.
As the Cash Shop is now back up and running, check out what is store for you upon your return:

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and for your patience, we extend our thanks to you with a Compensation Package as a show of our appreciation for your understanding. Prepare yourself to pick the following goodies when head down to your Special Storage:

For all Accounts – Only retrievable by level 93 Characters 

5x Altea’s Gacha Box (7 Days Duration)
3x [GM]Magnifying Glass
50x Item Protection Magic Jelly 
50x Seal Stamp 

For all Accounts – Only retrievable by level 60 – 92 Characters

3x Altea’s Gacha Box (7 Days Duration)
1x [GM] Magnifying Glass
25x Item Protection Magic Jelly
25x Seal Stamp

For all Accounts – Only retrievable by Level 40 – 59 Characters

1x Altea’s Gacha Box (7 Days Duration)
5x Item Protection Magic Jelly
1x Seal Stamp
5x Resurrection Scroll

Terms and Conditions as below:
• Compensations are given per account basis.
• Compensations can only be obtained once.
• Compensations will be credited via Special Storage.
•  Compensations will be credited on 26th April and will expire on 3rd May 2359HRS
• All timings stated are in GMT +8 Time Zone
• Any account that has been banned due to infringement of game abuse and did not receive the compensation will not be compensated.
• Any disputes will not be entertained 1 month after the date of accreditation.