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News - Notice

Crediting of Missing Rewards [Charity Run Event]

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Update on 08 March 1815HRS: The second batch of players affected has been credited with the missing rewards. Please check your Special Storage for the rewards.

Dear Players,

We are aware that some participants who joined the Top 20 Guilds on 13 February  (GMT+8) for the Charity Run event have yet to receive their Rewards. Crediting for missing rewards will be split into the following batches: 

Batch 1 – Players from this batch will get their Rewards credited by 7 March 2359HRS (GMT+8). 

Batch 2 – Players from this batch will be notified of their crediting at a later date. Our developers are still verifying the data pertaining to those not credited with the Rewards. 

Please refrain from creating new tickets until players from Batch 2 have been notified of the crediting of their rewards. 
All tickets pertaining to the Charity Run event will be closed after the second batch of crediting. Should there still be any Rewards uncredited despite a player’s eligibility, we request that they send in a new Ticket through Cherry Messenger. 

These new tickets will need to provide the following details:
1) Guild Name during event period + date of joining
2) Current Guild Name + date of joining

We thank you for providing these essential details along with any additional pieces of information as it will help us to hasten the process of verifying your Reward eligibility. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused!