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News - Notice

Daily Attendance Reset for Blitzwood Players after 14 Feb Server Merge

notice.png (579×116)

Dear Players,

We apologise for any or the following inconveniences caused due to the Daily Attendance Issue Reset for Blitzwood players after the server merger on 14 Feb:

1. Blitzwood players who have totally lost their attendance records and need to start from Day 1 again.

2.  Players who have both participated in the daily attendance in West/Green and Blitzwood will have their attendance reset to that of West/Green. For example, GMFosx has 10 days attendance in West/Green and 22 days attendance in Blitz. After the merger, the attendance of GMFosx will be changed to 10 days.

Despite working with the developers on a solution, we regret to inform that due to technical limitations, we are unable to restore the attendance progress of players in Situation 1. And for those player facing the Situation 2, we are also unable to revert the progress of the attendance to the one with the higher number of days.

For compensation, we will be crediting 1x Job Change Scroll and 1x Altea's Gacha box to all players who were affected. 

Kindly retrieve the gift from Special Storage within 7 days before it expires.