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Bonus Magnifyque Chest Updates: The war of Light and Dark rages on!

news-20160616-magnifyque.png (580×147)

Take your pride for either the Light or Dark to the next level! With this Bonus Magnifyque Chest update, continue the fight for Light or your allegiance to the Dark. Where will you stand at the edge of Lagendia’s fate? Take a peek now at these awesome rewards and decide!

The following are newly Added Rewards:

In-Game Rewards

       Epic Level 90 Destruction Plate

       Epic Level 90 Magic Plate

       Epic Level 90 Ultimate Plate

       Epic Level 90 Vitality’s Plate

       Epic Level 90 Intellect Plate

       Epic Level 90 Bear’s Plate

       Epic Level 90 Wind Plate

       Epic Level 90 Health Plate

       Level 90 High Grade Dragon Pouch

       10x Goddess’s Sparkle

Cash Item Rewards

       Blessed Wedding Wings (30 Days)

       Blessed Wedding Decal (30 Days)

       Blessed Wedding Tail (30 Days)

       Darkness Gust Dragon (Permanent)

       Guardian Dragon’s Wing (Permanent)

       Guardian Dragon’s Tail (Permanent)

       Guardian Dragon’s Mark (Permanent)

From 17 June 2016 0000HRS (GMT+8), draw your lines and choose where you stand!

Please take note that the following rewards are removed in this update:

In-Game Rewards

       Epic Level 80 Destruction Plate

       Epic Level 80 Magic Plate

       Epic Level 80 Ultimate Plate

       Epic Level 80 Vitality’s Plate

       Epic Level 80 Intellect Plate

       Epic Level 80 Bear’s Plate

       Epic Level 80 Wind Plate

       Epic Level 80 Health Plate

       Level 80 High Grade Dragon Pouch


Cash Item Rewards

       Robo Booster Wings (30 Days)

       Large White Rabbit Ears (30 Days)

       Large White Rabbit Tail (30 Days)

       Sheer Gust Dragon (Permanent)

       Pure White Ancestor Dragon Wings (Permanent)

       Dark Ancestor Dragon Wings (Permanent)

       Noble Black Ninetails Medallion

Whisk out those Magnifying Glasses now and check out the site

Remember to bookmark the site because rewards are updated frequently!