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News - Update

Get Rough And Rumblin’!

Get down for some rumblin’ action this July in this massive PvP and PvE battlefield! All you have to do is kill monsters or players from the other team within the time limit to win!

Veteran players will also be glad to know that all monster levels have been increased to level 93. How’s that for a challenge? A buff that periodically recovers MP will now be applied when you enter Rumble Mode.

Rumble Mode Objective
The team that earns 30,000 points first by killing monsters or other characters will win the Rumble Mode. If the time limit (10 minutes) is up, then the team with the higher points will win.

A notification message will be shown in all worlds 10 minutes before Rumble Mode and when Rumble Mode begins.

Rumble Mode Schedule

How to play Rumble Mode

- Enter [Insert] key or click the [Matching] icon to open the Matching UI.

- Click [Battlefield] tab.

- Click [Request Matching] and matching will start.

Party Matching

- Matching can be done for parties and this is only allowed for parties with at least 2 members.

- Matching request can only be done by the party leader.

Winning Conditions

- In Rumble Mode, the team that collects 30,000 points first by killing monsters or characters from the opponent team wins.

- If both teams have not attained 30,000 points when 10 minutes is up, the team with more points wins.

Battle Rules

- Your points will be deducted when you get killed in battle.

- When you are killed by the opponent team, the character who killed you will take the points that have been deducted from you.

- Users with 0 points will not be deducted of any points when they die.

- Killed by a user: Own points are deducted by 30%

- Killed by a monster: Own points are deducted by 50 points (fixed)

Checking Points

The points you have obtained can be seen at the Progress Window (Q). The following icons will be shown above the character’s head following the points attained.

Monster Hunt

There are various types of monsters and you can get points by killing them. Monsters have different grades and you can get more points by killing higher grade monsters. However, higher grade monsters are stronger. Certain monsters give buff when killed so don’t lose them to the opponent team!


At least 5 minutes need to have passed before you can surrender.

- Open menu by entering ESC key and click [Surrender] button.

- If more than 70% of the players in your team agree, you can successfully Surrender.

- If Surrender fails, you can request again after 1 minute.
Re-entry and leaving penalty

If you get disconnected while playing Rumble Mode, you can enter again when you re-login to the game.

- If you don’t enter, you will get leaving penalty for 10 minutes.

- While the penalty is being applied, you cannot request for Rumble Mode matching.


- You can get a reward pouch in Rumble Mode. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

Enhanced Rumble Mode Title Stats

Rumble Mode Titles’ stats have been enhanced!

Task Rewards

Store Rewards