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News - Update

Max Out The Fun With Chronicle!

All hail the Chronicle feature that allows you to scale the level ranks effortlessly while still enjoying the in-depth lore of Dragon Nest! That’s right – we’re talking about growing a max level Character… with minimum effort… made possible by the awesome Chronicle mode! 

**Chronicle character creation is only available for accounts which are inactive for more than 1 day.

How To Create A Chronicle Character

1) Similar to any character creation, click on the “Create Character” button

2) Click on the “Select Chronicle” button on the left to designate the character you are going to create as a Chronicle Character

3) Upon seeing the confirmation, you will be led to the usual customisation of your character. Complete this step and you are done!


Old and new accounts that have at least 1 level 1 character. It’s that easy!

Only 1 Chronicle character can be created per Chronicle Event.

Slot expansions, Resurrection scrolls, Rare Hero Pouch, level 80 and 90 equipment!

See you at Chronicle!