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News - Update

Dress Up To Your Heroic Name!

news_20170425b.png (580×147)

Thanks to your numerous victorious battles, your name has already earned you much respect from Lagendia. With so much fame tied to your name, it’s time to dress the part too!

Brilliant Saviour Monthly Costume
Be well-respected and well-dressed, thanks to these modern threads!

news_20170425c.jpg (640×423)

2016 Wedding Costume (Re-release)
Missed your chance to snag this awesome costume the first time? Here’s your chance!  

news_20170425d.jpg (640×475)

Assassin Awakening Costume
Stalk in the shadows with this new outfit!

news_20170425e.jpg (640×444)

Altea’s Gacha Box Update
These awesome loot will look great on all valiant heroes!

news_20170425f.jpg (640×566)
news_20170425g.jpg (640×530)
news_20170425h.jpg (640×399)
news_20170425i.jpg (640×396)

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