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News - Update

The Assassin Awakens From The Shadows!

news_20170425a.png (580×147)

Deadly, dark, dangerous. These were the words used to describe the Assassin. But now with his Awakened powers, this silent killer will strike even more fear into his opponents’ hearts!

You are advised to be on his good side instead, and may we strongly advise inviting him to parties. No, we don’t just mean parties filled with soda and pizzas (although those won’t hurt!), we’re talking about partying up in the newly released Rune Dragon 4-Player modes (Normal and Hardcore).

And if the intense battles make it difficult to talk to the Assassin on a deeper friendship level, you could always hang out with him at the Seasonal Fishing Event! While you are busy reeling in good friendship ties and rewards, don’t forget to invite him to our special Thank You event too, where you could reap some exclusive rewards!

We hope the above keeps you off the Assassin’s hit list. But if all else fails, don’t worry. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them…. Join them!

Find out more about the Assassin Awakening and more right here: