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News - Update

[Major Update] Level 93 items And More Are Now In The Bonus Magnifyque Chests!

news_20170417a.jpg (580×147)

The Bonus Magnifyque Chests have been pumped up with lots of awesome goodies for everyone in this major update! We’re talking about new mount, new wings and of course, all new Level 93 items to replace the Level 90 items! 

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news_20170417c.jpg (640×369)

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Update Highlights:

Cash Items
• Pegasus Mount
• Clear Sky's Black Armor Wings, Tail and Decal
• Abyss Darkness Weapon Exchange Coupon
• Brilliant Light Weapon Exchange Coupon

In-game Items
• All Level 90 items replaced with Level 93 items
• New Light Cube and Darkness Cube
• New Level 93 Additional Nest Entry Ticket
• New 7,000 Gold denomination

The magic will begin on 19 May 2017 at 0000HRS (GMT+8).

Don’t forget to check out all the other goodies over at the Bonus Magnifyque Chest page now!

Please note that the following items will be removed in this update:

Cash Items
• Darkness Gust Dragon
• Guardian Dragon’s Wing
• Guardian Dragon’s Tail
• Guardian Dragon’s Mark
• Purple Weapon Exchange Coupon
• Golden Weapon Exchange Coupon

In-game Items
• Epic Level 90 Destruction plate
• Epic Level 90 Magic Plate
• Epic Level 90 Ultimate Plate
• Epic Level 90 Life Vitality’s Plate
• Epic Level 90 Intellect Plate
• Epic Level 90 Bear’s Plate
• Epic Level 90 Wind Plate
• Epic Level 90 Health Plate
• 3x Strong Dragon Jade Fragment
• 5x Strong Dragon Jade Fragment
• Level 90 High Grade Dragon Jade Pouch
• 15x Goddess’s Teardrop
• 25x Goddess’s Teardrop
• Gold x150