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News - Update

Slay The Rune Dragon!

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The tyrannical Child Mamon has an evil plan and she must be stopped at all cost! Enter Mamon’s castle to face the Rune Dragon and her minions before it’s too late!
The force of darkness is brewing in the Lv 93 Nightmare Dungeon: Deep Abyss too, where the Goddess depends on YOU to save her from the ravaging nightmares. Don’t go blindly without honing your wits and skills though, so remember to visit the Granom Nest (Practice Mode) to give those muscles a good warm up first!  

Adventurers are sure kept busy here in Lagendia, but remember the old saying – all fight and no play makes a dull warrior, so remember to check out the slew of fun events in store for you in this patch! 

Everything you need to know about this patch is here!