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News - Update

Face The New Year With A Brand New Look!
If you’re thinking of kicking off the New Year in the Battlefield without new threads, think again! The Cash Shop has everything that you need to start 2017 louder than any firecracker, so come check out these awesome loot!

Rubinart’s Monthly Costume
To add ferocity to your wardrobe, the chance to bag the Red Dragon’s style is one Costume Set that you won’t want to miss!

 Rubinart’s Treasure Box
Don’t stop there, Adventurers! If the ferocity of the Dragon is in your soul, then picking up his Necklace and Spirit with this Box is a must-have!


Engineer & Racing Girl Epic Costume Series

It’s the update that you’ve all been waiting for! Sometimes, it’s not enough to speed through those Dungeon Runs. Sometimes, you’ve got to dress the part as well!

Altea’s Gacha Box Update

The Lunar New Year is the perfect time to sprinkle some luxury when you strut into the room. What better way to do that then with this Altea’s Gacha Box offering of the Lord of Gold Dragon and the Silver Dragon's Butterfly earrings?

VIP Package Update – Get DNP Discounts EVERY DAY!

If you loved getting delightful DNP discounts from the [Discount Coupon Voucher] offered with the VIP Package, you’re going to love it even more now with the VIP Package’s latest update!

Instead of getting just one Discount Coupon Voucher per VIP Package Purchase, get one every day for 30 days!

To refresh your memory on other awesome deals that you get to snag, click here:

Golden Treasure Box & High Grade Golden Treasure Chest

Back by popular demand, Golden Treasure Box & High Grade Golden Treasure Chest are back for sale ONLY from 24 January 0000HRS to 7 February 0959HRS (GMT+8)! If you’ve got the thirst to snag big sums of gold, these Treasure Chests are just what you need. Check out what you stand to get below:
Pop by the Cash Shop today!