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  • It’s An Action-Packed June! (1 – 30 June)

    Brace yourselves. June is coming, and with it comes a whole month of non-stop raids with your team mates! From 1 – 30 June 2015, get handsomely rewarded whenever you complete the daily missions stated in this Grind Calender: Date Objective Rewards 1 Jun 15 (Mon) Clear Boss Rus x3 (Calderock or Saint Haven) 3 Keys of Dimensional Box 5 Top Grade Yellow Pouch ...
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  • Join The Dragon Nest Time Attack Series 2015!

    It’s getting hot in here, and we ain’t talking about the summer heat. Blast the starting pistol, for the ever popular Time Attack series is now on! Slowpokes to the benches please, because speed is everything in this exciting race against the clock!  From 16 May 0900HRS (GMT+8) – 6 June 2359HRS (GMT+8), there will be 3 races for you to participate in. Prizes include adorable Crazy Duck plushies, USB storages and the awesome Brilliant Gold Weapons which could possibly bling your enemies to death. Check out the submission details for the events below. (posted on 2nd ...
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  • Unleash The Chaos! (12 May - 25 May)

    Prepare to rekt or get rekted. From 12 - 25 May 2015, we’re unleashing chaos into Lagendia with our Chaos Insanity event which will last for 2 whole weeks! Event MechanicsDuration: (Updated on 18 May 1757HRS)Week 1: 12 May, 0000HRS to 24 May, 2359HRSWeek 2: 26 May, 0000HRS to 1 Jun, 2359HRSCriteria and Rewards:*Note: Rewards above are not accumulative, e.g Clearing 45x Chaos Mode Dungeons will only entitle you to Tier 1 rewards. Clear the above criteria within week 1 to receive the stated rewards. Then rinse and repeat for week 2 to earn the stated rewards again. What a great way to ...
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  • Lagendia Labour Day Special!

    We’re ramming up the fun factor in Lagendia this Labour Day weekend so you can play more and reap more rewards! Check out what’s in store:30 April (Thursday)  1000HRS – Nest Reset1 – 3 May (Fri – Sun)1000HRS: Bonus FTG Bonus1500HRS – 1700HRS: Bonus EXP and Drop Rate2000HRS – 2200HRS: Bonus EXP and Drop RateNote: -All unused FTG will be reset the next day.-All timings are in GMT+8Make a date with us this Labour Day weekend!
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  • Celebrate Easter With The Dimensional Rabbits! (3 Apr - 5 Apr)

    Hop around with these cute Large White Rabbit Ears and Large White Rabbit Tail in our Dimensional Rabbits Easter Event on 3 Apr 0000HRS to 5 Apr 2359HRS (GMT+8)!Event MechanicsSimply run Abyss mode dungeons to encounter the Dimensional Rabbits at the end of the dungeon during the stipulated event period. *You must use the Dimensional keys to open the box from the Dimensional Rabbit to be eligible for this event. RewardsCheck out these cool rewards! Terms and ConditionsThe event will start on 3 Apr 2015 0000HRS and end on 5 Apr 2015 2359HRS.Required dungeons and nests to be cleared ...
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  • Show Us Your Lovely Lagendia Moments! (23 Mar - 30 Mar)

    As you venture in Lagendia, surely you have your fill of memorable moments. From 23 March - 30 March 2015, simply post a screenshot of your most memorable moment in Dragon Nest SEA with a short write-up on our Facebook page and stand to win a 30 days Heart Decal!Event MechanicsTake a screenshot of your most memorable moment in Dragon Nest SEA and upload your entry into our Dragon Nest SEA Facebook Page. Your entry must include a short write-up and IGNs must be visible from the screenshot. The recommended setting is 1600X900 onwards.There are no level restrictions for this event so ...
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  • Don’t Miss These Altea’s Battle Blessings! (17 Mar - 13 Apr)

    The Goddess has witnessed your steadfast dedication and she is summoning the last of her wavering strength to aid you along in battle. From 17 March to 13 April, receive Altea’s blessings in the form of additional rewards when you fight in the stipulated Nests according to the event schedule. Play as the Lancea class (or any of its specializations) to receive bonus rewards!Event Schedule Terms and ConditionsThe first week of the event will start on 17 Mar 2015 0000HRS and end on 23 Mar 2015 2359HRS.The second week of the event will start on  24 Mar 2015 0000HRS and end on 30 Mar ...
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  • Lancea Level Up Goodies! (26 Feb – Next Patch Date)

    Here’s more reasons for you to grind with the latest spear-wielding sunshine lass – we’re giving you a Lancea Level Up Reward Box whenever you hit stipulated character levels! This bonus is only valid from 26 February to the next content patch date so don’t miss out on any of these cool rewards!Note: The Lancea Level Up Reward Box is an additional bonus, on top of the standard Level Up Achievement Box. The Lancea Level Up Reward Box is valid for a limited time only!NOTE: Please note that the Lancea Weapon Box is Epic grade, however, the weapons in the box are of rare grade.
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  • My Secret Valentine Love Story! Submissions (9 Feb - 15 Feb)

    Ahhh, love is a many splendor thing. This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to let the world know how deep your love is! From 9 February 2015 – 15 February 2015, here’s your chance to declare your love and appreciation for any of Lagendia’s NPC, Nest Boss or Dungeon mobs! Well, you know what they say – love transcends all boundaries!Event MechanicsHave a crush on a Boss mob? Harbouring feelings towards a special NPC? Spill it all out now. Let us know the story of you and your beloved Dragon Nest SEA related characters in not more than 200 words by posting in this ...
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  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Irine! (27 Jan – 23 Feb)

    Update on 17th Feb: Yes! Valentine's Beret will be available in PERMANENT!! Do get your Valentine's Beret before 23 Feb 2359HRS to be eligible for the exchange from 30days to permanent!As the sweet scent of love fills the air during the upcoming month of love, Events Planner Irine has  prepared something special for all brave Heroes from 27 January to 23 February 2015. Event  – Bare Your Hearts Login Event Login during the event period (27 Jan – 23 Feb) to receive Heart Stealer Boxes in your in-game mail. The Heart Stealer Boxes contain the following items for Irina and Deuk: Gift ...
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