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  • Tis The Season To Be Giving! (24 Dec – 26 Dec 2014)

    Our favourite season is here and we’d love to spread the love and joy with all our Heroes of Lagendia! From 24 Dec, 0000HRS to 26 Dec 2359HRS (GMT+8), simply log in to Dragon Nest SEA and be showered with gifts! Joyous Gifts Per Account* Log in during the stipulated period and get these awesome gifts per account*!*Character must be level 24 and above to retrieveJoyous Gifts Per Character* Log in during the stipulated period and get these respective gifts for your characters*!*Character must be at least level 24 and above to be eligible For Characters Level 24 & ...
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  • Christmas Cheer With Dragon Nest SEA

    Christmas is here! A time of joy and giving, and lots of food and fun with friends! Also: PRESENTS!Join us in spreading the Christmas Cheer in DN SEA from 16 Dec 2014 – 20 Jan 2015!Cash Shop Event: Christmas Double Gacha Box!Double the joy, double the presents! Get a Christmas Double Gacha Box for your winter holidays and stand a chance to get double the winning chances!Happy Holidays!
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  • The Vertex Of FIVE!

    As a prelude to the end of the year, we bring to you THE VERTEX OF FIVE! It’s beyond the Power of 4! Level five of your favourite characters and with their powers combined… you’ll summon forth a superhero! Just kidding, you’ll get some awesome rewards instead. So get leveling before the event ends on 1 December 2014, 2359hrs and claim your just rewards!Basic Info on VERTEX OF FIVEYou will be rewarded based on the total levels of your top 5 Characters in your account.There will be 3 tiers of rewards.Example: Total levels of your Top 5 Characters must add up to at least 210 to be ...
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  • Level up twice as fast! Free Levels are back! (17 – 2 Dec)

    Praise be to Lagendia! With the blessings of the Goddess, you Heroes will get bonus levels every time you level up between 17 November, 0000hrs – 27 November, 2359hrs (all timings are in GMT+8)! This would be a great time for you to level a new class or come back to Dragon Nest, so reach out to your friends and tell them about this! Party up with them and watch your levels hit the roof!Event MechanicsPlayers will be rewarded with levels based on the number of levels gained by a character within a week*.*This week starts on Tuesday, 17 November, 0000HRS and will end on the following ...
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  • Find Out How You Can Get A Free Nyan Nyan Gesture!

    Dragon hunting can take its toll on even the best Adventurers so here’s your chance to take a short break AND get rewarded at the same time! From 10 - 24 November 2014, simply check out our new mobile Puzzle Game, Coin Hunter and receive a FREE* Nyan Nyan Gesture (Permanent) for one of your characters when you unlock and score at least 500,000 in the exciting Blitz Mode! What You Need To Do1. Download and install Coin Hunter from the respective links:iOS: Login to Coin Hunter using CherryPlay. You will need to download and ...
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  • Gift Hunting Competition!

    Everyone likes to receive gifts for their birthdays, don’t they? Well, we’re the same! We love our gifts, but we also love to give back to Heroes who give us gifts! It’s equivalent exchange.For this birthday event, all 4 servers will be going head-to-head against each other in a race to collect the most points before the end of each week of the event! You will need to hunt down specific gift items and present it to the respective NPC guild of the week. Work together and come out on top to get our awesome gifts to you! This event will run from 14th Oct to 10th Nov, and you can check ...
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  • Exclusive 3rd Anniversary Wings Up For Grabs!

    As the darkness spreads into Lagendia, and the light of hope wavers, some Adventurers have turned to saying prayers to the Goddess, seeking her help to light the gloomy path ahead. At this darkest hour, the sincerity of their prayers touched the Goddess’s heart and droplets of her tears fell and crystalized into Wings. Now, it is the Goddess’s wish that all brave adventurers sport this beautiful pair of 3rd Anniversary Wings behind their backs, for it is a symbol that she is watching over them constantly. As such, for the first time ever, Dragon Nest SEA will be giving away this ...
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  • Celebrate The Last Phase Of Our Anniversary Party Events This October!

    A new month brings along more awesome events as we celebrate Dragon Nest SEA’s 3rd Anniversary! Celebrate the spooky Halloween in-game with us where you can snag Spooky Halloween Boxes just by logging in. Pssst – don’t miss this chance to grab the exclusive 3rd Anniversary Wings while you’re at it too! Have fun with our GMs and more in the line-up of Community Events we have prepared for you. And last but not least, put aside your gaming gear and join us for a real-life party at The Loft where even more fun and prizes await! Pop by here for more information!
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  • Finishing our Community Events with a BOOM!

    Our series of Community Events is drawing to a close… and the closing music will be clashes of blades-on-blades harmonizing with magic erupting in the background! How about it, Heroes? Can you come out tops in the Final Showdown?Note: As the events are on Wednesday, our regular ‘Run with GMs’ events will not be held on those days and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.Find out all the glorious gory details below! 15 October – Respawn PvPLocked behind those gates, you’ll feel the pressure and the heat of the battle alongside your comrades in this 8v8 mode, and when they crash ...
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  • Laugh in the face of fear! Halloween is baaaaack!

    All Hallows’ Eve is back – both kids and adults dress up in all manner of spookiness, enjoying themselves in the warmth of the darkness and night. Take a night off, dress up as a ghost, zombie, witch, nurse, knight, hero, villain or whatever your heart truly desires! Dance under the starry skies, make merry and go trick-or-treating, but don’t eat too much candy or it’ll rot your teeth! Hehehe!  Watch as Saint Haven transforms into a Halloween Town, with pumpkins, cobwebs and much more! Irine is getting in on the festivities too… Beyond that, we have some Halloween fun for ...
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