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  • Return of Lagendia's Heroes!

    Darkness may be sweeping across the lands, but the light of hope glimmers with your return! From 29 November to 26 December 2359HRS (GMT+8), heroes who return to Lagendia after a hiatus of more than 1 months (ie, have not logged in before 1 Nov) can grab these rewards as a token of warm welcome! Let’s savour the thrill of the battlegrounds once more! 
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  • Enhancement Rate Up Starts Now!

    Maybe it’s the Black Friday weekend… or maybe because Christmas is just around the corner, but hohoho, someone’s in a pretty good mood in Lagendia. From 26 November 0000HRS to 27 November 2359HRS, everyone will get to enjoy an enhancement rate up when enhancing their weapon at the Blacksmith so prepare all your weapons (especially your Leica the Storm)! Terms and Conditions• The event will start on 26 November 0000HRS till 27 November 2359HRS.• All timings stated are in the GMT+8 time zone.• Terms and conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.
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  • Here’s To A Magical Golden Weekend!

    While the Blacksmith is in his good mood this weekend to grant all an enhancement rate up, the Merchant is also throwing some good deals for our adventurers! Deal #1From 26 November 0000HRS to 27 November 2359HRS (GMT+8), Item Protection Magic Jelly will be going for a special 1-for-1* sale! Each character is limited to only 5 sets of this promo, so don't miss this chance to snag more jellies for your Leica The Storm to permanently wield it! *Note: This promotion is only available for quantities of 100. ExampleGM Fosx purchased 5x 100 Item Protection Magic Jelly. He will receive 5x ...
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  • My Guild, Our Base

    Dear players,In the upcoming update, we will be introducing a new system to the game: Guild Base.Guild Base is an exclusive zone that is only accessible by a guild and its guild members. However, not all guilds will be able to hold a Guild Base. Through future events, only a certain number of guilds in every server will be selected to hold a Guild Base for a limited time.For the upcoming update, we will be giving a few guilds from each server a chance for a sneak preview of the Guild Base system. Selection criteria are as follow:Most number of guild members logged in from 25th ...
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  • Want a taste of Unique + Legend Grade Weapons? Here’s your chance!

    For a limited time only, Priestess of Darkness Mocha is offering you a chance to wield Unique and Legend Grade Weapons. Don’t waste any time in getting the right to experience their powers from 15 November to 29 November 1000HRS (GMT+8) and even permanently keep them if you meet the event requirements! Everything you need to know is here: Follow these simple steps to get Leica the Storm [Unique + Legend Grade Weapon]: Step 1: Find and meet Priestess of Darkness MochaStep 2: Click on the [Goddess's Lament Store]Step 3: Click on the event tab, the events weapon will be available ...
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  • Land Rewards in your quest for Ultimate Power!

    Update: News updated on 15 Nov 2016 1950HRS GMT +8, to include more information for more clarity.Your quest to beef up your Leica the Storm Unique and/or Legend Grade Weapons is getting a massive boost from 15 November 0000HRS to 28 November 2359HRS (GMT +8)! Rewards are coming at your full force when you quench Leica the Storm’s thirst for power by Enhancing its power with Gold during this event period! With 4 Tiers worth of mouthwatering Rewards, there’s no reason not to bask in its power and rewards! Examples: -  When GM Fosx spends 30,000 Gold on enhancing his Leica the Storm ...
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  • Can you stand amongst the best speed demons in Lagendia?

    This challenge is not for the faint of heart or the short of breath. Leave slow pokes in your wake as you blaze a trail to victory in Dragon Nest SEA: Time Attack! Chances to win awesome rewards begin from 01 November to 28 November 2359HRS (GMT +8), so what are you waiting for? Your race starts here: Check out the submission details for the events below.Terms and Conditions• The event will start on 01 November and end on 28 November 2359HRS.• Party slots must be filled up in order to be eligible for the Time Attack.• Each character can ...
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  • November Dungeon Challenge Begins!

    As we approach the final months of 2016, let’s test how much stronger you have grown through the year! From 01 – 15 November, take our epic November Dungeon Challenge and see which tier rewards you are able to snag based on your number of dungeon runs! RewardsChallenge yourself now!Terms and Conditions: • The event will start on 01 November and end on 15 November 2359HRS.• Mails will be sent out at the end of the day to inform you of the event dungeons runs which have been completed by your character• Required Dungeon and Nest must be completed by the same character (You cannot use ...
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  • Celebrate Halloween In Style!

    Here’s your chance to ride your very own noble steed to battle. From 29 October 0000HRS to 31 October 2359HRS, simply purchase 10 sets of 10x Halloween Gacha Boxes and you can choose between these 2 mounts: Phantom Mount Hellfire MountPerfect way to go trick or treatin’! Terms and Conditions• The Promotion will start on 29 October 0000HRS and end on 31 October 2359HRS • Rewards are given per character basis and given based on the character used to participate in the event.• Purchases made using DN points (DNP) are NOT eligible for this event.• Only purchases of Halloween Gacha Box ...
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  • Get the ESSENTIAL Mount Treasure Box Sale! [Limited Time Only]

    The ultimate boost to your Mount collection is coming at you hard only from 27 October 0000HRS to 28 October 2359HRS (GMT +8). Get more Mount Treasure Boxes for every sets of 5 and 11 Mount Treasure Boxes that you purchase during the event period. It’s time for maximum savings, because the more you grab, the more you snag! NOTE: - Only purchases made in sets of 5 and 11 are eligible for this event. Get the inside scoop on all things Mount Treasure Box when you click here: Terms and Conditions:• The Promotion will start on 27 ...
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