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  • Blitzwood Exclusive: Enjoy The Blitzwood Boost Buff! (25 Aug – 7 Sep)

    Leveling is now made easier… all you need is just a little planning!  Take advantage of our Boost Buff during the stipulated day and timing in the following and watch your character soar to new heights! Note: - FTG and Nest Reset will be given on 1000HRS on selected days-    All timings are in GMT+8Race to max level now!
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  • Blitzwood Exclusive: Sneak Into The Blitzwood Hall Of Fame! (25 Aug – 24 Sept)

    The birth of a new world gives rise to a band of new elite Heroes. Here’s your chance to carve your name into the ranking boards for all of eternity in the Hall Of Fame, from 25 August – 24 September 2015:Be the first party to clear any of the following Dragon Nest Raids (Normal) -    Sea Dragon Nest-    Green Dragon Nest-    Desert Dragon Nest-    Black Dragon NestNote: All players in the party will be featured in the Hall Of FameFirst 100 players to reach level 80 or top 100 highest levels in Blitzwood There’s no better time to earn some glory! Visit the Hall Of Fame right here: ...
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  • 4th Anniversary Events For All!

    It has been a wonderful four years with all of you! We’ve been through it all together - from the rise of the Sea Dragon, to welcoming the adorable Academic, and even defending against the wrath of the Black Dragon, just to name a few. As we celebrate our 4th anniversary, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks to YOU, because it will not be possible without your steadfast support and dedication. That’s why we are dedicating 3 whole months’ worth of fun and goodies specially for you! Check out all our 4th anniversary events at a glance right here now: ...
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  • 4th Anniversary Celebration: Hourly Giveaways (16 August 2015)

    Hooray! We’re kick-starting our 4th Anniversary celebration with everyone’s favourite word – FREEBIES! Mark your calendar – because tons of rewards will be steamrolling your way on 16 August 2015, 0000HRS – 2300HRS (GMT+8). All you have to do is to log in hourly to receive them via your Special Storage. Remember – there will be different rewards hourly, and if you don’t claim them within the hour, they will expire!What are the rewards you ask? Ahhh, but that’s a secret. If you want to know, then join us for a full day of surprise on 16 August 2015, starting at midnight!Pssst, maybe ...
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  • SG50 Celebration: Share The Gift Of Joy! (9 Aug)

    To celebrate Singapore’s 50 years of independence, we’re giving gifts of joy to everyone* in Lagendia! Simply log in on 9 August 2015, from 0000HRS to 2359HRS (GMT+8) to receive the following rewards from your Special Storage:Note:- Rewards will be credited on a per character* basis.- *Character’s level must be Lv. 16 and above in order to be eligible.Terms and Conditions Event starts on 9 August 0000HRS (GMT+8).Rewards will be credited on 9 Aug 2015, from 0000HRS(+8 GMT) and must be collected by 15 Aug 2015 before 2359HRS (+8 GMT).Rewards will be credited via Special Storage. ...
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  • Join Our 4th Anniversary Party Bash! (Singapore)

    You’re in for an exciting treat this August as we celebrate the 4th anniversary of Dragon Nest! Whether you enjoy the bloodlust of the PvP battle ring, or the thrill of the Auction bidding war, there’s something for you right here in our 4th Anniversary Party Bash!Visit for more information now!
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  • Grindin’ Rewards! (22 Jul – 18 Aug)

    Rise to arms, Adventurers and start the slaying frenzy to snag cool rewards. Additional rewards will be given to all Avengers/Dark Avengers too! There’s no better time to bring along your Dark Avenger on an epic grinding adventure! Terms and ConditionsThe first week of the event will start on 22 Jul 2015 0000HRS and end on 28 Jul 2015 2359HRS.The second week of the event will start on 29 Jul 2015 0000HRS and end on 4 Aug 2015 2359HRS. The third week of the event will start on 5 Aug 2015 0000HRS and end on 11 Aug 2015 2359HRS.The fourth week of the event will start on 12 Aug 2015 ...
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  • Exclusive: Cash Shop Blessings For Dark Avengers (21 Jul to 3 Aug)

    To commemorate the awakening of our new saviour, we’ll be blessing all Avenger classes with these awesome rewards when they spend in the Cash Shop from 21st Jul to 3rd Aug!*All tier rewards are accumulative. (e.g. Spending 250,000 CC or more during the event period will entitle you to the rewards of all 4 tiers)Here’s a glimpse of the rewards:Photogenic Gesture:Jump Photo Gesture:Crab Dance Gesture:Cheeky Dance Gesture:Dark Weapons,Black Ancestral Dragon Wings & Phantom Mount:Terms & ConditionsThis promotion will run from 21 Jul 0000HRS – 3 Aug 2015 2359HRS. All timings are in GMT ...
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  • Give Your Dark Avenger Wings To Soar!

    As Adventurers work hard to claim their Dangerous Desire weapon and armor set, we're throwing in the last tier reward into the mix to make things more exciting!Now how would your Dark Avenger like a pair of Crystal Clear Ancestral Dragon Wings (permanent)? Earn this pretty pair of Wings (and all tier rewards prior to this) when you complete the last tier:1)     Achieve 1,000 Shares on this Facebook Post2)    Hit 66,666,666 blood sacrificesLet's get huntin' and sharin'!
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  • Power Up Your Dark Avenger!

    Congratulations! You have hit 20,000,000 blood sacrifices! This means you have unlocked a Lv60* Dark Avenger for yourself, if you have at least one level70 and above character in your account. But wait, we can’t leave a Dark Avenger running around Lagendia without any weapons or armor, can we? Unlock the following tier for your Dark Avenger now:1)    Achieve 3,000 Likes on this Facebook Post2)    Hit 55,555,555 blood sacrificesAnd receive the following for your Dark Avenger:•    Dangerous Desire’s Sword +6•    Dangerous Desire’s Gauntlet +6•    Dangerous Desire’s Helmet +6• ...
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