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  • Join Our 4th Anniversary Party Bash!

    You’re in for an exciting treat this August as we celebrate the 4th anniversary of Dragon Nest! Whether you enjoy the bloodlust of the PvP battle ring, or the thrill of the Auction bidding war, there’s something for you right here in our 4th Anniversary Party Bash!Visit for more information now!
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  • Grindin’ Rewards! (22 Jul – 18 Aug)

    Rise to arms, Adventurers and start the slaying frenzy to snag cool rewards. Additional rewards will be given to all Avengers/Dark Avengers too! There’s no better time to bring along your Dark Avenger on an epic grinding adventure! Terms and ConditionsThe first week of the event will start on 22 Jul 2015 0000HRS and end on 28 Jul 2015 2359HRS.The second week of the event will start on 29 Jul 2015 0000HRS and end on 4 Aug 2015 2359HRS. The third week of the event will start on 5 Aug 2015 0000HRS and end on 11 Aug 2015 2359HRS.The fourth week of the event will start on 12 Aug 2015 ...
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  • Exclusive: Cash Shop Blessings For Dark Avengers (21 Jul to 3 Aug)

    To commemorate the awakening of our new saviour, we’ll be blessing all Avenger classes with these awesome rewards when they spend in the Cash Shop from 21st Jul to 3rd Aug!*All tier rewards are accumulative. (e.g. Spending 250,000 CC or more during the event period will entitle you to the rewards of all 4 tiers)Here’s a glimpse of the rewards:Photogenic Gesture:Jump Photo Gesture:Crab Dance Gesture:Cheeky Dance Gesture:Dark Weapons,Black Ancestral Dragon Wings & Phantom Mount:Terms & ConditionsThis promotion will run from 21 Jul 0000HRS – 3 Aug 2015 2359HRS. All timings are in GMT ...
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  • Give Your Dark Avenger Wings To Soar!

    As Adventurers work hard to claim their Dangerous Desire weapon and armor set, we're throwing in the last tier reward into the mix to make things more exciting!Now how would your Dark Avenger like a pair of Crystal Clear Ancestral Dragon Wings (permanent)? Earn this pretty pair of Wings (and all tier rewards prior to this) when you complete the last tier:1)     Achieve 1,000 Shares on this Facebook Post2)    Hit 66,666,666 blood sacrificesLet's get huntin' and sharin'!
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  • Power Up Your Dark Avenger!

    Congratulations! You have hit 20,000,000 blood sacrifices! This means you have unlocked a Lv60* Dark Avenger for yourself, if you have at least one level70 and above character in your account. But wait, we can’t leave a Dark Avenger running around Lagendia without any weapons or armor, can we? Unlock the following tier for your Dark Avenger now:1)    Achieve 3,000 Likes on this Facebook Post2)    Hit 55,555,555 blood sacrificesAnd receive the following for your Dark Avenger:•    Dangerous Desire’s Sword +6•    Dangerous Desire’s Gauntlet +6•    Dangerous Desire’s Helmet +6• ...
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  • Speed To 70! (13 Jul - 19 Jul)

    Have you heard? A Lv 60 Dark Avenger could be yours! All you need is to have at least one level 70 and above character in your account (any classes are eligible) and hit 20,000,000 Blood Sacrifices. If you don’t have a level 70 character yet, fret not, we’ll help you out!2X EXP EventFrom 13 July – 16 July, enjoy Extra EXP boost during the following times: Monday (13 July)1000HRS to 1300HRS1500HRS to 1800HRS1900HRS to 2200HRSTuesday  (14 July)    1500HRS to 1800HRS1900HRS to 2200HRSWednesday (15 July)Nest Reset 1000HRSThursday (16 July)1000HRS to 1300HRS ...
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  • Get a Lv60 Dark Avenger!

    Say goodbye to the grind when the Dark Avenger arrives. We’re giving you a Lv.60 Dark Avenger as long as the following criteria is met:You must have one level 70 and above character in your account, regardless of classes At least 20,000,000 Blood Sacrifices.  If you don’t have a level 70 character yet, fret not because we have a EXP boost event just for you so you can level up your characters.Head to the battlefield now! Note: Your account must have a Lv. 70 and above character before 19th July to be eligible for a Lv. 60 Dark Avenger.
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  • It’s Time To Complete Your Title Collection Book! (11 Jul to 27 Jul)

    Let loose the OCD demon in you in this Title Collection event! From 11 July to 27 July, simply complete the following titles to receive cool rewards!*Rewards will automatically be sent to your character if you have already completed the above title collection prior to this event.Don’t miss this chance to grab a Heart Decal (30days) for your character!Have fun in Lagendia!Terms and ConditionsThe event will start on 11 July 2015 0000HRS and end on 27 July 2015 2359HRS.Required missions and achievements must be completed by the same character (You cannot use different characters to ...
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  • Unleash The Darkness! (6 – 13 July)

    As the taint of evil spreads through our lands, a saviour lies in slumber amongst the darkness. Heroes of Lagendia, help us awaken this saviour before the nightmare consumes us all! Visit for more information now!
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  • It’s An Action-Packed June! (1 – 30 June)

    Brace yourselves. June is coming, and with it comes a whole month of non-stop raids with your team mates! From 1 – 30 June 2015, get handsomely rewarded whenever you complete the daily missions stated in this Grind Calender: Date Objective Rewards 1 Jun 15 (Mon) Clear Boss Rus x3 (Calderock or Saint Haven) 3 Keys of Dimensional Box 5 Top Grade Yellow Pouch ...
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