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  • Defeat GM Vee And Earn Fatal Red Wings! (3 Oct)

    Heads up! GM Vee is issuing a challenge to all Heroes of Lagendia! He is calling upon all brave souls of the land to fight him on 3 October 2015, 1200HRS to 2000HRS (GMT+8). Those with the skills to defeat him will earn themselves a pair of Fatal Red Wings (perm)!Event MechanicsHeroes can meet GM Vee in the Colosseum during the respective server times on 3 October 2015:Westwood/Greenwood – 1200HRS to 1400HRSSpringwood/Holywood – 1500HRS to 1700HRSBlitzwood – 1800HRS to 2000HRSAll timings are in GMT+8GM Vee will create a KOF room during the stimulated time slots and he will slide the ...
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  • Challenge The Red Dragon Nest! (5 Oct – 19 Oct)

    Are you brave enough to take on the Red Dragon and his minions? Clear the following criteria during the event period from 5 October 0000 HRS – 19 Oct 2359HRS (GMT+8) and be handsomely rewarded for your bravery! Note: All rewards will be credited on 20 October 2015 (GMT+8). Terms and Conditions•    The first week of the event will start on 5 October 2015 0000HRS and end on 19 October 2015 2359HRS.•    Required missions and achievements must be completed by the same character (You cannot use different characters to clear parts of the event requirement and combine them together).• ...
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  • Gacha Goodness! (29 Sept – 26 Oct)

    There’s no better time to purchase some Altea’s Gacha Boxes! From 29 September 0000HRS to 26 October 2359HRS (GMT+8), you can receive a 50% Altea’s Gacha Box Discount Coupon with every 50 Altea’s Gacha boxes purchased from the Cash Shop.  Head to the Cash Shop now!Terms and Conditions •    The event will start on 29 September 2015 0000HRS to 26th October 2359HRS.•    Rewards are given per character basis.•    Rewards are stackable.•    Purchases made using DN points (DNP) are NOT eligible for this event.•    Rewards will be given based on the character used to participate in the ...
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  • Defeat The Monster GM!

    Have a thrill for kills? Then head over to the Colosseum on the following dates because our GMs will be challenging you for a fight! Defeat the GMs or be the l33t one to hit the highest kill count to win some goodies! Event PeriodSession 1: 29 September 1700HRS  Session 2: 1 October 1700HRSAll timings are in GMT+8Event MechanicsServer: All serversMode: Free for All (PvP)Map: SnowfieldCompensation: OffRoom Size: 16Goal: 24 PointsWinning CategoriesTriumph Over GM Winner: Defeat the GM and receive Level 80 Epic Plate PouchBest Of Da Best Winner: The player with the highest kill counts ...
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  • Load Up Your Creativity! (25 Sep – 22 Oct)

    Make art, not war… at least in this Load Up Your Creativity event! From 25 September – 22 October 2359HRS (GMT+8), simply design a loading screen for Dragon Nest SEA and you could win DNP vouchers! Time to put those creativity juices into good use yo!Event MechanicsDesign a loading screen with the theme Saint Haven and your work could be featured in-game AND you can walk away with DNP vouchers. Don’t forget to let us know the inspiration behind your work of art too.1) Theme must be inclusive of the following•    Saint Haven2) Dimension•    Larger than 1280x720 pixels•    300 DPI3) ...
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  • Power Up With Dragon Buff & Nest Resets! (23 Sep to 19 Oct)

    Gear up and face the fearsome Red Dragon with our Dragon Buff and Nest Resets during the event period from 23 Sept – 19 Oct, 2359HRS (GMT+8)!Dragon Buffs will be activated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 1500HRS and 1900HRS. Dragon Buff will last for a duration of 60mins. Nests counts will reset on Wednesdays at 1000HRS. Note: All timings are in GMT+8.Go ahead and have some dragon slayin’ fun!
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  • Blitzwood Exclusive: Use Magnifying Glasses For Magnificent Rewards! (11 Sep - 17 Sep)

    Here’s a good time to whisk out your Magnifying Glasses – from 11 Sep 0000HRS to 17 Sep 2359HRS (GMT+8), you can earn additional rewards simply by using Magnifying Glasses!*All Tier rewards are accumulative (meaning if you use 30 Magnifying Glass within the event period, you will receive all rewards from Tier 1 to 3)No better time to take a peek into the reward chests! Terms & ConditionsPromotion starts from 11 Sep 0000HRS to 17 September 2359HRS.This promotion is only applicable for Blitzwood Server.Each character is only entitled to receive 1x of each Tier reward.Rewards ...
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  • Blitzwood Exclusive: Let’s Work Together Guildies!

    You don’t have to grind alone in this Guildies event! From 4 September to 8 October, simply join a Guild and grind together to earn points and receive cool rewards! Schedule SummaryGuild Recruitment (4 Sept – 17 Sept)Use this period to recruit as many guild members as you can as each recruited guild member will add 1 point to your guild. Characters who are level 40 and above will only be able to join or change guilds during this period.Characters (level 40 and above) who leave and join another guild when Scoring period has begun will be forfeited. Once Scoring ...
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  • Blitzwood Exclusive: Gift To Win! (2 Sep - 15 Sep)

    Everyone’s having fun in Blitzwood, and the NPCs are joining in the merrymaking too! From 2 – 15 Sep, all you need to do is start gifting the NPCs of the different guild factions and you can receive rewards from the winning guild faction!Event Mechanics  In Lagendia, all NPCs belong to one of the above 3 faction guilds. In this event, all you have to do is to support one of the NPC faction guilds above and gift the NPCs listed in the selected faction guild.  Gifts of different grades will yield different points. At the end of the event, the faction guilds with the most gift points ...
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  • Blitzwood Exclusive: Get Your Exclusive Arc Demon Wings! (29 Aug - 11 Sep)

    Deck out in a free permanent Magic Grade Arc Demon Wings! From 29 August 0000HRS to 11 September 2359HRS (GMT+8), simply log in consecutive for 14 days and you can receive a Permanent Magic Grade Wing to show off! This beautiful pair of wings has never been released before so be the first to flaunt them!Note:- There is no minimum time required for players to stay online in Blitzwood. - You must remember to relog in one more time if you are playing over the night, for example:Player A logs in at 2300HRS on 30 Aug and plays, he logs off at 0030HRS, 31 Aug. He does not log in again for ...
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