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  • Earn Bragging Rights With These Re-Released Dragon Nest Titles! (19 – 23 Nov)

    Any valiant Hero worth his/her salt in Lagendia will have a multitude of titles in his/her arsenal. If you have missed these titles before, don’t miss your chance again to earn these valiant Dragon Nest titles under your belt from 19 November 0000HRS to 23 November 2359HRS (GMT+8)! Simply clear the following Dragon Nests in order to be rewarded with the respective titles:Here’s a peek at the titles:Title Rewards For Successfully Clearing Desert Dragon NestTitle Rewards For Successfully Clearing Black Dragon NestGather your guildies and friends at the Dragon Nest today! Terms and ...
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  • Take The Wonderful Theme Park Challenge! (11 – 18 Nov)

    Looking to challenge yourself? Join our Wonderful Theme Park challenge from 11 November 0000HRS – 18 November 2359HRS (GMT+8) and get handsomely rewarded! Event Mechanics Players are to clear the stated maps in the Wonderful Theme Park according to the level limit in order to be eligible for the event rewards. Note:  Any missed runs for the Wonderful Theme Park dungeons will result in disqualification of the rewards. Minimum Level for participating in the event will be level 24. Any characters with lower level than 24 will not be eligible for the event. Terms ...
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  • Happy Leveling Event (10 – 23 Nov)

    If you find level grinding a chore, then here’s something to give you a big motivational push! From 10 November 0000HRS – 23 November 2359HRS (GMT+8), simply achieve the following levels on your characters to reap bonus rewards: To speed up everyone progress, here will be EXP Boost everyday through the course of the event at three different time slots. All timing stated are in GMT+8. 0800HRS - 1000HRS 1500HRS - 1700HRS 1900HRS - 2300HRS Note: For characters that leveled to at least level 60 during the event but did not reach level 80 before the event ends will ...
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  • Vote For Your Favourite Loading Screen Made By The DN Community!

    Yippee! We have come to the final round of our Loading Up Your Creativity contest! After carefully going through all your wonderful entries, the DN team has shortlisted the following in no particular order:Congratulations to these participants, for they have just earned themselves 10,000 DNP Voucher + 1 Crazy Duck Plushie!All entries will be on our Facebook page so simply vote for your favourite entries by giving them a Like. The voting period will be from 30th October 0000HRS till 13th November 2359HRS. The entry with the most number of Likes will be chosen as the winning entry, ...
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  • Don’t Miss These 4th Anniversary October Events!

    It’s the last month of our 4th Anniversary celebration so do take part in these events for awesome rewards! It’s our way of saying thank you. Visit for more details.
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  • Login For Free Energeyes Magic Grade Glasses! (21 Oct – 3 Nov)

    Heroes of Lagendia lead busy lives, as they constantly fight to uphold peace and justice in Lagendia. That’s why we should protect their eyes with Energeyes Glasses (Magic Grade)! Get your characters their very own cool Energeyes Glasses from 21 October 0000HRS – 3 November 2359HRS (+GMT+8). Simply login consecutively for 14 days and be rewarded with a pair of Energeyes Glasses (Magic Grade).  See you in Lagendia! • The event will start on 21 October 0000HRS to 3 November 2359HRS. • Rewards are given per character basis. • Rewards will be given based on the character used ...
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  • Way Of The Dragon: The Argenta Challenge

    Update 23rd Oct 2015:Due to players trading Ruby Fragments which is supposedly used for personal tracking and the amount of time required to dispense Ruby Fragments individually to each players, DN Admin will be sending mails on next working day indicating total accumulated number of Ruby Fragments earned till date instead.Silver Dragon Argenta is issuing a challenge to all Heroes of Lagendia. From 21 October 0000HRS – 4 November 2359HRS (GMT+8), simply complete the following dungeons/Nest and be rewarded with the Ruby Fragments. The number of Ruby Fragments you collect will ...
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  • Defeat GM Vee And Earn Fatal Red Wings! (3 Oct)

    Heads up! GM Vee is issuing a challenge to all Heroes of Lagendia! He is calling upon all brave souls of the land to fight him on 3 October 2015, 1200HRS to 2000HRS (GMT+8). Those with the skills to defeat him will earn themselves a pair of Fatal Red Wings (perm)!Event MechanicsHeroes can meet GM Vee in the Colosseum during the respective server times on 3 October 2015:Westwood/Greenwood – 1200HRS to 1400HRSSpringwood/Holywood – 1500HRS to 1700HRSBlitzwood – 1800HRS to 2000HRSAll timings are in GMT+8GM Vee will create a KOF room during the stimulated time slots and he will slide the ...
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  • Challenge The Red Dragon Nest! (5 Oct – 19 Oct)

    Are you brave enough to take on the Red Dragon and his minions? Clear the following criteria during the event period from 5 October 0000 HRS – 19 Oct 2359HRS (GMT+8) and be handsomely rewarded for your bravery! Note: All rewards will be credited on 20 October 2015 (GMT+8). Terms and Conditions•    The first week of the event will start on 5 October 2015 0000HRS and end on 19 October 2015 2359HRS.•    Required missions and achievements must be completed by the same character (You cannot use different characters to clear parts of the event requirement and combine them together).• ...
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  • Gacha Goodness! (29 Sept – 26 Oct)

    There’s no better time to purchase some Altea’s Gacha Boxes! From 29 September 0000HRS to 26 October 2359HRS (GMT+8), you can receive a 50% Altea’s Gacha Box Discount Coupon with every 50 Altea’s Gacha boxes purchased from the Cash Shop.  Head to the Cash Shop now!Terms and Conditions •    The event will start on 29 September 2015 0000HRS to 26th October 2359HRS.•    Rewards are given per character basis.•    Rewards are stackable.•    Purchases made using DN points (DNP) are NOT eligible for this event.•    Rewards will be given based on the character used to participate in the ...
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