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  • Have A Blast In Lagendia!

    Celebrate our 5th Anniversary in traditional Dragon Nest SEA style! From 1 – 28 September 2359HRS (GMT+8), simply complete special weekly missions to snag awesome rewards like Garnets, Evolution Hammer – Coma and more!What are the missions, you ask? Find out more here!
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  • Give The Gift Of Generosity

    The act of giving is a noble one, and we’re seeking out the most generous guilds in Lagendia! From 30 August  – 16 October 2359HRS (GMT+8), simply recruit guildies and shower our NPCs with gifts to reap cool rewards for yourself! Click here for more details! 
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  • Welcome Home Veterans!

    Lagendia is pleased to welcome back all Veterans of Dragon Nest SEA! If you have been on hiatus since 1 June 2016, check out the cool rewards in store for you! Find out more here! 
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  • Celebrate 5 Years with 5 awesome Reward Tiers!

    Dragon Nest is kickin’ Rewards to 5th Tier in conjunction with its 5th Anniversary! From 16 August 0000HRS to 29 August 2359HRS (GMT+8), get more as a BONUS than what you bargained for when you spend more to get rewards of wings and cars galore.Examples: -  When GM Foxs spends 78,000 CC in the Cash Shop during this event period, he gets the Tier 1 and 2 rewards.- When GM Foxs spends 200,000 CC in the Cash Shop during this event period, he gets Tier 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 rewards. To find out what rewards you can pick up, click Here.
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  • Live For Five: Let The Fie5ta Begin!

    Save the date, Adventurers! We’re bringing the Fie5ta fun right into Manila to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Dragon Nest SEA! Join us this Saturday, 13 Aug 2016 at Fisher Mall for the first ever meet and greet with the Dragon Nest Developer team, take part in our exciting Auction event and lots more! Date: 13 Aug 2016, SaturdayTime: 11.00AM to 6.30PMVenue: Fisher Mall (Atrium), Quezon Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesCheck out what we have specially planned for you right here: you there!
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  • Get up to 10 Altea’s Gacha Box and Magnifying Glass! [Limited Time Only]

    Head on down to the Cash Shop to get your hands on 1x Altea’s Gacha Box and 1x Magnifying Glass for every 5,000 CC spent. Book your calendars now for 12 AUGUST 0000HRS (GMT+8) – 14 AUGUST 2359HRS (GMT+8) because there’s no better time to snag up to 10x Altea’s Gacha Box and 10x Magnifying Glass! *NOTE: - Each character can spend up to 50,000 CC to be rewarded with Altea’s Gacha Box and Magnifying Glass. - Rewards will be credited on 16 AUGUST by 2359HRS (GMT+8). - Purchases of Altea’s Gacha-Box or any form of Gacha Boxes will NOT be considered in this promotion.Example ...
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  • Earn WEEKLY Rewards on our Anniversary!

    Join in the anniversary fun from 05 August 0000HRS – 31 August 2359HRS to pick up Goodies every week! Snag rewards for every weekly mission completed and win big rewards for completing the entire Chain of Missions too! Click HERE for more information.
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  • Pick up rewards EVERY HOUR for FREE

    Update at 05 August 2315HRS: Event will be delayed till further notice!Update at 17 August 1931HRS: Event will start at 21 August 0000HRSThere’s no time to stay away from Lagendia, Heroes! On the 14th of August, get a reward when you log-in EVERY HOUR. What does that mean exactly? Within 24 hours, you have the opportunity to snag up to 24 REWARDS! Click HERE for more information on how you can snag more rewards! 
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  • Ultimate Blitzwood Challenge!

    There isn’t a better time to be blitz through Blitzwood than in its first Anniversary! From 05 August 0000HRS – 29 August 2359HRS (GMT+8), snag legendary rewards when you stand victorious in the face of Blitzwood’s mighty challenges!  To find out more, click HERE.
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  • Ghoul Mode is Coming!

    From 18 JULY to 01 AUGUST 2359HRS (GMT+8), win x10 R Coins if you can prove your might when the GMs come a-knockin’! At ANY TIME, GMs could appear during this event period and create a slide notice with the room password for you to join - Ghoul Mode: Game of Thrones.Simply beat your opponents in the Game of Thrones by getting the most points than anyone else and X10R Coins is yours! Log in, keep your eyes open and raise your weapons! *NOTE: Rewards will be credited latest by 3 AUGUST 2359HRS (GMT+8).Terms and Conditions:• The event will start on 18 July 0000HRS to 01 August 2359HRS. ...
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