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  • Challenge the Black Dragon Nest for New Titles! (4 Sep – 6 Oct)

    They are mean menaces; tough troublemakers – through and through. They’re the BOSSES from the Black Dragon Nest and they have more rewards to give you if you’re able to defeat them! It’s only for a limited time though, from 4 September 2014 to 6th October  2014, 2359HRS, so don’t miss out on getting your hands on some brand spanking new and rare Titles.Check out the details and the rewards below:*Note: Players who have cleared the Black Dragon Nest Stages previously before this event, will also be eligible for this event, they will receive their rewards the next following day before ...
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  • 4 WRATHFUL Community Events for September!

    Our September Community Events for the 3rd Anniversary Celebrations are a bit rougher than the last month, with more bloodshed, fists flying and crowds cheering… it’ll definitely bring the burning passion of a good fight to you! You gotta bring it to win it!Note: As the events are on Wednesday, our regular ‘Run with GMs’ events will not be held on those days and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.3rd September – Ghoul Mode PvPIt’s the Colosseum of the Dead! Can you behead the ghouls or will you be a ghoul and devour the humans?! Only those who have guts (or are craving them) ...
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  • 2014 TIME ATTACK SERIES Submissions (6 Sep – 27 Sep)

    Speedsters of Dragon Nest SEA! It’s BACK! Our Time Attack Series has returned with a vengeance. Burn the rubber off the soles of your boots as you blitz through the dungeons to prove that you are the fastest in the land. From 6th September 2014, 0000hrs (GMT+8) to 27th September 2014, 2359hrs (GMT+8), we have three races for all of you to participate in. Our exclusive prizes range from squishy plushies to USB storage and even LIGHT WEAPONS.Attention: This thread is solely for 2014 TIME ATTACK SERIES Submissions (6 Sep – 27 Sep) submissions ONLY. Do NOT post any unrelated matters ...
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  • We're Turning 3!

    Dragon Nest SEA is turning 3 and we’ve got a bunch of awesome events lined up for all of you! Put your hats on and get ready to have a great 3 months with us all! We’ve got 4 Community Events, a SALE, giveaways of great items, and much more! We’ll see you ingame!Look here for more info on the events! We’re only giving you what we’ve got in August for now, so enjoy the ride and keep checking back for more info in the coming months!
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  • 4 Fabulous Community Events for August!

    Our 3rd Anniversary is here and for the month of August, we have 4 awesome Community events to add some spice to the PARTY! Enjoy our lineup of events during August, and we’ll be having many more fun events in the months to come! Note: As the events are on Wednesday, our regular ‘Run with GMs’ events will not be held on those days and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.   6th August – Wonderful Race Are you fast enough to beat our GMs on the track?! Jump on your mounts and head to the starting lines, because we’re challenging you to a race! The top 3 players in the ...
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  • Boss Monster Bounty Hunting!

    In celebration of 3rd years of Dragon Nest SEA, we have another event for all of you! But the Bosses have started to act up, creating havoc and annoying the people of Lagendia! Bounties have been put on them and it is up to you to put an end to their menace and claim your Wish Orbs!The event period is from 2 August 2014, 0000HRS to 29 August 2014, 2359HRS (GMT+8).Rewards will be credited on the next working day after the end of each weekly event.Bring these troublemaking bosses down to their knees, and claim your bounties!Terms and ConditionsAll timings stated are in the GMT+8 time ...
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  • Tag And Share The Joy On Facebook!

    Bring forth the happiness on Dragon Nest SEA! Our 3rd Birthday is coming up soon and to start things off, we have a simple screenshot event for all you Heroes out there! The event period will be from 1st Aug 2014, 0000HRS to 8thAug 2014, 2359HRS (GMT+8) and the crediting of the reward will be by 12 Aug 2014 before 2359HRS! Check your gift box after the crediting date!Your reward will be a…Here are the criteria to ensure you all get your reward!Be in an 8-man partyKeep your HUD interface onMake sure your in-game name (IGN) can be seen and is not blocked by anythingSay “Happy 3rd ...
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  • Mission Packed July! (1st – 30th July)

    It’ll be a fun and eventful July 2014 for you Heroes! Enjoy the programme that we have for you all, with a different mission and reward every day! It’s from 1 July 2014, 0000HRS (GMT+8) to 31 July 2014, 2359HRS (GMT+8)! Power up your Dragon Nest experience with us!Here’s the entire list for you to check the days and rewards:Phew. That’s a pretty long read eh? Be sure to remember thecorrect dates and rewards! Have fun and enjoy yourself Heroes!Terms and Conditions
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  • Get free items when you spend your CC!

    Dear Heroes of Lagendia, Let’s make your cash shop purchases a bit more rewarding with a Black Dire Wolf mount and the rare, very first release of the Sea Dragon Hatchling Black Wings! From 25 June 2014, 0000hrs (GMT+8) to 8 July 2014, 2359hrs (GMT+8), using your CC to buy items from our Cash Shop will net you some awesome freebies! Take a look at our 4 Tiers of Rewards:Note: All Tier Rewards are accumulative (i.e. Spending 200,000 CC or more during the event period will entitle you to the rewards of all 4 Tiers).So spend more to reap more rewards! Head down to our Cash Shop today! ...
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  • Get Stronger With Our Training Event!

    There’s an old saying that goes, ‘No Pain, No Gain’. So you’ve got to sweat it out if you want even more power! Fight through and complete our trials from 24 June 2014 0000hrs (GMT+8) to 30 June 2014 2359hrs (GMT+8), and you’ll be able to achieve your desired strength with our rewards! They won’t be easy, but they’re definitely do-able. Get your friends and challenge it together! Rewards will be credited before 1 July 2014, 2359hrs (GMT+8). *Note: Upon completion of all event criteria, you’ll only be rewarded with the highest obtainable tier rewards (i.e. completion of the Tier 3 ...
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