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    By the Power Of Four! Get Rewards for Leveling 4 Characters!

    Posted on Jun 7, 2013

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    This June, start leveling four of your favourite characters on the same account and get rewarded if you hit these key milestones by 30 June 2013:

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    *All reward items are non-tradable.

    Terms & Conditions

    • Event ends on 30 June 2013 2359 HRS (GMT +8)
    • Only Combined Levels of the Highest Four Characters within the SAME account will be considered. (Having 4 Level 60 Characters from 4 Different accounts will not be considered for the event)
    • Characters can be from any servers. (Eg. 1x level 60 from Westwood, 2x level 30 from Greenwood and 1x lv10 from Holywood)
    • Rewards ARE NOT accumulative for each tier, you are only eligible for rewards from the highest achieved tier. (Eg. A player with combined level of 240 will only receive rewards from Tier 3, and none from Tier 1 and 2)
    • Rewards will be credited to all eligible characters on 2nd July 2013 before 2359HRS.
    • Rewards will be credited to the Server Special Storage where eligible players can select the character to receive the rewards. (Rewards for each tier are not bundled together, you can select specific reward(s) to receive for the selected character in your account)
    • Disputes 30 days after reward accreditation (2nd July) will not be entertained.