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    Don't Forget Your Achievement Reward Box!

    Posted on Nov 9, 2012

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    After the level 50 patch on 28 August 2012, rewards of the level-up mechanics have been tweaked. Instead of receiving your level-up rewards via the Cash Shop Gift Box, an Achievement Reward Box has been sent to the Cash Shop Gift Box instead. Within this Achievement Reward Box, you will find:

    • Current level-up reward(s)

    • An Achievement Reward Box which will be unlocked upon your next level up

    Note: You will only need to retrieve the Achievement Reward Box from the Cash Shop Gift Box once. However, the Achievement Reward Box will expire after 7 days upon your first level-up after 28 August 2012. If you did not retrieve your Achievement Reward Box by then, you will not be able to receive any level up rewards subsequently.

    How should I retrieve my Achievement Reward Box?

    1. The Gift Box notification icon will be shown upon your first level up after 28 Aug 2012.

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    2. To collect your Achievement Reward Box, press F11 to access the Cash Shop.

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    3. When you are in the Cash Shop, click on the "Gift Box" button to access your Gift Box.

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    4. Click on the gift and click the "Receive Gift" button to successfully retrieve your Achievement Reward Box.

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    5. Exit the Cash Shop and press 'I' to access your Inventory window. Click on "CC" tab to find your Achievement Reward Box.

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    6. Right-click on the box to open. You will receive the current level up reward(s) together with an Achievement Reward Box which will be automatically unlocked upon your next level-up.

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    • We have noticed an influx of new players who did not retrieve their Achievement Reward Box on time before the expiry date. If you are one of the affected players, please contact us with your affected IGN using your Cherry Messenger.

    • If you had accessed the Cash Shop within 7 days of your first level up from the date of revamp, but did not see an Achievement Reward Box in your Gift Box, your game client could be corrupted. We strongly recommend that you uninstall and delete your existing client and all Dragon Nest SEA files and folders before reinstalling the latest client again from

    So folks, remember to head to the Cash Shop to retrieve your Achievement Reward Box after your first level up (w.e.f 28 August 2012)! All subsequent Achievement Reward Boxes will be automatically unlocked in your inventory thereafter. Failing to retrieve your first Achievement Reward Box from the Cash Shop Gift Box before its expiry would mean missing out on all your future level-up rewards!