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    ASUS BattleRealm DN SEA 3V3 Tourney (21 Oct)

    Posted on Oct 9, 2012

    Form a team and pit your skills over at our ASUS Battle Realm Dragon Nest 3 VS 3 challenge and stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth about $1700.00/-! What are you waiting for? Take the first step towards glory by signing up with your friends to compete in the ASUS Battle Realm today!


    Registration for the event is only 3,000 CC per team! Teams can only register ONE National Team player for the tournament.

    **[Kindly refer to the Singapore National Team line-up listed below]

    You can simply logon to and sign up through the registration page with the below mentioned columns filled up:

    Team Name: Captain’s Full Name: NRIC: DOB: Character Class: Contact Number: Email: Player 2 Full Name: NRIC: Character Class: Contact Number: Player 3 Full Name: NRIC: Character Class: Contact Number:

    *No SUBS allowed!

    FORMAT 3 v 3 League format Tournament

    Game Mode: Mode: 3v3 Maps in sequence: West Village Ruins – Lost Temple – Arena of Death (Sudden Death map) Items: Disabled Player HP: Hidden Compensation: Enabled

    - There will be no skill plates and skill resets - Winning team is decided when the team achieves 2 map wins in a row. Thus, the winning team receives 3 points. In a case of a draw after 2 maps played, both teams will be rewarded 1 point each. Losing team receives nil or 0 point. [Refer to the league table]


    - If the match results in a draw, the team with the higher total HP will win that round - If technical fault occurs, the match will continue from where it was last left off - All technical faults must be reported to Game Marshals before the match begins - Technical faults reported after the match has begun will not be entertained - Disqualification will be warranted for unacceptable behavior such as Fighting, Taunting, Usage of Vulgarities, and all other acts of aggresion (at Game Marshal’s discretion)


    - Except for the Sudden Death map: Arena of Death, all other maps which are in the West Village Ruins & the Lost Temple have a 10 seconds spawn rule which must be applied (no buffs, no movements) - Players are to note that certain areas of the map will be banned after 1minute and 30seconds of every round. (Each round is at 3 minutes) The buffer time to get off the banned areas is 5 seconds. - The area banned for West Village Ruins is the “Valley” - The area banned for Lost Temple is the “Bridge”

    For more enquires on the event, drop a comment here or alternatively, email to the Chief Marshal at