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    Improved Magnifyque Chest Bonuses! (Updated)

    Posted on Aug 14, 2012 Update on 24/08/12: The 3 Farm Items (Steel Limb/Jewelry Pieces/Dragon Follower Mask) have been removed from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest.

    It’s time to magnify your bonuses from the Dungeon Chests! Just purchase a Magnifying Glass (Cash Shop Item) and you’re good to go!

    The Magnifying Glass allows you to peep into the Dungeon Chests at the end of each run! (Sneaky eh?) But the good thing about these Magnifying Glasses doesn’t stop there. You’ll get an item from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest for each Magnifying Glass used!

    With our newly improved Bonus Magnifyque Chest, besides getting sealed equipment, you’ll also have a better shot at getting Gold and good equipment! You’ll also get good plates such as Destruction, Magician, Health, Wind, Life, Vitality and Ultimate.

    We also added 3 farming items in the already awesome line up of rewards from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest, and the items include [Steel Limb], [Jewelry Pieces] and the ever popular [Dragon Follower Mask]!

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    There is no limit to the amount of items you can get from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest.

    Not only is this going to be a new permanent feature in place to better your game experience, we’ve also made it better – you will receive your bonus rewards hourly. Talk about super-fast returns!

    Don’t think so much about it! Grab your Magnifying Glasses at the Cash Shop today!