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    Corrupted Patch File V64

    Posted on Jul 3, 2012 To all players, please take note that your game client may have automatically downloaded a corrupted patch file. This file will cause your game to show a “Client Version Mismatch” error and you may have to re-download the full client (Version 64) here.

    To avoid corrupting your game client, please remove the corrupted patch file before launching the game!

    To remove the corrupted patch file:
    Step 1: Open the Dragon Nest game folder
    Step 2: Locate and remove ‘Patch00000064.pak.tmp’
    Step 3: Click and run ‘dnlauncher.exe’

    (Please log into the forums if you are unable to view the above image!)

    For players who are unable to find ‘Patch00000064.pak.tmp’ in your Dragon Nest Folder, it's okay now and just let your auto update run.

    1. Check your Dragon Nest Folder for 'Patch00000064.pak.tmp' file. If found, delete the file.

    - If the file is not found, proceed to let your launcher auto patch -

    2. Click on dnlauncher.exe and let the auto patch run / or apply your manual patch.
    ( For Step 2, system will create another Patch00000064.pak, you can ignore it)

    3. If you receive the error 'Client Version Mismatch' please proceed to to download the new full client version 64.

    Is okay to let the autopatch run once you have deleted the first 'Patch00000064.pak.tmp' file. Current auto patch, have already resolve client corruption issue.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.