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Bonus Magnifyque Chests! (Great Rewards within!)

What is the Bonus Magnifyque Chest?

The [Magnifying Glass] allows you to peep into the Dungeon Chests at the end of each run! (Sneaky eh?) But the good thing about these Magnifying Glasses doesn’t stop there. You’ll get an item from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest for each [Magnifying Glass] used! That’s a double reward!

Psst- Here’s a heads up! We’ll be updating this page regularly with new exciting stuff in the Magnifyque Chests so bookmark this page and check back regularly for more details!

Grab these rewards from 19th April 2016, 0000HRS (GMT+8)!!

New Featured Cash Rewards

Cash Rewards

  • Pegasus
  • Clear Sky’s Black Armor Wing
  • Clear Sky’s Black Armor Tail
  • Clear Sky’s Black Armor Decal
  • Abyss Darkness Weapon Exchange Coupon
  • Brilliant Light Weapon
Exchange Coupon
  • Blessed Wedding Wing
    30 days
  • Blessed Wedding Tail
    30 days
  • Blessed Wedding Decal
    30 days
  • FTG Recovery Potion
    (500 FTG) x1
  • Blue Sparking Ring
  • Heart Decal
    30 Days

Cash Shop Rewards will be sent via the Cash Shop Gift Box and will expire after 30 days if uncollected.

In-Game Rewards

  • Lv 93 Epic Premium Plate
    (Ultimate/Destruction/Magician/Life Vitality)
  • Lv 93 Epic Enhancement Plate
  • Level 93 High Grade Dragon Pouch
  • Level 93 Additional Nest Entry Ticket (2 Days)
  • Bright Talisman Essence
    x3 or x5
  • Intense Dragon Jade Fragment
    x3 or x5
  • Light Cube
  • Darkness Cube
  • Fragment of Brilliant Skills
    x5 or x7
  • Essence of Life
    x50 or x75
  • Strong Dragon Jade Heart
  • Incomplete Seal Stamp
  • Gold
    x650 or x1000 or x5000 or x7000
  • Fortune Coin
    Dungeon Points(500) or (1000)
  • Fortune Coin
    Nest Points (500)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where do I get the reward? Why I haven't get mine after using??

A1: The reward will be sent to your in-game mailbox OR Cash Shop Gift Box on the next hour mark. Meaning, if you use the magnifying glass at 6:40PM, you will get your reward at 7PM. If you use the magnifying glass at 7:05PM, you will get your reward at 8PM.

Q2: If I use 2 magnifying glasses during one particular chest selection, do I get 2 rewards?

A2: Yes. You'll get the number of rewards equivalent to the number of magnifying glasses you had used.

Q3: I got my magnifying glass from Trading House instead of Cash Shop, does it work?

A3: Yes! Origin of the magnifying glass doesn't matter. As long as you use it, you get the rewards

Q4: Does this works only for Nest?

A4: No. It works for any dungeon or nest so long as you can use the magnifying glasses.

Q5: Which Dungeon Mode do i have to run in order to qualify?

A5: Doesn't matter which mode you run, Easy/Normal/Hard/Master/Abyss. Bottom line, as long as you use you will get the rewards.

Q6: Does the magnifyque rewards still give the previous rewards like Manticore Items and Apocalypse Items and Apocalypse Accessories?

A6: Nope. This is this is a totally new re-vamped list. All previous rewards are no longer available after 1100HRS magnifying glass usage.

Q7: Are those Cash Item rewards tradable?

A7:. For those Permanent Cash Item (eg. Pink Cupid Wing Permanent) are tradable 1 time in TH. Those 30 days durational items are not tradable.

Q8: Why do I receive only 1 reward when I used 2 magnifying glass?

A8: Check both your in-game Mailbox and Cash Shop Gift Box, you might be getting 1 in-game item and 1 cash item.

Q9: I have used my magnifying glass, why didn't I get the reward?

A9: The reward is issued every hourly. If you use your magnifying glass at 7:05PM, you will get your reward at 8:00PM. If you use it at 7:55PM, you will still get the reward at 8:00PM.

Q10: I have used my magnifying glass at 6:45PM, it's now 7:00PM and I still did not get my reward.

A10: You'll probably need to change channel in order for the mail notification and gift box notification to show up.