Against all odds: Machina

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“The day the meteor fell, I lost my family, my village,….everything.”

“What I saw was… hell. Hell is the only word I can think of to describe what I saw.

Massive pillars of fire struck my village when the meteor fell, burning most of us to death. Before I could even realise what was going on, I was knocked out.

My arm… became distorted and was rotting black. It was painful. I wasn’t the only one in pain since the area was filled with horrible screams.

I desperately dragged myself with my relatively unhurt left arm towards my mother and younger siblings who were motionless on the floor.

“You must live! Even if you are the sole survivor!” my mother uttered her dying words.

At that point, I thought she was asking the impossible. I wanted to die. It was painful… too painful to live.

“When I opened my eyes again, I was in a glass container filled with liquid. In the dark laboratory, there were many others in glass containers like me. A woman I’ve never seen before said to us.

“Don’t worry, I’ll cure you!”

She cut off my arm that had turned black and attached a mechanic one in its place. They called me “Machina”.

The glass container I was in was called the “healing container”. The woman said all my pain and suffering would disappear if I stayed in there.

However, no matter how much time passed, my longing for home and the pain caused by that grew.

“You must live!”

My mother’s last words still echo in my ears.”

Machina Class And Skill Trees


Machina overpowers her opponents with her powerful and agile animal-like moves.


Patrona has superb control over her knuckle gear as she swiftly subdues her opponents with outstanding combat moves.


A pure physical attribute dealer specializing in physical skills. When she sets her sight on you, there is no escape!


Defensio specializes in physical defence skills. She protects her allies from enemies and silences her opponents with fiercely accurate attacks.

It used to be a garden of dreams, a beautiful land now tainted black from the Goddess’s nightmare. The darkness now calls to evil, turning this once sacred place into a garden of nightmares.

Get Nightmare Stars from monsters who have become one with the nightmare and ask the Priestesses to purify them and get rewarded at the same time!

Entry Level
Lv90 and above
No. of Players
1~4 players
No. of Clears
7 times per week
*Entry count will be deducted when you enter the Nightmare dungeon.
No. of Resurrections:
How to Enter:
Saint Haven > Boundary Gate > Nightmare Dungeon Waiting Room
Enter the gate from the waiting room
Guide Quest:
Guide Quest: Priestess of Darkness Mocha at Lv90 Saint Haven
(Quest name: Into the Battle With Endless Nightmare)
Nightmare Dungeon’s clear count can be checked by going to:
Community (O) > Dungeon > Special Dungeon

The Nightmare Starlight Garden is comprised of 3 levels – Nightmare I, Nightmare II, and Nightmare III. The difficulty level will increase as the level becomes higher to test your strength. Entering the Nightmare Starlight Garden may trigger random events too.

The monsters in Starlight Garden will spawn randomly and the combination of monsters you meet will depend on your luck. When you kill monsters in the Starlight Garden, Nightmare Gauge will be filled up. When the Nightmare Gauge is full, a portal to the next nightmare level will open and the countdown for Nightmare Guards* will begin. Choose whether you want to ignore the guards and go on to the next level or kill the guards first before going to the next level.

Defeat the monsters and earn yourself some Nightmare Stars!

- Nightmare Gauge is below the Nightmare Star UI.
- Monsters of higher grade will fill up the gauge faster than normal grade monsters.
* Nightmare Guards are powerful monsters that are exceptionally harder to kill than the monsters at the current level. It might be better to skip them if you find them too difficult. You can always try to kill them when you have become stronger!

Returning To Town

When you click on the ticketing office inside the Starlight Garden, the party leader can choose whether to carry on, return to dungeon entrance, or return to town.

- The selection window will only be shown to the party leader even when a party member clicks on the ticketing office.
*There are no penalties like deduction in durability even when you give up on Nightmare Starlight Garden halfway. You can return to town or World Zone anytime if you need a break.

Nightmare Star can be obtained by killing monsters in the Nightmare Starlight Garden. The amount of stars you have can be checked in Nightmare Dungeon and at the Nightmare Star Store.

Nightmare Stars collected can be exchanged for various items at Saint Haven’s Priestess of Darkness Mocha or at Priestess Praline in Nightmare Dungeon Waiting Room.

*Nightmare Star is not an item so it will not be stored in your inventory.

You can open the Remote Dungeon Exploration UI by going to Menu – [Remote Dungeon]. (Only characters who are Lv80 and above can use this)

The Task List explained right here.

1. Task List Your tasks will be shown in a list.

2. Task IconDifferent icons will be shown following the task’s level.

3. Task Name Task name is shown here.

4. Task Completion Time Time taken for you to complete the task.

5. Hero EXP When task is successfully completed, each Hero will get this much EXP.
When you fail to complete the task, each Hero will get 10% of this EXP.

6. Reward When you successfully complete the task, this item will be rewarded and will enter your inventory.
You will not get the item when you fail to complete the mission.

See details about the tasks here.

1. Hero ListClick on the checkbox in the list to select 3 Heroes and the [Start Task] button will be activated.
Gold will be used for using a Hero that you don’t have.

2. Task Info Task duration, recommended Hero, Hero’s EXP when task is completed, and task success rate are shown.

2.1. Task success rate increases when you use recommended Heroes.
2.2. All the Heroes used will get the Hero EXP after completing the task.
2.3. Success rate depends on the task’s level, the level of the Hero who is doing the task, and the Hero’s grade.

3. Expected RewardsYou can get this reward through the [Unknown Treasure Box] after successfully completing the task.

4. Time Reduction Item and Success Rate Enhancement Item
4.1. Time Reduction Item
Time required to complete the task will be shortened by 30% when time reduction item is used.
The number of items required will depend on the amount of time reduced and the task’s tlevel.
You can get this from the Gacha Box.

4.2. Success Rate Enhancement Item
For each success rate item, success rate will be increased by 10%.
You can use up to 3 of them.
You can get this from the Gacha Box.

You can see the tasks that your Heroes are currently doing.

1. Completed Task Click on the completed task or click [Complete All] button at the bottom to complete the task.
When you successfully complete the task, reward item will be given to your inventory.

2. Ongoing Task List A list of ongoing tasks can be seen.

3. Remaining Time Until Completion The task will be completed when the stated period of time passes. Time will still be counted down even when you are logged out.

4. Hero Used Heroes who are doing the task are shown. Heroes who are currently doing a task cannot be summoned or synthesized.

5. Reward Item Rewards that you can get when you successfully complete the task will be shown here.

You can get the following rewards through Remote Dungeon Exploration depending on the level of the task.

Low Medium High
(Rare) Unknown Treasure Box (Epic) Unknown Treasure Box (Unique) Unknown Treasure Box

Treasure Box items according to grades (random)

Rare Epic Unique
(Rare) Gold Pouch (Epic) Gold Pouch (Unique) Gold Pouch
Lv80 Attribute Dragon Jade Lv80 (High Grade) Attribute Dragon Jade Lv90 Attribute Dragon Jade
Cauda Equipment Felis Equipment Kornu Equipment
Cauda Accessory Felis Accessory Kornu Accessory
(Rare) Lv90 Attack/Defence Plate (Epic) Lv90 Attack/Defence Plate (Epic) Lv90 Attack/Defence Plate
Lv80 Unique Plate 80,Lv90 Unique Plate Lv90 Unique Plate
Superior Alteum Superior Alteum, Diamond Superior Alteum, Diamond

No time to be lazy this festive season! Complete the following daily missions and earn some 2015 Christmas Stars!

Dungeon Mission

Clear any dungeons in any difficulty level 5 times
Mission reward: 2015 Christmas Star x5

Nest Mission

Clear any nest or Dragon Nest in any difficulty level 2 times
Mission reward : 2015 Christmas Star x5
Note: Excluding Solo Mode/Practice Mode/Ordeal Nest (But playing Minotaur Nest alone will be counted as fulfilling mission criteria)

Do you want to kill a Snowman? Get 2015 Christmas Stars when you defeat Snowman monsters in the dungeons!
How to get: Snowman monster drops the reward when it dies
Reward: 2015 Christmas Star x5 (+Bonus Stars*!)
*The amount of 2015 Christmas Stars you can get increases when you repeat dungeons of higher difficulty level.M

Note: Snowman monsters will appear at a higher chance in dungeons of higher difficulty levels.

Santa Orc is back this holiday season!

Wonderful Theme Park > Santa Orc’s Getaway
Level Limit:
Above Lv10
Entry Count:
Maximum 7 times per week
Related Quest:
[Event] Get the Santa Orc!
(Each character can get the quest once from Santa Orc NPC.)
2015 Christmas Star x3
Reward Info
How to get:
Make Santa Orc fall to get the reward
Santa Orc’s Hidden Treasure Box

Treasure Box Info:

Item Duration Qty
2015 Christmas Star 1 ~ 10
Tree Cookie
(3 min/Physical/Magical ATK 15%)
30 Days 3
Christmas Cake
(10 min/DEF 10%)
30 Days 3
Magical Transformation Potion (Snowman) 30 Days 1
Magical Transformation Potion (Santa Orc) 30 Days 1

Talk to Santa Orc NPC to visit the Christmas Exclusive Star Store, where you can exchange your 2015 Christmas Stars for exclusive gifts!

Grade Item Stars Required Duration Note
Low Strawberry Ice Cream 3 30 Days Recovers 30% of total HP
Blueberry Ice Cream 3 30 Days Recovers 30% of total MP
Tree Cookie 5 30 Days Increases Physical/Magical ATK by 15% for 3 mins
Christmas Cake 5 30 Days Increases DEF by 10% for 10 mins
Pretty Firecracker 3 30 Days Increases movement speed by 20% for 15 mins
Grand Firecracker 3 30 Days Increases movement speed by 20% for 15 mins
Splendid Firecracker 5 30 Days Increases movement speed by 20% for 15 mins
Mid Christmas Hat 50 Unlimited 2012 Christmas Event Hat / Restricted to 1 purchase per week
Santa Beard 50 Unlimited 2012 Christmas Event Hat / Restricted to 1 purchase per week
Reindeer Antlers 50 Unlimited 2014 Christmas Event Hat / Restricted to 1 purchase per week
Brilliant Reindeer Antlers 100 Unlimited 2014 Christmas Event Hat / Restricted to 1 purchase per week
Magic Jelly Gacha Box 20 7 Days Jelly Box duration : 7 days / GM Jelly duration : 30 Days Restricted to 5 purchases per week At 99% chance, get 1~25, at 1% chance, get 30~200
Snow Hound 75 7 Days Restricted to 1 purchase per week
Snow Manticore 75 7 Days Restricted to 1 purchase per week
Magical Transformation Potion (Santa Orc) 10 30 Days
Magical Transformation Potion (Snowman) 10 30 Days
Christmas Sock 30 30 Days Gacha item which contains all items in the store
High Christmas Event Spirit 400 Unlimited Restricted to 1 purchase per week
Christmas Mount 650 Unlimited Restricted to 1 purchase per week
Machina Exclusive:

One Punch Machina!

Here’s a reason to be a slave to the grind – from
22 December 2015 to 25 January 2016 (2359HRS,GMT+8), simply bring your Machina to
level 90 and you will receive a Machina-exclusive
title – One Punch!

Visit for more details.

Machina Exclusive:

Machina Speed Level Top 100!

Make your Machina the strongest in Lagendia! Starting from 22 December 2015, the first 100 Machinas throughout all servers to reach level 90 will be awarded with +8 Felis Knuckle Gear and Claw!

Check out who is clinching the top 100 spots here:

1iPunchUNowSpring-Holy Wood
2msTEESAngSpring-Holy Wood
3ThePhuckWest-Green Wood
4HurtMINAWest-Green Wood
5NekoRosySpring-Holy Wood
6SaireshiWest-Green Wood
7Joyce98Spring-Holy Wood
83laalWest-Green Wood
9VrightonSpring-Holy Wood
10ogogoggSpring-Holy Wood
11CatDoDiWest-Green Wood
12SyrrrrWest-Green Wood
13EIpmiSWest-Green Wood
14raynel1Spring-Holy Wood
15XSirunoXSpring-Holy Wood
16KulriSpring-Holy Wood
17AhryieWest-Green Wood
18MakeeenzieWest-Green Wood
19EverlinahSpring-Holy Wood
20ArimaChiiSpring-Holy Wood
21Szarina15Spring-Holy Wood
22AranneaWest-Green Wood
23Touka30West-Green Wood
24BakaOnigirWest-Green Wood
25DraganMewWest-Green Wood
26IRobotWaniWest-Green Wood
27LunaFayeeSpring-Holy Wood
28BalaraikaSpring-Holy Wood
29Raphatali4Spring-Holy Wood
30DameReoWest-Green Wood
31GerZXSpring-Holy Wood
32sheshe28Spring-Holy Wood
33SeruzaWest-Green Wood
34NyColaSpring-Holy Wood
3513RSWest-Green Wood
36HentaiSWest-Green Wood
37B3nBaobaoWest-Green Wood
38HUGEFISTSpring-Holy Wood
39LhadyBogzSpring-Holy Wood
40XacooSpring-Holy Wood
41YtVNsSpring-Holy Wood
42xFlameFistWest-Green Wood
43XirenneSpring-Holy Wood
44ÉlenaSpring-Holy Wood
45FrimphilliSpring-Holy Wood
46xKisumiWest-Green Wood
47CathyC4tSpring-Holy Wood
48SannellenSpring-Holy Wood
49MechanimalWest-Green Wood
50ExLucinaWest-Green Wood
51OnibarWest-Green Wood
52ChRiStiMrYSpring-Holy Wood
53EdzianEXWest-Green Wood
54LucitalleWest-Green Wood
55ladyxiomSpring-Holy Wood
56Katie55555Spring-Holy Wood
59AjengEndahWest-Green Wood
60ChromasiaSpring-Holy Wood
61KaniyachanSpring-Holy Wood
62MachinyawWest-Green Wood
63NIcolellllSpring-Holy Wood
64AzukiNekoWest-Green Wood
65AndromedayWest-Green Wood
66KohakurennSpring-Holy Wood
67NashihaWest-Green Wood
68Mirai005West-Green Wood
69MaquinaBSWSpring-Holy Wood
70FlyingBooWest-Green Wood
71xMortLockSpring-Holy Wood
72UsamiEriSpring-Holy Wood
73KlmS0HyunSpring-Holy Wood
74UnipolSpring-Holy Wood
75ShajFoxySpring-Holy Wood
76RieTHWest-Green Wood
77GIRLPOUNCHWest-Green Wood
78uyiohjuSpring-Holy Wood
79PuDDinnnnnSpring-Holy Wood
80SheasySpring-Holy Wood
81MoMoKyounWest-Green Wood
82ChloekawaiSpring-Holy Wood
83ZyrickRNSpring-Holy Wood
84IGaoBlackISpring-Holy Wood
85VixenSunWest-Green Wood
86LunaAsterWest-Green Wood
87KittyGraceSpring-Holy Wood
89RenKohakuSpring-Holy Wood
90Cuddle08Spring-Holy Wood
91CarrotBuzzSpring-Holy Wood
92JandaDareSpring-Holy Wood
93DarkB0xSpring-Holy Wood
94miumiu89West-Green Wood
95ITOXYIWest-Green Wood
96IKIIuIIyISpring-Holy Wood
97IrinIofielWest-Green Wood
98NaztharuneWest-Green Wood
99LadyBardisWest-Green Wood
100KoetheSpring-Holy Wood

Data is updated daily at 0030HRS

Visit for more details.

Machina Exclusive:

Machina Goes Nyan!

Say Nyan with Machina when you log in consecutively from 22 December 0000HRS – 28 December 2359HRS(GMT+8) with your Machina character! Doing so will make you eligible for a free Nyan Nyan Gesture*.

*Note: Only Machina which is Level 40 and above will be rewarded.

Visit for more details.

Machina Exclusive:

Spend and Win With Machina

Treat your Machina with goodies from the Cash Shop and reap extra bonus rewards. From 22 December 2015 to 5 January 2016 2359HRS, simply spend the respective amounts to snag the following reward tiers:

*Note: All tier rewards are accumulative (i.e. Spending 250,000 CC or more during the event period will entitle you to the rewards of all 4 tiers).

Visit for more details.