Fight for Justice: Lancea

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50 years ago, one of the Six Heroes Barnac, formed a secret group of mercenaries, after realizing that the noblemen of Lagendia could not be trusted. This organization is known as the Brotherhood of Steel and its mission is to carry out peace in the world.

50 years later, the leader of the Brotherhood sent his two daughters out on a mission. But as darkness rages through the land, his daughters soon realise this ain’t a simple journey – but an epic adventure to uncloak the traitorous foes amongst us, once and for all.


Lancea is a burst of sunshine, all smiles and cheer for everyone. But don’t mistake her for a wallflower, because this sassy lass is always ready to punish evil with her mighty spear!


The Piercer upholds the scales of justice with her huge spear, wielding the gigantic weapon freely and naturally like it’s a part of her own body. No enemies can escape from her!


Flurry’s fight style is an art to behold. Word has it that her combat skills resemble the wind – silent, persistent and relentless!

Sting Breezer

Sting Breezer enhances her weapon with magic so enemies do not stand a chance against her, even if her spear does not touch them physically.

Weapons of Choice

Scimitar, Crook

Try out the new Fishing Competition during the stipulated time slots and stand to receive event rewards!

The Fishing area is located at Saint Haven South Gate
► Bonus Island Fishing Ground.
Please note that the area will only open during event period.

A new Sea Fishing NPC ‘Fishing King Salman’ has arrived at Saint Haven’s South Gate. He sells [Fishing Rod] and [Baits] and you can even get the guiding quest* for sea fishing from him!

Note: You need to complete the
[Fishing] Learn Fishing quest first.

Week Date Start Time End Time
128 Feb 2015 (Saturday)1900HRS2200HRS
11 March 2015 (Sunday)1900HRS2200HRS
27 March 2015 (Saturday)1900HRS2200HRS
28 March 2015 (Sunday)1900HRS2200HRS
314 March 2015 (Saturday)1900HRS2200HRS
315 March 2015 (Sunday)1900HRS2200HRS
421 March 2015 (Saturday)1900HRS2200HRS
422 March 2015 (Sunday)1900HRS2200HRS
All timings are in GMT+8

The Fishing Event is open to players who has [Fishing Skill] and is Lv24 or above.
You will need [Fishing Rod] and [Baits] to begin. Remember to leave plenty of room in your inventory to store the fishes!

*[Fishing Skill] and [Fishing Equipment] can be obtained from the Farm Manager NPC through [Quest]

Click the side buttons to find out more about the Fishing Event!

You have a chance of snagging a big fish while fishing which boosts your placement in the ranking system. If you are extremely lucky, you may get a [Special Pouch Item] that contains legendary accessories or various crafting materials!

Visit ‘Fishing King Salman’ to view your ranking. Ranking placement is based on the sum of sizes of all the fishes you have caught. Players in the top ten ranks for the season will get special rewards.

Click the side arrows to view the special rewards!

- When two players have the same [Total Size], the character with the lesser number of fishes caught will be ranked higher. - The sum of fish sizes will be reset to 0 in the next season.

Check out the special rewards you can receive from the Fishing Event!

Having trouble in the dungeons? Now you can summon selected NPCs of various grades to aid you in battle!


  • Trainee Gosuk
  • Trainee Orc Kim
  • Trainee Orc Kwok


  • Jasmine
  • Orc Kim
  • Elena
  • Orc Kwok
  • Gosuk
  • Gosuk’s Granpa
  • Meteor Fairy Queen
  • William


  • Nerwin
  • Terramai
  • Barnac
  • Karacule
  • Berlin
  • Typhoon Kim
  • Ignacio

Heroes can be purchased from ‘Magician Sanders’ in front of Saint Haven’s Wonderful Theme Park.
Purchase can be made using Wondeful Exchange Coupons.

Rare Mercenary Pouch can only be used by characters above Lv80. There is a limit to the number of Rare Mercenary Pouches you can buy in a week.
Click the side arrows to find out more.

Complete the Heroes Assemble remote quest and unlock these Magic grade trainee Heroes.
You may purchase them from Magician Sanders in front of Wonderful Theme Park in Saint Haven.

You can right click on your Heroes to register them anytime, regardless of your character’s level. Only registered Heroes can be summoned.

Note: You may not register the same Heroes more than once.

Click Menu > Collection to view your list of registered Heroes. Select a Hero to and click [Register].
Registered Heroes can be seen at Character (P) – [Mercenary] tab.

- Heroes cannot be summoned in towns and world zones (but can be registered)
- Heroes can only be summoned in certain dungeons when you enter alone or in a party of 2 players

You may summon your Heroes at these maps:
Normal dungoen
Dragon Fellowship
4-player nest
Treasure Stage
Dark Lair (Except Infinite Pormido)
Sparta Goblin
4-player nest hell mode
Anu Arendel’s Ordeal Nest

Summoned Heroes are equipped with a total of 8 skills - 2 active skills which you can control and 6 automatic AI skills. More skills will be available as the Hero levels up.

To use the active skill easily, simply drag and drop the skill onto your quickslot to use. When the active skill is activated, the Hero will move to where you are and use the skill.

Heroes can level up by gaining dungeon clear EXP. When your character gets EXP buff (e.g. Hero’s EXP Scroll), the buff is applied to your summoned Hero as well. As a summoned Hero levels up, he/she will have access to more skills.

The Hero Synthesizer lets you combine 2 of your registered max level Heroes for a chance to obtain a higher grade Hero. Only Rare and Epic grade Heroes can be combined.

When the synthesis is completed, the new Hero will be placed in your inventory.

You may purchase the Hero Synthesizer from Magician Sanders in front of Wonderful Theme Park.

With the lovely Lancea joining the fight in Lagendia, there’s no better time to celebrate! Pop by the Cash Shop from
26 February 2015 - 11 March 2015 and get rewarded when you spend! Remember, this promotion is exclusive to the Lancea class and its specializations only!

*All tier rewards are accumulative. (e.g. Spending 250,000 CC or more during the event period will entitle you to the rewards of all 4 tiers)

For more details, please visit

Here’s more reasons for you to grind with the latest spear-wielding sunshine lass – we’re giving you a Lancea Level Up Reward Box whenever you hit stipulated character levels! This bonus is only valid from 26 February to the next content patch date so don’t miss out on any of these cool rewards!

Note: The Lancea Level Up Reward Box is an additional bonus, on top of the standard Level Up Achievement Box. The Lancea Level Up Reward Box is valid for a limited time only.

For more info please visit:

Rewards and Level: