Destiny's Child - Kali the Watcher

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The birth of destiny


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Gameplay Video

Kali Class & Skill Trees


A spiritual fighter, Kali summons the power of spirits to aid her in battle and protect her allies. She exudes grace in the battlefield with her dance-like moves, but watch out, because it's the dance of death!


The Screamer is a long ranged damage dealer who devastates with magical combo attacks. Using twin fans as her main weapon, the Screamer will spare no mercy as she unleashes a variety of curses and nasty status ailments upon her enemies!


The Dancer is a short ranged damage dealer, proficient in dishing out fatal physical attack combos with the help of her chakram and dead spirits. As if she's not deadly enough, the Dancer can also summon a variety of monster spirits to buff her allies and debuff her enemies!

Dark Summoner

The Dark Summoner is a fantastic PvP class, thanks to her powerful mid to long ranged dark attacks and strong combo skills. She can even partially regenerate her health with every attack!

Soul Eater

The Soul Eater summons spirits to aid her in long ranged combo attacks. Her ability to strengthen her allies' attacks by placing curses and status ailment on her enemies makes her a valuable party support member!

Blade Dancer

The Blade Dancer often paints a picture of massacre with her quick and powerful short-ranged combo attack skills. Her enemies won't even know what hit them!


The Spirit Dancer summons various dead spirits to deal strong single attacks on her enemies. Her damage spreads through a wide surface area, so there's nowhere for her enemies to run or hide!


Kali uses her mystical Fans to unleash dark talismans imbued with magical energies to wreck devastation upon her foes.


Kali turns this exotic weapon into an instrument of destruction as she slices her way through enemies in perfect choreography.

Pioneers of Destiny (2 Apr - 6 May)

Be part of the pioneering batch of players to fully take on the mantle of 'The Watcher' to fulfill your destiny as the Prophet's Guardian with Kali and get rewarded for your efforts!

Hit the target levels with Kali by 6 May to earn these rewards:

Event Notes

  • *Only the Kali character class is eligible for this event.
  • This event starts on 2 April 2013 and ends on 6 May 2013 at 2359HRS (GMT+8).
  • Rewards will automatically be credited to all eligible characters on a daily basis at 0030HRS. (GMT+8)
  • The Cerberus set reward consists of 7 equipment pieces with a level requirement of 32. Fan type weapon will be given instead of Chakram.

Spend and Earn with Kali (2 Apr - 15 Apr)

Spend CC in the Cash Shop to spoil your Kali a little and earn some lovely rewards while doing it! Any CC spent on your Kali character be it from equipping her with additional inventory and storage space, or decking her out in the latest threads for a style and stat boost will all count towards earning additional Kali Rewards!

Earn amazing rewards when you spend the following amounts of CC in the Cash Shop with Kali:

Terms & Conditions
  • *Cash must be spent in Dragon Nest SEA Cash shop within the event period by Kali characters only.
  • Spending is based on a per character basis. Spending done by multiple Kali characters (even if under the same account) do not combine together to form the total required spent amount.
  • Any Kali character in an account is eligible for the event. However please note that each character can only receive one of each reward.
  • Amount spent before or after the event date (2 - 15 April 2013) will not be accumulated.
  • Rewards will be credited to all eligible characters on 16 Apr 2013 before 2359HRS. (GMT+8)