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Game UI

Interface: Game UI


Interface: Character


Mini Map Screenshot
  • Character Location:

    Arrow direction indicates character’s current location.

  • NPC:

    Shows location of NPC.
    Mouse-over to check NPC ‘s name.

  • Town Exit:

    Shows the town’s exit points.
    Mouse-over to check the name.


Interface: Combat

In-game Help

Interface: In Game Help

Keyboard Controls

Controls: Keyboard

Game Pad

Controls: Game Pad

Editing Shortcuts

Editing Shortcuts Screenshot

You can select and set your preferred keyboard controls

  1. Select the setup you would like to customize
  2. Input your desired key customization


Skills: Warrior

Sword Master

Skills: Sword Master


Skills: Mercenary


Skills: Archer


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Skills: Sorceress

Elemental Lord

Skills: Elemental Lord

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Skills: Lancea


Skills: Piercer

Mana Ridge

Map: Mana Ridge

Frost Hill

Map: Frost Hill

Blizzard Plain

Map: Blizzard Plain

Cristal Stream

Map: Cristal Stream

Wind Forest

Map: Wind Forest

Shadow Forest

Map: Shadow Forest

Prairie Town

Map: Prairie Town

Calderock Village

Map: Calderock Village

Gray Ruins

Map: Gray Ruins

Lower Ridge

Map: Lower Ridge

Saint Haven

Map: Saint Haven

Hermalte Port

Map: Hermalte Port

Foothills of Black Mountain

Map: Foothills of Black Mountain

Frost Hill

Goblin Boss Jyakuku


Frost Wind Forest (6~8Lv)

Goblin Boss Jyakuku is a member of the "Red Army", believed to be related to the Dragon Followers for reasons unknown. He is presumed to be one of the leaders of the Goblins and word of his lightning-quick temper has travelled just as swiftly. Despite his status, Jyakuku seems to be lacking in the intelligence and leadership department, so it could possibly be assumed that he attained the position through sheer brute strength.

Orc Baku


Frost Wind Valley (1~3Lv)

Orc Baku was one of the monsters who was instigated by the Dragon Followers to steal Ancient relic. He is brutally violent and has great distrust in humans. Because of the latter, his ulterior motives for cooperating with the Dragon Followers, who are ultimately humans, remain a mystery.

Blizzard Plain

Brethren Mage Carrera


Silent Monastery Main Hall (18~20Lv)

Unlike most Brethrens who are known to use "Enchantment Magic", the evil Brethren Mage Carrera is notorious for his use of "Vision Magic". It is unknown how he stumbled upon knowledge of this dark magic but beware, for the cunning and brutal Brethren Mage Carrera is notorious for showing absolutely no mercy to his opponents!

Spider Queen Raren


Dark Tower Magic Institute (18~20Lv)

Within the Dark Tower Magic Institute, a brood of gigantic spiders thrive. The Sorceresses have discovered that amongst the spiders, there is one in particular who stands out due to her immense size - Queen Spider Raren. No one knows the origins of these overgrown creatures but Sorceresses believe that the magic seeping out from the Dark Tower Magic Institute could be the reason behind the spiders’ unnatural growth.

Shaman Brethren Karuru


Marian"s Shrine (7~9Lv)

Shaman Brethren Karuru"s appearance was sudden, and his occupation of the relic around the Dark Tower Magic Institute was swift. The reason behind his invasion of the Dark Tower Magic Institute remains unknown, but it is highly suspected that the recent theft of the relic could have something to do with it…

Minotaur Umbaba


Silent Monastery (5~7Lv)

Minotaurs are not exactly known for being sweet-natured, and Minotaur Umbaba has a particularly foul and violent temper. He displays obvious contempt towards humans, but word has it that he is collaborating with mortal Dragon Followers. The only reasonable explanation behind this could mean that the rumors were true - the leader of the Dragon Followers could be a dragon!

Troll Jukuruku


Parelina"s Resting Place (3~5Lv)

Troll Jukuruku and his troops have only recently made Parelina"s Resting Place their home. For the longest time, it is believed that Trolls do not possess high intelligence, thus they tend to stick together and form packs. However, Jukuruku"s recent actions and behaviour have proved that belief to be rather flawed. It is now highly suspected that Troll Jukuruku and his troops are under the command of someone… or something.

Captain Cleave Dregark


Orc Base Camp (10~12Lv)

Somewhere in the isolated outskirts of the Dark Magic Institute, stands an Orc Warrior settlement led by the vicious Captain Cleave Dregark. He trains his troops religiously to aid them in defeating his arch enemies – humans and elves. When this was brought to light to the Adventurer’s Guild, a relentless wave of mercenaries began to actively suppress the threats of these monsters. Stories have it that one of the mercenaries stumbled upon this training camp, just before evil Captain Cleave Dregark was about to dispatch his troops to attack Calderock Pass and Cristal Stream. Bloodshed was thankfully averted but great caution must be taken nonetheless, to ensure the villages remain safe from the nasty Captain Cleave Dregark!

Cristal Stream

Ogre Chubaka


Road Of No Return (20~22Lv)

Sigh Canyon was one of the battlefields during the "Great Battle of Calderock’ many years ago and Ogre Chubaka was amongst the first monsters who started establishing a foothold in Sigh Canyon. Ogre Chubaka was notorious, even during that time, as many feared his reputation as a terrible man-eating demon. There were even anecdotes from survivors of how this monster feverishly tore through the battlefield, looking to devour the flesh of fallen defenders!

Hobgoblin Cuspid


Raider"s Ambush Point (14~16Lv)

Goblins rank very low in the monsters’ pecking order. To boost their status, goblins are willing to do anything…even becoming live test subjects in dangerous experiments. A successful enhancement experiment soon changed their social order ranking dramatically, as they gained massive boosts to their physical size and strength. The powerful Hobgoblin Cuspid is a good example of this phenomenon.

Coldtime Harpy


Sigh Canyon (10~12Lv)

Harpies may be a common sight around Sigh Canyon but it’s interesting to note that they are not native to the area. In fact, Harpies only started to build their nests at the peak of Sigh Canyon after the ‘Great Battle of Calderock’ and their population has grown significantly ever since. Vigilant scouts in the area have identified Coldtime Harpy as the leader of the group and she has proved to be a rather tricky opponent to defeat. Beware of her strong wings which are capable of creating powerful gusts of wind to blow you away!

Lydia Dark Assassin


Raider"s Den (9~11Lv)

Dark Elves are born assassins thanks to their shrewd talents, nimble reflexes and dexterity. Lydia has proven to be exceptionally gifted amongst the Dark Elves, making her an even leaner and meaner killing machine. It is rumored that she has assassinated some notable heroes, so the Adventurer’s Guild has placed a large bounty on her head. You have been warned.

Wind Forest

Minotaur Banruha


Catacombs Hall (16~18Lv)

Minotaur Banruha is one of Dark Elf Elena"s faithful followers. He is a veteran Minotaur with tons of battle experience, and thus makes for a rather fearsome opponent. He was saved by Dark Elf Elena once during a life threatening situation, and had decided to show his gratitude by serving his benefactor for the rest of his life ever since.

Hobgoblin Hobfrey


Church Ruins (16~18Lv)

Hobgoblin Hobfrey is the second eldest in a group of five orphaned brothers, brought up by Grandpa Goblin who had lost his own grandson. Under the orders of Dark Elf Elena, evil goblins took Hobfrey and his brothers away and transformed them into Hobgoblins, forcing them to serve the evil dark elf henceforth.

Shaman Brethren Karapacio


Ancient Temple Excavation Site (7~9Lv)

Shaman Brethren Karapacio is a necromancer of the Brethren clan. He is interested in the Ancients’ goods and articles scattered across the Temple of the Ancients and it is this deep passion that has driven him to support Dark Elf Elena because of her promise to help him achieve greater necromancy magic powers.

Minotaur Umrak


Catacombs (5~7Lv)

Unlike many of Elena’s followers, Minotaur Umrak serves the Dark Elf unwillingly because the evil elf is holding his kinsmen hostage. His non-confrontation nature means he does not like initiating fights on his own accord, and the only reason he is participating in the battle chaos is to appease Elena so she may release his kinsmen.

Troll Juknaook


Ancient Temple Ruins (3~5Lv)

Troll Jukanook is a monster who resides in the Ancient Temple Ruins. He became the leader of the Ancient Temple Ruins through sheer power, violence and a fiery temper. Jukanook is the rival of Shaman Brethren Karapacio, and the two are often at loggerheads, though the more simple-minded Jukanook often falls prey to Karapacio"s cunningness. Jukanook was overpowered by Dark Elf Elena in a fight one fateful day and has since submitted himself to be the elf"s follower.

Shadow Forest

Goblin Boss Jyaja


Shadow Forest Core (6~8Lv)

Goblin Boss Jyaja is one of Dark Elf Elena"s minions, who were tasked with hunting down prophets. Goblin Boss Jyaja has rash and careless characteristics. His special abilities are charging and smashing into his enemies with fire.



Shadow Forest Trail (1~3Lv)

Kromish is the leader of an orc clan that resides in the Shadow Forest Trail. He oppresses the goblins and kobolds near the Shadow Forest and became one of the leaders in Shadow Forest. As an orc, he thinks that he is stronger than the other lesser monsters, yet he submitted to Dark Elf Elena and started kidnapping humans by her orders.

Gray Ruins

Shadow Dark Scream


Sanctuary Core (22~24Lv)

Shadow Dark Scream is a rather bizarre monster, first appearing in Lagendia when the poison begun to seep into Goddess Altea’s dreams. As the toxins plagued the mind of the Goddess, dark powers slowly enveloped the land too, and from beyond the darkness rose the Shadow Dark Scream. Birthed by the dark powers, these creatures are the very epitome of evil itself.

Gargoyle Twin Horn


Forest Sanctuary (12~14Lv)

Gargoyle Twin Horn was once a statue guarding the Forest Sanctuary. Unfortunately, the toxins from the poison seeping into Goddess Altea’s dreams soon controlled him, destroying his good nature and driving him berserk. Now an aggressive monster who will attack anything in his path, Gargoyle Twin Horn is a threat not to be taken lightly of.

Lower Ridge

Manticore Keruru


Prayer Resting Place (22~24Lv)

The Ancients had the knowledge of Life, thus giving them the ability to transform and create creatures. Their experiments to create powerful creatures by splicing different creatures together resulted in what is now known as Manticores, and Keruru is one such example. He can be found guarding the tomb of his long-deceased creator.

Scarlet Scythe Reaper


Death Basin (20~22Lv)

Over time, concentrated Dark Power turns into creatures known as Shadow Dark Scream. These vile creatures contaminate their surroundings when they die, turning fallen corpses into the Undead. In theory, it is believed that strong humans become powerful undead creatures when they die. This hypothesis could very well be true, as proven by the Scarlet Scythe Reaper who is believed to be a particularly powerful human when alive.

Minotaur Umnodu


Sleepers" Temple (14~16Lv)

Sleepers’ Temple was the sanctum of the Ancients where many valuable relics could be found abandoned within its ruins. After the ‘Great Battle of Calderock’, monster survivors like Minotaur Umnodu took refuge in this once sacred place and has been residing within the ruins ever since.

Ghoul Baldness


Forest of Death (12~14Lv)

Black monsters appeared near the end of the "Great Battle of Calderock" and they contaminated the surrounding areas with evil dark powers as they wandered amongst the dead and dying. Defenders of Calderock tried to lure them out to one of the nearby forests to destroy them in one fell swoop but almost all of these humans met their demise. Their abandoned corpses turned into undead creatures known as the Ghoul Baldness.

Sea Dragon Nest

The Sea Dragon was actually once a vile sea monster named Serpentra. Created in ages past by the powerful ancients from magical experiments to forge the ultimate war machine – their very own Dragon. However, it was deemed a failure and they sealed Serpentra away to a forsaken island where it was to be imprisoned forever…In a cruel twist of fate, Serpentra was released, and somehow managed to transform into a terrifying Sea Dragon – it’s fearsome power and bloodlust ever growing…


The Sea Dragon Nest is situated in Hermalte Port, which is accessible from either Saint haven or the Foothills of Black Mountain

Admission Criteria

Level Requirements

Lvl 40

Entry Requirements

[Water Dragon Scales] – Normal Mode

To gain entry into the Sea Dragon Nest, a [Water Dragon Scales] is required. The item will be consumed upon entry.

Players may obtain [Water Dragon Scales] from gold chests that appear upon conquering the Manticore and Apocalypse Nest Hell Mode.

Featured Monsters


Serpentra, the Sea Dragon


Mountain Golem, Lizardman Bros, Scout Captain Norbak, Revived Kalkari, Lava Golem, Rotting One-Eyed Orc

Notable Monsters:

Adjutant Norawoo, Moss Ghoul, Spitflower, Dark Follower, Dark Elf Ninja, Kobold Sniper, Boar Gunman, Poison Hook

Sea Dragon Nest Set Items List

Apocalypse Nest

Welcome to World’s End: Apocalypse Nest. Travel through the abyss which is swallowing up Saint Haven. Herewith lies Judge Apocalypse; A vile manifestation of evil and metal. Floating spirits swarm the treacherous path to this leviathan. Do you have the power to stop Apocalypse and avoid being vaporized by its death rays?


Apocalypse Nest is situated in the Foothills of Black Mountain, which is accessible from either Saint Haven or Hermalte Port.

Admission Criteria

Level Requirements

Lvl 40

Entry Requirements

[Nest Entry Ticket] – Normal Mode
[Modified Prophetic Compass] – Hell Mode

To gain entry into the Apocalypse Nest, either a [Nest Entry Ticket] or a [Modified Prophetic Compass] is required for Normal & Hell mode respectively. These items will be consumed upon entry.

Players may obtain [Nest Entry Ticket] and [Modified Prophetic Compass] from Dimensional Rabbit Boxes that appear in higher-level Abyss difficulty dungeons in the Saint Haven region.

Featured Monsters


Judge Apocalypse


Death Ray Fear, Vengeful Ling, Bulran’s Fanaticism, Merciless Umahama, Obsessed Grunt, Levant’s Pride, Midnight Death Howl

Apocalypse Nest Set Items List

Manticore Nest

An army of Manticores have nested in a secluded area off coast of Saint Haven.

Led by the Manticore Lord, venture into the Nest to unravel their plans. But beware; these winged monsters are ever-ready to rip careless explorers to shreds with their talons. Cower in fear as the sky is filled with impending death from above!


Manticore Nest is situated in Hermalte Port, which is accessible from either Saint Haven or Foothills of Black Mountain.

Admission Criteria

Level Requirements

Lvl 40

Entry Requirements

[Nest Entry Ticket] – Normal Mode
[Nereid Origin] – Hell Mode

To gain entry into the Manticore Nest, either a [Nest Entry Ticket] or a [Nereid Origin] is required for Normal & Hell mode respectively. These items will be consumed upon entry.

Players may obtain [Nest Entry Ticket] and [Nereid Origin] from Dimensional Rabbit Boxes that appear in higher-level Abyss difficulty dungeons in the Saint Haven region.

Featured Monsters


Manticore Lord


Giant Stone Golem, Lamia Aggressor.
Gargoyle Stinger

Notable Monsters:

Stone Golem, Gargoyle Bomber, Gargoyle Mage, Demon Bloody Tinker

Manticore Nest Set Items List

Cerberus Nest

In the Foothills of Black Mountain, there lies a fearsome beast unlike any other - The massive three-headed hellhound Cerberus.

If you think allowing such a hellish monster to roam the world freely is just madness, then venture deep into the beast’s lair and put an end to it! Good luck though…you’ll need it.

Cerberus Nest features an additional ‘Hell Mode’ for those who love to punish themselves with extreme levels of difficulty. As if it wasn"t already hard enough!


Cerberus Nest is situated in the Foothills of Black Mountain, which is accessible from either Saint Haven or Hermalte Port.

Cerberus Nest Location

Admission Criteria

Level Requirements

Lvl 32

Entry Requirements

[Dark Overlord Heraldry] – Normal Mode
[Dark Overlord Amulet] – Hell Mode

To gain entry into the Cerberus Nest, either a [Dark Overlord Heraldry] or a [Dark Overlord Amulet] is required for Normal & Hell mode respectively. These items will be consumed upon entry.

Players may obtain [Dark Overlord Heraldry] and [Dark Overlord Amulet] from Dimensional Rabbit Boxes that appear in Abyss difficulty dungeons in the Saint Haven region.

Featured Monsters


Cerberus Kakalri


Crow Hobgoblin, Brethren Summoner, Ogre Commander and Ogre Slave

Notable Monsters:

Minotaur Commander, Orc Commander, Goblin Technician, Kobold Ninja

Cerberus Nest Set Items List

Minotaur Nest

Bored of standard Abyss runs? Then take it to the next next level!

We are proud to introduce ‘Minotaur Nest’, the first in a lineup of Nest Dungeons guaranteed to give you the challenge you crave for.

In Minotaur Nest, players will face off General Unmanba and his mighty regiment of minotaur minions as they come charging with all their bulk headfirst into the fray from all sides - wave after wave. You’d best to make sure your squad of 4 is well prepared!


Minotaur Nest is situated in Lower Ridge, which is accessible from Gray Ruins through Calderock Village.

Admission Criteria

Level Requirements

Lvl 24

Entry Requirements

[Red Army Commander Seal]

To gain entry to the Minotaur Nest, a [Red Army Commander Seal] is required, and will be consumed upon entry.

Players may obtain [Red Army Commander Seal] from Dimensional Rabbit Boxes in Level 16 or higher dungeons on Abyss difficulty.

Featured Monsters


Crimson General Ummanba


General Umhareu & General Umjaka

Notable Monsters:

Brethren Shaman, Dark Elf ENchanter, Orc Commander

Minotaur Nest Set Items List




Choose your team and embark on the most exhilarating battle ever in Dragon Nest SEA with this new Tactical-based PVP Mode!

Conquer the neutral bases by activating the crystals. When the gauge bar is full, the base belongs to you and will start generating points for your fellow team mates. It"s no time to get cocky though because opponents can reconquer your base anytime, and even kill you!

As the countdown timer ticks to the last one minute, the points gained will be doubled, respawn duration will cut by half and you would be able to conquer bases faster. This means it"s ultimately anyone"s ball game!

Victory is based on a point system, and if a game ties, then the first team who had conquered a base will win. So stop yabbering about being the best and prove your chops in the Occupational War instead! 


Team members are identifiable by their similar hair colors. Players with HP, MP, Attack Power and other Attributes boosts will be re-calculated and balanced to ensure an even playing field.

Once in the Colosseum channel, players access the PvP Arena by speaking to Colosseum Officer Joseph by the gates, and selecting [Enter Colosseum].

Creating a PvP Room

Players can create PvP matches by clicking on the “Create Game” button. Doing so brings up the Game Settings menu, which lets players configure their desired game settings before actual room creation.


PvP Mode: Rounds

The Rounds mode is a less forgiving mode, as there are no respawns granted in-between rounds. You will want to make every hit count, and not let your deaths be in vain. With tactics and good teamwork, you will rip through lesser organized teams easily.

You may earn EXP & Goddess’s Medals in the Colosseum by choosing to consume ABP during PVP play. The better your performance, the more medals you earn.

Goddess’s Medals can be exchanged for valuable items in the Colosseum Shop. To access the Colosseum Shop, simply speak to Colosseum Shopkeeper Michael.


PvP Mode: Respawn

With every kill granting you points, and fast respawns to get you back into the battle quickly so you can bash your opponents down again, the Respawn mode lets you enjoy the thrill of the fight without having to waste too much time.

You may earn EXP & Goddess’s Medals in the Colosseum by choosing to consume ABP during PVP play. The better your performance, the more EXP & medals you earn.

Goddess’s Medals can be exchanged for valuable items in the Colosseum Shop. To access the Colosseum Shop, simply speak to Colosseum Shopkeeper Michael.

Ghoul Mode

PvP Mode: Ghoul Mode

A welcome addition to the standard PVP modes, the Ghoul Mode offers players a chance to enjoy the other side of life – undeath!

When a round starts, a player is randomly selected to become a Ghoul. His mission is then to convert everyone else into a Ghoul by killing them. The ultimate goal for the Humans is survival – by any means necessary. The Ghouls have different mutations with unique abilities, while The Humans are crafty, with lots of different weapon choices.

New Ghoul: Mummy!

Halloween may be over but it looks like a new ghoul has arrived for good. Take on the Mummy ghoul for some fun treats but beware of its unique abilities! You have been warned.


PvP Mode: Captain

It’s Rounds Mode PVP with a classic twist. One player from each team will be randomly selected to be a Captain. The aim of the game: Kill your opposing team’s Captain while protecting your own. Captains are designated by their unique helmets and a crown symbol above their heads.

You may earn EXP & Goddess’s Medals in the Colosseum by choosing to consume ABP during PVP play. The better your performance, the more EXP & medals you earn.

Goddess’s Medals can be exchanged for valuable items in the Colosseum Shop. To access the Colosseum Shop, simply speak to Colosseum Shopkeeper Michael.

Free For All

PvP Mode: Free For All

It’s every man for himself. Players are free to unleash their battle fury without inhibition in this mode. Only the strongest of all will be left standing. Let the death match begin!

You may earn EXP & Goddess’s Medals in the Colosseum by choosing to consume ABP during PVP play. The better your performance, the more EXP & medals you earn.

Goddess’s Medals can be exchanged for valuable items in the Colosseum Shop. To access the Colosseum Shop, simply speak to Colosseum Shopkeeper Michael.

1v1 Ladder

1v1 PVP Ladder

Comrades in arms may be important but at the end of the day, there"s no one else you can truly depend on other than yourself. Keep proving yourself better than the other guy by fighting your way to the top in the 1v1 Colosseum scene. Glorious rewards await those who dare… Welcome to the big game.

Eager combatants may participate in the 1v1 PVP Ladder by proceeding into the Colosseum PVP Lobby and selecting the “1:1 Ladder” tab. Here, you may view your personal 1v1 Ladder info, along with any 1v1 matches that are taking place. To enter a match, click on the “1 vs 1” button located beneath the image of your character.

The Ladder Supply Soldier Rafael and the Ladder Ranking Board is located to the left of the Colosseum’s massive doors.

The Ladder Ranking Board lets you keep track of the top 10 combatants in the 1v1 PVP Ladder. You should know better than to mess around with the people listed here!

Using your hard-earned Ladder Points, you may procure great rewards of your choice, be it more powerful epic equipment to further crush your opponents in the arena, or rare crafting items from Ladder Supply Soldier Rafael.

3v3 Ladder

3V3 PVP Ladder

If you prefer duking it out in team battles, then the 3v3 PVP Ladder is where you can show the world just how good you are at squad-based tactics. Winning may be fun, but it’s even better when it’s done with friends!

To participate in the 3v3 PVP Ladder, proceed into the Colosseum PVP Lobby and select the “3:3 Ladder” tab. Here, you may view your personal 3v3 Ladder info. Click on the “Invite” buttons to form a team with other players. You may invite players from the PVP Lobby, your own Party, or your Guild.

Like the 1v1 Ladder, the 3v3 Ladder has it’s own Ladder Ranking Board where you can keep track of the top 10 combatants in the 3v3 PVP Ladder.

Using your hard-earned Ladder Points, you may procure great rewards of your choice, be it more powerful epic equipment to further crush your opponents in the arena, or rare crafting items from Ladder Supply Soldier Rafael. Now updated with Level 32 Epic equipment!

Chaos Opening Screenshot

Chaos Opening

How much insanity can you take? Challenge yourself in the Chaos Opening Kamala (Lvl 24) and Chaos Opening Baera (Lvl 32) where you will be trawling a different dungeon, every time!

It’s gonna be a mind-boggling Abyss madness… but not without cool rewards to make it all worth it. Valiant fighters may reap unique crafting items from here to create superb skill accessories. Hey you know the golden words - No pain, no gain. No guts, no glory!

Chaos Opening Screenshot

Ready for action? Head to Garden of Time and Space in Saint Haven now! May the Goddess be with you!

Wonderful Theme Park

Filled with a variety of interesting and wacky games, the Wonderful Theme Park is the perfect gateway for the weary adventurer who got too caught up with slaying monsters and saving the the world that he forgot what fun was!

Boss Rush Screenshot

Boss Rush

Vent your frustrations out on the bosses that got in your way during your adventures à la gladiator style! Enraged with their defeat by your hands, they"ll come at you one by one in a fight to the death - this time with a little trick up their sleeves…

Warrior Goblin Screenshot

Warrior Goblin

Now that you"re all pumped up from the Boss Rush, it"s time to put your name to the test - unleash your battle frenzy against the Goblin horde… all 300 of them!

Bumpy Road Screenshot

Bumpy Road

Keep your wits about you as you dodge, evade, sneak, and outsmart your way past an entire lineup of traps to make it to the goal. Oh, by the way, there"s a clock ticking so hurry! It"s going to be a bumpy road alright!

Monastery Treasure Warehouse Screenshot

Monastery Treasure Warehouse

Clear out the monsters hiding here and empty their fat pockets of gold. You"d wish all your adventures were this simple. Bring your friends along and win even more Wonderful Exchange Coupons! What"s not to love about this?

Wonderful Racing Screenshot

Wonderful Racing

Bored of foot races where the Warrior always wins? Well then, mount up, cowboy! Race your friends along a beautiful mountain path ridden with obstacles and hazards. Just don"t horse around too much or you might get eaten by an Ogre!

Dark Lair Screenshot

Dark Lair

The Dark Lair serves as a bastion of hope for the world of Lagendia, like a ray of light shining in the night. It is here that the Priestesses of Darkness make their stand, rallying brave adventurers against the chaos and evil of the nightmares that plague the Goddess Altea.

To enter the Dark lair, simply select it from the Channel Selection List. You must be at least level 15 to enter.

The Priestesses of Darkness employ brave adventurers to delve into the very nightmares of Altea herself in an effort to hold back the forces of chaos. Priestess of Darkness Shea provides adventurers with the [Tent of the Abyss], an item that grants both entry and protection into the nightmares. It deemed far too dangerous to enter the nightmares more than twice a day, however.

Boundary of Jealousy

The Priestesses of Darkness employ brave adventurers on a daily basis to venture forth into the Boundary of Jealousy to delve into the very nightmares of Altea herself in a noble effort to hold back the forces of chaos.

Once in the Boundary of Jealousy, brave adventurers must protect the Goddess Altea in the form of a statue from the monsters in her nightmares. They must do so, fighting off countless waves until that particular nightmare ends. It is rumored that rare and unique Heraldry Plates & Crests could be gotten from there.


Titles in Dragon Nest aren"t just for showing off. They also give your playing character additional stats and attributes. Different titles also offer different boosts and enhncements, so be sure to experiment with them - as some monsters and bosses will require more than just your intelligence and skills to defeat.

That"s not to say titles are easily obtained too. They can be earned when you complete achievements and missions. But as Guild Master Deckard always say, the good things in life don"t come easy!


To form a Guild, the Guild Leader must visit and pay a 1 Gold fee to Guild Master Deckard in Calderock Village. A newly formed guild may take in up to 20 members. As your guild level increases, more members will be allowed in.

Joining a Guild

To join a Guild, players need to look for the respective Guild Leader or any members of the Guild for an invite. Alternatively, any Guild members can also send an invitation to a player by entering his/her name in the Social Panel menu, or by right-clicking the targeted player’s character, which will open up an ‘Invite’ option.

Ranks within a Guild

There is a pre-determined sets of ranks within a Guild in Dragon Nest SEA, namely: the Leader, Vice-Leader, Veterans, Regulars and Recruits. Only the Leader can promote a Guild member’s rank, and is also the only person who can expel another member. All members are allowed to create and edit their own profile in the Guild’s page while the Leader is able to set permissions within the following:

  • Guild"s announcement page
  • Membership invitations
  • Guild’s storage

Guild Management

For further guild management, Guild Masters must go to Adventurer’s Guild Master NPCs in various towns to access the following functions:

  • Guild Expansion
  • Guild Emblem (Creation/Modification)
  • Guild Disbandment
  • Checking of Guild Points

Guild Withdrawal

Players can leave a guild by selecting the ‘Withdrawing from Guild’ option located in the Guild menu. (The guild menu can be accessed by opening the Community menu and selecting the guild tab.) Guild Masters must appoint a new leader before they themselves can withdraw from the guild. Players must note that their personal records will be cleared upon leaving the guild.

Master & Apprentice

Sharing is caring, so pass on your valuable knowledge to next generation players! Both Masters and Apprentices stand to reap great rewards in this win-win system!

One must be Level 40 to be able to take on the mantle of a Master. Players that are at least Level 10 but not above Level 30 may become an Apprentice of a Level 40 Master.

An Apprentice may have up to 3 different Masters at any give time, and a Master may only have a maximum of 3 Apprentices at any given time.

Players access the Master and Apprentice menu by hitting the ‘O’ key to bring up the Community Menu and selecting the “Apprenticeship” tab. Through this menu, Level 40 players are able to post advertisements as Masters seeking Apprentices for Level 30 and below players to view.

Masters gain Respect Points when assisting their Apprentices in dungeons. These points serve as a visible form of reputation and goodstanding.

Both Masters and Apprentices may dismiss themselves from each other via the Master and Apprentice menu at any time after the initial 24 hour period. However, a Master loses respect points when he dismisses an Apprentice. No points are lost when an Apprentice dismisses himself.

Players may also directly request a Level 40 to be their Master by left-clicking their characters and selecting the “Apprenticeship Request” option when nearby. The same goes for the reverse.

Accomplished Masters who have successfully trained great numbers of Apprentices are rewarded with unique Titles that reflect their extensive experience.