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Heroines of DN SEA

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From server to server and all walks of life, answer the call to represent girl power and stand a chance to win attractive prizes!!


It began with ten finalists vying for the title of Heroine of DN SEA. After an arduous deliberation process that consisted of analysing their gaming mastery and hearing from the voices of Dragon Nest SEA’s Adventurers and distinguished panel of judges, the Dragon Nest Community has finally has their Honorary Finalists and Heroine of DN SEA!

Singapore Champions

  • Congratulations, Arcrosys! Not only wasn’t there anything like your passion for Dragon Nest during the auditions, but your knowledge of the game itself was also evident of your long journey with us in Lagendia. Due to the former, it didn’t come as a surprise to see how you’ve honed your skills in playing every class, thus showing your proficiency in more than just one character. Arcrosys, you truly deserve the title of Heroine of DN SEA, not just because of your gaming prowess, but also because for the maturity that you carry, not just as a female – but as an all-round gamer of the people!

    Kelvin Low
  • Congratulations Vanessa, the Winner of Heroines of DNSEA (SG). As the Singaporean representative for female gamers in Dragon Nest, I hope you can do us proud by continuing to do well both in RL and in Lagendia. Keep your PvP skills sharp and thank you for giving female gamers a face and a voice. I heard your interview and am familiar with the situation where somehow it is a surprise that we’re good at a game just because we’re female. I’m hoping that with more women like you who come forth to show that we exist and that we’re only in the shadows because of the over reactions we get? That female gamers will one day just be gamers and that we would not be judged based on our gender.

    All the best! You are a deserving winner. =)

    Wanda Hu
  • With great skill in both PvP and PvE, you’ve shown that a great gamer isn’t bound to just one specialty. Congratulations, Vanessa! Your passion and confidence throughout this time has truly shone despite the difficulties of balancing school and honing your gaming skills. I hope that you continue carrying yourself with grace as you hold the title of Heroine of DN SEA up high and showing that coming face to face with a female gamer isn’t something to take lightly!

    Francesca Soh

SG's Heroine of DN SEA

She not only puts onlookers in awe of her gaming prowess, but the
Heroine of DN SEA also rallies others to her cause like no other!

SG's Heroine of DN SEA

She not only puts onlookers in awe of her gaming prowess, but the
Heroine of DN SEA also rallies others to her cause like no other!

SG's Gladiator Queen

For her exceptional skill in the art of PVP, the Gladiator Queen is the
master of taking down her fellow Adventurers.


No one slays monsters in PvE like her, because the Bounty Huntress
is the undisputed raider of the land!


Her natural ability to garner support knows no bounds! Whether it
be her charm, charisma or friendliness, Adventurers naturally
gravitate to her energy.