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CC Top-Up Guide

What is CC?

Cherry Credits (CC) is the global virtual credits which you can use to make purchases online via Cherry Account or directly through our Merchants.

How to top up and use CC in Dragon Nest?

  • Top Up CC Step 1

    1) Login to Cherry Account at

  • Top Up CC Step 2

    2) Select your preferred method of top up.

  • Top Up CC Step 3

    3) Follow on screen instruction

  • Top Up CC Step 4

    4) Received top up success message

  • Top Up CC Step 5

    5) Login to Dragon Nest and start making purchases!

About DN Points

DN Points are game credits which can be used to redeem Cash Items from Cash Shop. DN points cannot be purchased and are only offered as rewards for game events and during promotions only.

How to use DN Points in Dragon Nest?

About DN Points

Terms and Conditions

Charging of Cherry Credits (CC) to your Cherry Exchange

Users are to charge their CC into personal or authorize Cherry Account which is registered having abided by the User Agreement. Cherry Credits will not be held responsible and/or carry out rectification should we deem that the CC are charged misappropriated or by errors resulting from Users misapplication during charging process or practices.

Purchasing using Cherry Credits (CC)

Dragon Nest purchases using CC is conducted solely between the Cherry Account holder of the Cherry Account and Dragon Nest game service. CC will be deducted as payment from the user"s Cherry Account when the transaction is successful.

Unsuccessful purchase

When you make a payment, Cherry Credits (CC) will be deducted from your registered Cherry Account directly. If there are insufficient credits in your Cherry Account, you will not be able to purchase in-game cash items.

Refund Policy

All in-game cash items are non-refundable once they have been purchased.
The Admins have the rights to exercise refunds and item compensation at their own discretion in unforeseen circumstances such as service downtime.

For More information on the Terms of Use for CC visit here.