King Feder, the destroyer of Saint Haven and the leader of the Dragon Followers, is a fearsome man with the powers of the Red and Black Dragons flowing through his veins. Even though Saint Haven was rebuilt to be better than before, the horrifying attack and burning of the city still haunt the dreams of its citizens. But this is no normal Nightmare… the dark dreams have become so warped and twisted that it’s become a Dragon’s Nest!

With each passing night, more of Saint Haven’s citizens are sucked into the same Nightmare as it leeches on their fears to grow stronger.

If nothing is done to stop it, the Black Dragon of their Nightmares will gain enough power to cross over from their dreams and into reality… where he will spread his destruction once again!

You must stop the Nightmares, not only for your sake, but for the sake of the citizens of Saint Haven! Rise to arms and relive the horrors of that fateful day. Face your fears again and defeat the heart of the Nightmare once and for all!

Black Dragon Nest

The Black Dragon Set

Get crafting materials and the awesomely strong Black Dragon armor and weapon set!

The Black Dragon Set

Stage 1: Saint Haven Bridge

Orc Kim, the son of Typhoon Kim, stands in your way on the bridge south of Saint Haven. He’s come under the command of the Black Dragon and wishes to avenge his father’s death by any means possible!

Stage 2: Saint Haven Underground Prison

This abandoned prison far under Saint Haven is the source and inspiration for many eerie ghost stories, and in order to get into the besieged city, you have no choice but to pass through here…

Stage 3: Underground Prison Gate

You’re nearly at Saint Haven! But just moments away from entering the city, the gates slam shut and you find yourself under attack by Dragon Followers! Finish this quickly and rush to aid the citizens before any of them gets hurt!

Stage 4: East Saint Haven

East Saint Haven has fallen! Halt the evil from progressing further right now! Show the Dragon Followers who have ruined this peaceful city that the war is about to turn on them!

Stage 5: West Saint Haven

The Dragon Followers are now making their way to Royal Castle for some reason, and they are using powerful monsters created from their distorted powers as a last line of defence against you. Beyond them is the Black Dragon responsible for all of this. Don’t let fear stop you now!

BOSS: Nightmare of the Black Dragon

You’ve come this far, Heroes… what you stand before now may not be the real Black Dragon, but it is equally as powerful and evil. If you do not defeat him, then he will break out of the Nightmare and Lagendia will be lost forever. Fight! Stand strong! Slay the Nightmare and bring the light of dawn to Saint Haven and Lagendia!

Black Dragon Buff

Defeating the Black Dragon will award you with a “Fragment of Purified Nightmare”!
With it you’ll be able to activate a powerful hour long buff.

Details of the Buff:

Effect 1

  • Physical ATK +7%
  • Magical ATK +7%
  • STR +70
  • AGI +70
  • INT +70
  • VIT +70
  • -Duration : 1 hour

[Effect 2] is activated at a certain chance

Effect 2

  • Received damage is cancelled when the buff is active.
  • Recovers HP and MP for 15 sec.
  • Movement speed increases by 50% for 2 seconds.
  • The Dragon Buff is not effective in Dragon Nests and PvP (Colosseum).
  • Complete the quest to get the cover title [Soul Collector].
  • After the Black Dragon Buff has been added, [Jakard’s Nobel Soul] will not be dropped anymore.
  • You cannot get [Jakard’s Noble Soul] through quests.
  • All the [Jakard’s Noble Soul] in your inventory and storage will become collection item (Store Price: 5g).
  • Resurrection count in Desert Dragon Nest will become 3.

How to Activate the Buff:

  • 1. Right click on the “Fragment of Purified Nightmare” to start the quest.

  • 2. Talk to the “Black Dragon Monument”.

  • 3. The Dragon Buff will be given to all players in Saint Haven for 1 hour after you complete the quest.

Extra Chapter 3: Beginning of a Legend

Entry Level
Lv70 and above
Location Info:
Anu Arendel World Zone >
Lv70 Dungeon Gate Entrance >
Forest of Shady Blue Moon Entrance

Main Quest

After completing all Lv70 Ch10 Telesia main quests, you can get it from the Elf Elder or Royal Guard Roy.

Side Quest

After completing all the Lv70 Ch10 Telesia main quests, you can get it from Heraldry Scholar Stas.

*Note: There will be no reward EXP for main and side quests since they are Lv70.

Challenge Quest

  • Challenge quests that appear in Chaos difficulty can also be accepted in Abyss difficulty.
  • There will be up to 10 different challenge quests for each map.
  • When you complete the challenge quests, you can get Lv70 Epic Grade Dragon Jade Pouches and LvMagic Grade Talisman Pouches during gameplay.
  • You may repeat the challenge quests in the configured order once they have all been completed.

Rewards Info

  • Overall rewards are the same as the Chaos Difficulty Level (Abyss Drops + Blessing Talisman)
  • Magic Grade Talismans will be dropped at a low rate from the Gold Box selected at the end of the dungeon (Attack and Defence added).
  • Rare Grade Talisman’s Essence which can be used to craft Rare Talismans will be dropped at a low rate from the
  • Gold Box selected at the end of the dungeon as well.

Swamp of Dead Night

The Swamp used to be a forest with a beautiful lake, but the continuous pollution turned it into a dark and infested swamp populated with dangerous monsters. The Lake King who used to live there craved power for himself and he tried to use the energy from the pollution to become stronger… but he too ended up corrupted and is now called the Swamp King!

Silver Crescent Training Ground

This used to be the training ground for Bowmaster Nerwin – one of the Six Heroes of the Black Dragon Raid 50 years ago. It is now another area that suffers from the pollution of poison, where its beauty of ages past is long lost…

Forest of Waiting Noon

This is a forest that started to regain its liveliness after the new master of Anu Arendel had been chosen, but the desertification is still readily apparent and it will take many years before the green trees will overtake the yellow sands. Buried under the sands, are ancient relics and ruins, but they’re so weathered that it’s hard to tell what they are.


Are you ready to fight against the Black Dragon in his Nest of Nightmares?