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Thrilling MMO Action!

Somersault! Charge! Dodge! Combo kill!

Think these actions are just for console games? Think again. Wham and bam your way with these awesome skills in Dragon Nest, an online MO action RPG where infinite 3D space combat gives you unlimited battle possibilities. Pump that adrenaline sky high as you take on ferocious monsters and savage bosses while showing off your personalized fighting style. Team up and sizzle the battlefield with a wide array of dazzling skills and let the outstanding talents of each team-mate secure the sweet taste of victory. It’s non-stop action, not for the faint-hearted!

Infinite Combos

Change the way you game with the infinite combo system in Dragon Nest! Forget those boring, idle key-tapping and yawn-worthy battles and get engaged in our dungeons where you will need to dodge, aim and pummel your opponents into a pulp, combo style! Co-operate with team mates to outsmart your enemies and seize that fleeting moment to take down the Boss. Hi-yak!

Immersive Fantasy World

Watch your epic adventure unfold with breath-taking graphics and cinematic scenes. Treat yourself to a visual experience so mesmerizing it’s unlike any other online games you have tried before. Immerse yourself into the in-depth storyline as you scale the levels and grow more powerful to ultimately take on the most fearsome monsters of all – the Dragons!

Intense PVP Action

Brawl your way into the first 3D action-adventure game and get ready for the most fervent hustle of your life! Turn up the heat and spar your way to fame and glory as you unleash all kinds of terror unto fellow players. Go on and show off your skills right here. We know it’s all in the name of fun, laughter, peace and joy!

Invigorating Power

Exhilarating power packed action!

Tired of lackluster combat? Bored of long spell casts and auto attacks? You won’t find none of that in Dragon Nest! Feel the adrenaline race through your veins as you hack and slash your way through hordes of monsters!

Immersive Storyline

Immersive Storyline

Beyond the fast paced action, an engaging story starring yourself as the main character unfolds before you every step of the way.

Next-gen Action

Unprecedented Next-Gen Action

You can perform simple combos by cleverly chaining your attacks and skills right from the get-go. As you progress through the game, more skills will be available to you, leading to dozens of possible combos!

Puzzle-like Design

Interesting and Puzzle-like design

Unlike typical MMORPGs, there are challenging and unique puzzles for you to solve. Challenge yourself by solving those puzzles while engaging in fierce battle with monsters!

Attractive Monsters

A myriad of interesting and intelligent monsters

Unlike boring monsters that display predictable robot-like behavior, the monsters in Dragon Nest are full of personality and life. Don’t get too attached though, they’re still monsters!


Class Introduction: Warrior


Class Introduction: Archer


Class Introduction: Sorceress


Class Introduction: Cleric


Class Introduction: Academic

Game Play


Game Play: Quest


Game Play: Stage


Game Play: Party


Game Play: Mission

Keyboard Control

Control: Keyboard


Control: Interface

Editing Shortcuts

Control: Shortcuts

Other Feature

Other Features: Nest

If you can’t get enough of ‘Abyss’ mode, you will be glad to know that there is something even more insane!

Introducing ‘Nest’ – the next dungeon level after ‘Abyss’. Nest loot rewards are equal or better than epic grade items do if you see greater rewards, this is one exciting level you must not miss!

Other Features: Mission

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Clear missions and be the best among the rest!

Become the greatest adventurer of them all by completing missions to gain achievements! From teeny weeny tasks to legendary accomplishments, missions are a big part of the game.

Other Features: Title

Show off your great achievements with Titles!

Complete different types of mission to receive Titles for additional privileges and honour.

The more difficult the mission, the better the Title received!

Other Features: Guild

It’s time for “WE” instead of “ME”!

Now you can make friends and have fun in a Guild.

Collect Guild points with ‘Stage Play’ or ‘Dark Lair’.

The higher the Guild level, the more members it can have.

There are Guild-only skills available. On top of that, the Guild shop and Guild Warehouse are also available to members.

So join a Guild if you consider yourself a true Dragon Slayer!

Other Features: PVP

Real battles acknowledge real abilities!

Find out where you stand amongst the elite Dragon Slayers with the comprehensive PVP system, scaled to balance by levels. This means both high and low leveled players can compete in the battlefield on an almost equal footing.

For now, we have 1:1, 2:2, 4:4, and 8:8 PVP battles available, but watch out for our 16:16 PVP in future!

Note: Altea Blessing Points will not be consumed in the Colosseum so go on and brawl all you want!