Shadow of Death: Assasin

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One day, one moment, was all it took to change a life.

The Assassin was training at a secluded hilltop when a noise downhill stopped his training short. Curious, he made his way to the commotion and saw a lady and a man at the foot of the hill. Humans were a rare sight in this spot, much less one covered in arrows and blood.

The strange bloodied man caught sight of the Assassin and staggered up, his gaze burning. The Assassin caught the fleeting crazed bloodlust in the stranger’s eyes and instinctively drew a

defense position but it was too late. The cloaked stranger had disappeared… inside of him!

The Assassin fell onto his knees, his heart hammering like crazy against his ribs as his mind tried to make sense of everything.

“Struggle all you can.

I will always be inside you.”

There it was! The voice of the cloaked stranger was inside his head! Who is he and what is going on?!

Assassin Class & Skill Trees


Assassin makes use of flames of blood and madness and shadows that allow him to take the lives of his enemies without a single sound. He is influenced by STR and AGI.


Chaser possesses assassination weapons that had been handed down from the Ancient times. He hides his weapons surreptitiously in his clothes and uses them to finish off his enemies instantly.


The Bringer specializes in using a dagger and chakra – which is the energy from within his inner self. He also summons various Assassin comrades in battles


Ripper specializes in physical ninja skills such as appearing stealthily out of the darkness. The realization of seeing the Ripper usually marks the end moments of his enemies’ lives.


Raven specializes in keeping all his weapons out of sight. In fact, he just might pull out a weapon from where you least expected! By then, it will be a tad too late for his enemies to even utter their last words!

Light Fury

Light Fury is a healer who heals and aids his allies during combat.

Abyss Walker

Abyss Walker has been enhanced to deal more powerful melee and medium-range attacks.

Weapons of Choice

Scimitar, Crook

The contamination of the Elves’ forest has spawned a Tree of Death which consumes the souls of the Queens to create a huge nest of monsters near the Forest of Night. Behold the Mist Nest, where untold horrors await!

Lay your hands on cool rewards like the Epic Dragon Jade, Top Grade Jewel, and Enhancement Heraldry Plates!

Fell Guardian used to be the Protector of the Forest of New Moon. However as Darkness claimed the land, the Tree of Life gradually lost its magical stability, allowing the power of Darkness to confuse and corrupt this Guardian.

Gain Rare items which can be used as materials to craft the Epic set “Moon”
series weapons and armors.

Bringer's Special - Spending Gets You Winning!

21 April - 11 May 2014

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Level Up Goodies!

22 April - Next Content Patch Update

Such training. Much rewards. Level up your Bringer, Light Fury or Abyss Walker and savour the exclusive spoils from the Bringer Level Up Reward Box! Valid for a limited time from 22 April 2014 to the next content patch update only!

*Note: This is an additional reward box aside from the standard Level Up Achievement Box!

Leveling Rewards Chart

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