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Struck by a mysterious accident during her time-travel , the Academic is currently stuck in a child-like state. Don’t be fooled by her cute appearance though, because this sassy lass has access to the most cutting-edge future tech weaponry, giving her devastating firepower.

Besides blasting enemies to smithereens with her deadly Cannons and popping carnage with her Bubble Gun, the Academic can additionally call upon her trusty robot companion Alfredo to beat her enemies down to a pulp!

Upon reaching Level 15 she may choose to develop her skills and ingenuity further by specializing in these jobs:


Destruction is her middle name. The Engineer uses her mastery of machinery to overwhelm her enemies with mechanical constructs and raw explosive power. Summoning her MechaDuck bots and Turrets to deal independent attacks, the Engineer has the might of a mini armed forces coalition that will sweep the battlefield clean. Rest in pieces!

Weapon of choice: Cannon
Battle Type:
Special Abilities:
Able to summon mechanical robots Alfredo and Mechaducks to dish out independent attacks.


Versatility is the order of the day with the Alchemist. Utilizing her biochemical expertise with mysterious bubbles, she can summon slimes with unique abilities to unleash a myriad of Elemental and Poison AOE attacks on her foes! Her ability to heal makes the Alchemist a great ally though, so stay on her good side!

Weapon of choice: Bubble Gun
Battle Type:
Ranged, Support
Special Abilities:
Able to summon slimes to attack surrounding enemies. Slime attacks vary from physical, magical and poison damage.

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New class, new costumes!

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