Urgent Game Patch On 25 Apr Notice

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    Dear Players,

    There will be a game patch on 25 April 2014 starting from 0001HRS (GMT+8). The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 0300HRS (GMT+8).

    We strongly recommend that you log out of the game before the stipulated time to avoid any item loss.

    [Bug Fixes]

    • Blacksmith Merlin's Level 70 Daily Quests unable to be completed bug.
    • End date of baseball cash costume limited sales has been changed.
    • Assassin's Enhanced Weapon Exchange Coupon quests are now available.
      (We looking into the issue that Dagger is not available to be exchanged.)
    • Various ...
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    Level Up Goodies! Event

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    Such training. Much rewards. Level up your Bringer, Light Fury or Abyss Walker and savour the exclusive spoils from the Bringer Level Up Reward Box! Valid for a limited time from 22 April 2014 to the next content patch update only!

    *Note: This is an additional reward box aside from the standard Level Up Achievement Box!

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    Reap the rewards from training your Bringer today!
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    Mark The Joyous Occasion With Sporty Costumes, Fluffy Cloud Mo... Update

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    As we celebrate our 980th day of game service, what better way to mark this occasion than popping into the Cash Shop to snag some goodies?

    Costume Set Of The Month
    Snag points on the fashion scoreboard with these awesome Baseball themed costumes!

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    Altea’s Gacha Box Update
    You will just LOVE this month’s cool updates!

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    Pop by the Cash Shop today!
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    Embracing The 980.mark! Update

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    Hooray, Dragon Nest SEA is so close to hitting its 1,000th day of service! In this update, we bring you the 980.Mark, bursting with new content as well as tweaks to make your gameplay more exciting than ever.

    Visit the Bringer and his advanced classes (Light Fury and Abyss Walker) right here:

    To check out what’s in store for you in this exciting 980Mark, click here:!
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    Get A Pair Of Gold Magnificent Wings In Our New Rewards Progra... Event

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    Here’s your chance to lay claim to a gorgeous pair of Gold Magnificent Wings for your character. Introducing our new Resurrect-A-Friend rewards program where you can invite comrades who have strayed from the battlefields, back into Lagendia. Both of you will be able to reap cool rewards, so don’t miss out on this chance!

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    Visit for more information now!
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    Run With The Gms! Event

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    Ever wanted to have a good raid or two with our GMs? Now you can! Starting from 23 April 2014, our friendly team of GMs will be joining you for dungeon or Nest runs! Together let’s bring down those nasty bosses!

    GMs' Schedule
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    Find the GMs at Channels 3, 5 or 7 during the stipulated days and time for an epic raid, a good chat or even a photo opportunity. Everyone is welcome!

    See you in the game!
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    Get 50% Off An Assassin Costume Set! (22 Apr – 27 May 2014) Event

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    Don’t miss out on another chance to get your Assassins and Bringers decked out in awesome costumes! With every purchase of this month’s costume set package (Baseball Costume Theme, Magic Grade) or other 5 Piece Magic Grade Costume Packages (Excluding Assassin’s), you will receive a 50% discount coupon for an Assassin costume set package! This coupon can only be retrieved by Assassin characters, so create yours today!

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    Note: Discount coupon will be sent to your Assassin character’s Special Storage.

    See how the costumes look like here:

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    Terms & Conditions

    • This promotion will ru...
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    Bringer's Special – Spending Gets You Winning! (21 April –... Event

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    After much anticipation, the Bringer (along with its advanced classes – the Abysswalker and the Lightfury) is finally in Lagendia! To celebrate this joyous occasion, we’re bringing you a special Cash Shop event for all Bringers, Abyss Walkers and Light Furies!

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    NOTE: All tier rewards are accumulative (i.e. Spending 250,000 CC or more during the event period will entitle you to the rewards of all 4 tiers).

    Have a preview of the unique gestures for the Bringer!

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    Posted ImagePosted Image

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    And check out the Unicorn mount for your Bringer! Now THIS is totally awesome!

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    Get these unique items and g...
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    Expand Your Joy With 1-For-1 Expansions! (2 May – 4 May 2014... Event

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    Training the new Bringer class may bring in more loot than you can handle, but we’ve got an amazing solution for you!

    From 2 May – 4 May 2014, whenever you purchase a 30-slot Adventure Bag OR a 30-slot Storage Expansion, you will get the same item of a similar capacity for free!

    Start shopping today!

    Terms and Conditions

    • Promotion starts from 2 May 2014, 0000HRS and ends on 4 May 2014, 2359HRS (GMT+8).
    • Only purchases made with CC are eligible for this promotion. Purchases made with DNP are not.
    • Purchases made on 1 May 2014 will be eligible for this promotion.
    • Only purchases of Adventu...
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    980 Mark Game Patch (Completed on 22 Apr) Notice

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    Game Service has resumed at 1500HRS. Stay tuned to our website for a series of events lined up the welcome the Bringer, Light Fury and Abyss Walker!

    Dear Players,

    There will be a game patch on 22 April 2014 starting from 0700HRS (GMT+8). The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 1500HRS (GMT+8).

    We strongly recommend that you log out of the game before the stipulated time to avoid any item loss.


    [New Content]


    • New Job Specialization for Assassin: Bringer, Abyss Walker and Light Fury
    • Lv.70 Mist Nest (Normal mode, Solo mode)...
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    PVP Ladder Point Reset On 22 Apr Notice

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    Dear Players,

    Please be informed that there will be a PVP Ladder Point reset on 22 April 2014 in preparation for an upcoming game update.

    To prevent any wastage, please ensure that you have fully utilised all your PVP Ladder Points by 21 April 2014, 2359HRS (GMT+8). Any remaining PVP Ladder Points thereafter will be converted into [Goddess's Medals].

    More information will be released shortly, so stay tuned!
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    Basic Characters


    Warrior Video

    The warrior is quick on his feet and spear-heads the battle with up-close melee combat. Courageous and fuelled by a strong sense of justice, they were the first to rise to arms when the land of Lagendia was invaded by dragons.

    These fearless fighters make great companions, as they brawl their way to victory withunshakable determination and overwhelming strength. Love being in the heart of the action? Then the warrior class is perfect for you!

    Upon reaching level 15, the warrior is promoted to "Sword Master" or "Mercenary."


    Archer Video

    The nimble Archer takes down enemies with her powerful ranged attacks. Nothing escapes her wide vision and her bullseye accuracy spells instant death for all who oppose her.

    Fiercely loyal to her allies, Archers can be highly depended upon for support in battle as they rain arrows from the skies, painting destruction in their wake. If fast-paced action rocks your boat, then the Archer is your calling!

    Upon reaching level 15, the Archer's path splits into "Bow Master" and "Acrobat" respectively.


    Cleric Video

    The Cleric, with his strong defense, makes a fearsome opponent. Calmly holding his ground with shields and lightning spells, he is unfazed even when faced with mobs 10,000 strong!

    A versatile ally, he can also cast healing spells for their party, earning them extra brownie points with any class! If you seek a balanced character strong in both attack and defense stats, then look no further than the Cleric.

    Upon reaching level 15, the Cleric can advance to "Paladin" or "Priest".


    Sorceress Video

    The Sorceress defeats her enemies with quick and powerful magic-based attacks. Hailed as the Queen of the Elements, this intellectual beauty can also cast spells to control her enemies' movements!

    A competent enchantress in any party, the Sorceress shows no mercy in the battlefield as she bends the elements to her will, bringing 'em bad guys swiftly to their knees. If you love casting devastation over a wide area, then come wield the power of the Sorceress!

    Upon reaching level 15, the Sorceress can hone her skills further to that of a "Force User" or "Elemental Lord".


    Academic Video

    The Academic may be petite and cute in stature but don’t let that fool you, because this little gal has a lot of spunk and firepower!

    Hailing from the future, the Academic is blessed with an arsenal of cutting edge technology at her fingertips which she uses liberally in the face of her adversaries. Armed with her deadly Cannon and powerful Bubble Gun as well as her trusty robot sidekick Alfredo by her side, the Academic is undoubtedly one opponent you should not mess around with!

    When the Academic reaches level 15, she can choose to hone her skills further as an Engineer or Alchemist.


    Kali Video

    Born under the Prophet’s Shadow Star, Kali is destined to aid and guide the Prophet of Lagendia. Her fate had been foretold long before her birth, and specialized battle knowledge had been passed down generations after generations to prepare Kali for her destiny.

    A spiritual fighter, Kali summons the power of spirits to aid her in battle and protect her allies. She exudes grace in the battlefield with her dance-like moves, but watch out, because it’s the dance of death!

    When she reaches level 15, Kali’s job path splits and she can choose to fight her battles as a Screamer or Dancer.