Service Maintenance (Completed on 23 May) Notice

Game service resumed at 1345HRS GMT+8. Happy Gaming!

Dear Players,

There will be a scheduled service maintenance on 23 May 2017 starting from 1000HRS(GMT+8).

The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 1500HRS(GMT+8).

We strongly recommend that you log out of
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Get your 100% DNP-Rebate on ALL purchases in the Cash Shop!... Promo

news_20170519.png (580×147)

There is no limit to the DNP you get back and NO limit to what you can purchase this weekend for ultimate savings! Get your 100% DNP-Rebate from 20 May 0000HRS to 21 May 2359HRS (GMT+8), when you purchase ANYTHING in the Cash Shop with CC during this event period. With no limit to how much you can
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Service Maintenance (Completed on 16 May) Notice

Game service resumed at 1310HRS GMT+8. Happy Gaming!

Dear Players,

There will be a scheduled service maintenance on 16 May 2017 starting from 1000HRS(GMT+8).

The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 1500HRS(GMT+8).

We strongly recommend that you log out of
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Service Maintenance (Completed on 11 May) Notice

Game service resumed at 1415HRS GMT+8. Happy Gaming!

Dear Players,

There will be a scheduled service maintenance on 11 May 2017 starting from 1000HRS(GMT+8).

The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 1500HRS(GMT+8).

We strongly recommend that you log out of
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Get up to x5 Dragon Wraths (Legend) this Vesak Day! Promo

news_20170509.jpg (580×147)

Kick off the Vesak Day celebrations by magnifying your goodies from 09 May 0000HRS – 10 May 2359HRS (GMT+8)! Get your hands on x1 Dragon Wrath (Legend) for every x10 Magnifying Glasses that you purchase from the Cash Shop. With the ability to get up to a maximum x5 Dragon Wrath’s (Legend), it has
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May The Force Be With You! Event

news_20170508a.jpg (580×147)

May you be blessed with the power of the Force this month! From 09 May  – 29 May, between 1800HRS – 2359HRS (GMT+8) daily, simply complete the daily mission objectives as stated in the calendar below and you will be eligible for rewards! 

  • Additional Nest reset will be done on 17 May, 1300HRS
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The Gacha Box promotion you’ve been waiting for! [6 - 7 May ONLY] Event

news20150929b.jpg (580×147)

It’s that time again when you get more than what you bargained for in the Cash Shop! From 6 May 0000HRS to 7 May 2359HRS (GMT+8), get rewarded with an equal set of your favourite Altea’s Gacha Box when you pick them up during this event period. Pop by the Cash Shop this weekend to snag the deals
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Indulge Your Enhancement! Promo

news_20170502a.jpg (580×147)

For the first time ever, you can indulge yourself in the Cash Shop and gain weapon enhancement levels at the same time! From 03 May 0000HRS to 16 May 2359HRS (GMT+8), simply spend up to the designated tier during the event period to be eligible for the corresponding tier rewards. 

news_20170502b.jpg (640×603)
news_20170502c.jpg (640×785)

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Hooray! Enhancement Rate Up! Event

news_20170428a.jpg (580×147)

We all love weekends, so the Dragon Nest team has decided to make your weekends even better! Don’t miss your chance to harass Berlin like crazy because it’s gonna be an Enhancement Rate Up event! The event schedule is as follow: 

29 April
Session 1: 1500HRs to 1700HRS
Session 2:  2000HRS to 2200HRS

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Enjoy 100% DNP Rebates! Promo

news_20170428b.jpg (580×147)

Smart shopper alert - this weekend, get 100% DNP Cash Rebates when you spend in the Cash Shop!  From 29 April 0000HRS to 30 April 2359HRS (GMT+8), your first 5 items purchased from the Cash shop using CC will be given a 100% rebate of DNP! 

There’s no better time to shop till you drop! But before
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Skill Initialization Scroll for Assassin Classes Notice

notice.png (579×116)

Dear Players,

Due to the awakening of Assassin, all assassin skill should have been reset. However, it has come to our attention that all the skill along with the hotkey bar has not been reset after the patch.

We will be crediting 1x Skill Initialization Scroll to all Assassin characters who were
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Cash Shop is up and running! [Pick up your Compensation Package... Notice

Dear Players, 

The random “Data Error” and “Unknown Error” occurrences when purchasing items from the Cash Shop have now been resolved.
As the Cash Shop is now back up and running, check out what is store for you upon your return:

We apologise
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Basic Characters


Warrior Video

The warrior is quick on his feet and spear-heads the battle with up-close melee combat. Courageous and fuelled by a strong sense of justice, they were the first to rise to arms when the land of Lagendia was invaded by dragons.

These fearless fighters make great companions, as they brawl their way to victory withunshakable determination and overwhelming strength. Love being in the heart of the action? Then the warrior class is perfect for you!

Upon reaching level 15, the warrior is promoted to "Sword Master" or "Mercenary."


Archer Video

The nimble Archer takes down enemies with her powerful ranged attacks. Nothing escapes her wide vision and her bullseye accuracy spells instant death for all who oppose her.

Fiercely loyal to her allies, Archers can be highly depended upon for support in battle as they rain arrows from the skies, painting destruction in their wake. If fast-paced action rocks your boat, then the Archer is your calling!

Upon reaching level 15, the Archer's path splits into "Bow Master" and "Acrobat" respectively.


Cleric Video

The Cleric, with his strong defense, makes a fearsome opponent. Calmly holding his ground with shields and lightning spells, he is unfazed even when faced with mobs 10,000 strong!

A versatile ally, he can also cast healing spells for their party, earning them extra brownie points with any class! If you seek a balanced character strong in both attack and defense stats, then look no further than the Cleric.

Upon reaching level 15, the Cleric can advance to "Paladin" or "Priest".


Sorceress Video

The Sorceress defeats her enemies with quick and powerful magic-based attacks. Hailed as the Queen of the Elements, this intellectual beauty can also cast spells to control her enemies' movements!

A competent enchantress in any party, the Sorceress shows no mercy in the battlefield as she bends the elements to her will, bringing 'em bad guys swiftly to their knees. If you love casting devastation over a wide area, then come wield the power of the Sorceress!

Upon reaching level 15, the Sorceress can hone her skills further to that of a "Force User" or "Elemental Lord".


Academic Video

The Academic may be petite and cute in stature but don’t let that fool you, because this little gal has a lot of spunk and firepower!

Hailing from the future, the Academic is blessed with an arsenal of cutting edge technology at her fingertips which she uses liberally in the face of her adversaries. Armed with her deadly Cannon and powerful Bubble Gun as well as her trusty robot sidekick Alfredo by her side, the Academic is undoubtedly one opponent you should not mess around with!

When the Academic reaches level 15, she can choose to hone her skills further as an Engineer or Alchemist.


Kali Video

Born under the Prophet’s Shadow Star, Kali is destined to aid and guide the Prophet of Lagendia. Her fate had been foretold long before her birth, and specialized battle knowledge had been passed down generations after generations to prepare Kali for her destiny.

A spiritual fighter, Kali summons the power of spirits to aid her in battle and protect her allies. She exudes grace in the battlefield with her dance-like moves, but watch out, because it’s the dance of death!

When she reaches level 15, Kali’s job path splits and she can choose to fight her battles as a Screamer or Dancer.



It was fate – as inevitable as death himself. The Assassin crossed paths with a mysterious shadow-cloaked man who vanished inside him, and life was never the same ever since. On his journey to discover the truth, he has to face not only his own destiny, but the darkness within as well.

The Assassin is the master of shadow – his speed and stealth allows him to take down his foes without a sound, and they won’t realize it until they’ve hit the ground.

When he reaches level 15, the Assassin’s path opens up to two specializations – the Bringer, and the Chaser.



Lancea is a burst of sunshine, all smiles and cheer for everyone. But don’t mistake her for a wallflower, because this sassy lass is always ready to punish evil with her mighty spear!

Years of rigorous training from the Brotherhood of Steel has prepared this beauty for any kind of battles. Her mastery with the spear is nothing short of formidable and she shows no mercy to anyone or anything who dare cross the line of justice!

When Lancea reaches level 15, she can currently progress to Piercer.



A true survivor, Machina fought the face of death many times. Never one to give up easily without a fight, this spunky lady will stop at nothing to seek treatment for her arm… even if it means joining the dark side… or even taking on the legendary dragons!

Machina can progress to Patrona at level 15.